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Are Ninja Blenders NSF Approved?

Are Ninja blenders NSF approved? This is a question that many people are asking, especially in light of the recent recall of several brands of blenders.

Ninja blenders are not NSF approved, many other blenders are.

If you’re wondering, “Are Ninja Blenders NSF Approved?” then ask no more! The answer is that currently there are no Ninja blender models that have been approved by the NSF.

In this article, we will explore the NSF certification process and see if Ninja blenders have met the requirements.

are ninja blenders nsf approved

What Is NSF Certified?

The National Sanitation Foundation, commonly known as the NSF, is a non-profit organization established in 1944 whose goal was to establish food safety and sanitation standards in order to improve public health.

When you buy NSF certified foodservice items, it means: The manufacturer of foodservice supplies only uses FDA approved raw materials. The manufacturing plant meets or exceeds sanitation standards for process control.

Are Ninja Blenders NSF Approved?

The Ninja Ultima blender has a stainless steel blade and pitcher that meets the NSF requirements of being corrosion resistant. However, it does not have any of the other certifications or approvals required by the NSF for food items.

In order to be considered NSF approved, a product must have an NSF International Certification Mark on its packaging. This mark is only given to products that meet all of the sanitation standards set forth by the NSF. In addition, this certification requires periodic re-certification of equipment every four years in order to ensure continued adherence to sanitation standards.

The Bottom Line: Ninja blenders are not currently approved for use by the National Sanitation Foundation for food applications. They do meet some basic safety/corrosion requirements but are not currently approved for use with food items.

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What Now?

If you would like to buy an NSF certified blender, take a look at the models available online. Many blenders are NSF approved including Vita Mix, Blendtec and Waring.

Another option is to check with your local department or big box store. Sometimes they carry products that meet all of the necessary standards but do not have them labeled appropriately for sale; this happened with some Cuisinart models back in 2009 when they were recalled by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

You can always check the National Sanitation Foundation website to see the entire list of approved products; this is a great resource for any foodservice or HVAC company, as well.

Since the National Sanitation Foundation is an all-encompassing organization that deals with several different types of equipment, you can rest assured that any product on their list will be approved for use in your kitchen or place of business.

Are Ninja Blenders NSF Approved? Conclusion

To conclude, Ninja blenders are not NSF approved. If you only want to buy NSF approved blenders for your business, then you can check out other great blender brand like Vitamix, Blendtec, and Waring. Their products are NSF approved.

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