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Best Prime Day Blender Deals In 2021

Welcome to the best prime day blender deal post! 

On this page, you will find a detailed list of the best deals on blenders for Prime Day 2021. 

We have broken down our list into categories such as “Best Selling,” “Best Vitamix Deals,” and “Best Ninja Deals.” 

Let’s take a look at what we found!

Amazon Prime Day is around the corner (June 21-June 22) and you don’t want to miss out! 

Get all of your shopping done in two days instead of having to spread it over a whole month. 

Plus, get access today for exclusive deals on Amazon products only available through Prime day!

Shop Blender Prime Day Deals

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

Ever since its inception in 2015, Amazon Prime Day has been the shopping event of choice for many people all over. 

It’s an annual occasion that provides exclusive access to major deals and discounts on a plethora of products with some items offered at up to 50% off or more. 

This year marks the seventh installment which makes it even cooler!

When Is Amazon Prime Day?

There are two days in Amazon’s big sale: Prime Day. 

The first discounts will launch at 00.01 on Monday 21 June, with offers running until 23.59 Tuesday 22 June!

How Does Amazon Prime Day Work?

This is the deal of a lifetime! Amazon Prime Members can access deals that aren’t available to everyone. 

If you are yet to register with Amazon, there is still time for their free 30-day trial. 

After your first month has ended, it will cost $12.99 per month if you want to continue being an avid shopper on Amazon and get exclusive deals such as this one in advance before they sell out or new lines come into stock every day!

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What Blender Prime Day Deals We Saw Last Year

If you are in the market for a new blender, Prime Day might be just what you’re looking for! 

In last year’s sale, we found some awesome deals on quality brands like Vitamix and Ninja. 

Some of our favorite picks include the Supra 300-watt system by Ninja or their 400-watt combo unit with food processor attachment that allows them to do everything from single-serve smoothies to larger tasks such as chopping veggies for soup stocks. 

If this year follows suit, then now is your chance not only at saving money but also to get an incredible product right out of the gate.

Best Prime Day Blender Deals 2021

Blend up some fun with these great deals on blenders this Prime Day!

One of our favorite things to buy around the holidays is a new kitchen appliance. 

It’s the perfect time for an upgrade in your cooking arsenal and we have lots of goodies lined up just for that purpose. 

From Nutri-Bullets all the way through high-powered Ninja Blender or Vitamixes – you name it! 

We’ve got something special waiting right inside those doors at the Amazon Prime Sale Event!

Blenders are one of the best-selling items on Amazon. 

With Prime Day right around the corner, now is your time to score a deal! Check out these top blenders for sale for as low as 25% – 50%.

Best Selling Blenders

See more deals here.

Best Vitamix Deals

Best Ninja Blender Deals

Best Nutribullet Deals

Should You Buy A New Blender On Prime Day?

Prime Day is the perfect time to embark on a blender shopping spree with deals up for grabs all over. 

If you need a new kitchen gadget, then this sale will be your best bet as it provides some of the most affordable prices we’ve seen in recent years. 

However, before jumping into buying anything and everything that catches your eye or seems like an amazing deal – take heed! 

The world of blenders can seem complicated at first glance so determine what features are important to you beforehand by asking yourself questions such as “What type do I want? Which blades should it have?”.

Once done with those considerations come back here because Prime Day has sales going on from top brands like Vitamix and Ninja too- making this purchase decision is worth taking seriously!

Consider these factors while buying a new blender –

1. Type

There’s more than one type of machine out there depending on what specific function you’re looking for; however, it’s easy to overbuy before even knowing which fits your needs best since prices generally follow function (more pricey ones are better). 

Depending on whether you want something just to blend thick ingredients by hand or something to make smoothies, you’ll need to decide what type best suits your needs.

Hand Blenders: This will be used mainly by hand and is the most popular blender type, it’s very lightweight but can only handle smaller batches.

Countertop Blenders: Also called express or regular blenders are larger in size than hand blenders and can blend larger batches.

Personal Blenders: These are designed to be used by one person only, they’re often handheld or portable which makes them good for on-the-go use..

2. Power

It’s important to know what types of functions your blender can perform before you buy it. 

Just as you don’t need an 800-horsepower car for commuting, a single-serve smoothie doesn’t require the power and toughness of a commercial-grade machine.

3. Size

If you’re considering buying a blender, consider the size of your kitchen space. 

Sometimes it’s more convenient for people with small kitchens to get an appliance that is smaller in capacity than average so they can save on their counter and storage space.

4. Versatility

Blenders can be programmed or have a variety of speeds and functions. 

Be careful not to overdo it though, because if you don’t use your blender often enough the extra features will just go unused!

5. Cleaning

Reading actual customer reviews is a great way to see how people feel about their blenders.  

Some models are easy to clean while others may be difficult and require extra attention. 

You’ll want to make sure you read the customer reviews before making your purchase!

Don’t miss these amazing prime day deals!

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