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Blender Vs Extractor: Which One Is Best?

Blenders and extractors are two kitchen appliances that have been used for many years to make a variety of different food items.

Extractors were invented in the late 1800s, while blenders came on the scene around 1900. They both seem like they would be similar, but there is actually quite a bit of difference between them.

First, let’s understand what both of them are, and what exactly they do.

Blenders are known for their power to crush ice into snow, while extractors are designed to break down plants into a thick liquid that is full of nutrients.

One way you can tell the difference between blenders and extractors is by looking at the blade. Extractors have blades that are shaped like serrated knives, whereas blenders have blades with small teeth on them.

Although they may look similar, there are other differences in terms of power source, mobility, efficiency, cost and performance level. Some people even use both appliances interchangeably when preparing certain dishes because it will deliver better results compared to using just one tool alone.

difference between extractor and blender

What Is A Blender Used For?


A blender is a kitchen appliance that typically consists of a glass jar, motorized base and a removable lid. It has two buttons on it to move forward or backward.

The main purpose of using a blender is to puree foods for recipes such as soups, dips, sauces and smoothies. The blade in the bottom of the jar spins around at high speeds when turned on by the user which causes whatever food item placed inside to be crushed into little pieces.

These blades are very effective because they have small serrated teeth that work together to cut through dense foods like ice and frozen fruits with ease.

One can use a blender for multiple things including crushing ice, chopping vegetables, making smoothies and other drinks along with many other delicious recipes. The best part about using this appliance is that you can put it directly into the dishwasher after use to clean it up!

What Is An Extractor Used For?


If you are looking for a fruit extractor, then this is the right choice for you.

An extractor uses sharp blades in order to extract juice from many different types of fruits and vegetables with ease.

An extractor works by cutting through the material placed inside of it at high speeds until all that remains are little pieces of food ready to be used in your recipe.

The most common way people use an extractor is in making fresh orange juice every morning before work or school. Some extractors have more than one compartment that you can use to juice different ingredients at the same time.

These appliances are most commonly used in extracting juice from fruits, but many people do use them for food preparation purposes as well. For example, some extractors have a compartment that is great for making sauces or even baby foods!

Blender Vs Extractor – Key Differences

So now that you understand what each appliance does, let’s take a look at five specific differences between blenders and extractors:

1) Power Source

It is important to note that they both operate differently in terms of power source.

Blenders are known for their high speeds in which they operate in thanks to their powerful electric motor that makes up the base of the device. This motor is capable of turning at very high speeds which allows the blades to crush through tough food such as ice, fruit and vegetables effortlessly.

They also have the ability to heat up certain types of foods since they can operate for long periods of time.

An extractor on the other hand operates by converting manual force into mechanical energy with a hand crank that is attached to an internal gearbox. This works in order to create rotational speed within the device so it can cut through whatever you are juicing inside of it.

2) Mobility

One way blenders are different from extractors is their mobility. Blenders are designed so they can be placed directly onto any kitchen countertop or table one plans on using them.

All you have to do is twist the base of the blender onto its bottom and use it. Extractors require an extra step before they can be used because most extractors are not designed with mobility in mind.

They also take up more space than blenders, so it might be difficult to find a place that fits all your appliances together. Most people just leave them on their kitchen countertops near the sink for ease of access when making juice or cocktails.

3) Efficiency

Another key difference between blenders and extractors is efficiency, which refers to how good an appliance is at completing its task. One way to think about this idea is by using a metaphor where each device has their own unique “crowd” to feed.

A blender would have a large amount of ingredients that it needs to process because there are so many different things one can create with this appliance.

An extractor on the other hand has to focus their energy towards only juicing certain types of fruits and vegetables, which means they are very efficient in doing just that!

Blenders are not designed to juice fruits or vegetables at all, but you can create blended drinks by using them instead.

4) Function

Most blenders are designed with the ability to do more than just make smoothies or juices, as they can be used to create dips, sauces, soups and even baby food!

They might even come with a separate compartment that is good for crushing ice into snow so you can enjoy delicious frozen mixed drinks every day of the week. Many times people will use both appliances in their kitchen, but some might only need one due to how much space they take up compared to an extractor.

It is possible for an extractor to perform tasks outside of juicing such as making salsas or sauces. However this extra functionality is not the main point of why people buy extractors. An extractor is meant to be used to get the maximum amount of juice out of fruits and vegetables, no matter how many types they are or what their shape or size may be!

5) Cost

Extractors are more expensive than blenders because they have additional features that make them even better at extracting juices.

However it should be noted that if you do not want additional features in an appliance it might be a better idea to purchase a blender since they are cheaper, however they will not be able to do things like grind grains or make hot soups.

Blenders are good for people who want to enjoy tasty, cold drinks whenever they would like because all you have to do is add your ingredients and blend away! Since blenders do not cost much it might also be a better idea to purchase one if you feel that you have no need for an extractor at home since you will spend more money on the additional features it offers.

5) Cleanup

Another way blenders are different from extractors is their ability to clean themselves easily. This is due to how they were manufactured since many blenders have removable components that can be cleaned quickly by hand without the use of any special equipment.

On the other hand, extractors require more cleaning time because they have internal motorized parts that need to be removed before being washed manually by hand under running water. Or else these parts will never get fully clean!

Blender Vs Extractor – Similarities

Here are some of the most notable similarities between these two kitchen appliances:

1) Easy to use

Blenders and extractors were both designed so the average person would have an easy time using them! This means all you have to do is add your ingredients, press a button or blend away and watch as your drink gets made before your very eyes. It might even feel like magic when you see how fast it works!

This ease of use aspect makes them great choices for people who want to start taking better care of themselves by adding more fruit and vegetable juice into their diets, but do not have a lot of free time on their hands.

2) Versatility

It is important to mention that even though these appliances are mainly used for juicing ingredients, it does not mean they can only be used for this purpose!

Since both blenders and extractors come with so many different types of settings, you can use them to make ice creams, desserts such as puddings or mousses and even chop up some vegetables if needed.

Blender Vs Extractor – Common Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions out there about both blenders and extractors. Here is a quick list of some of the most common ones that we feel should be cleared up:

1) Blenders Cannot Make Hot Foods While Extractors Can

This mistake comes from how these appliances look, with a blender you add all your ingredients and blend away at a button press, whereas an extractor has a separate compartment for food to go in. The reason why they do not need to stay inside the main part of the machine while it works is because they already reached their maximum temperature when they were put into this compartment!

2) An Extractor Can Only Make Juice

People often think this mistake comes from how these appliances look like, however this is not the case! This happens because people often assume that other types of drinks like smoothies or soups are only made using blenders.

3) Blenders Require Electricity To Work

While it is true that you will need electricity for both blenders and extractors to work, it depends on if they are corded or cordless models. If your appliance does not have a battery then it will plug into an electrical outlet.

However many modern-day blenders come with removable batteries that can be charged before leaving home so you can blend away even when you’re out camping or during power outages!

4) An Extractor Requires Fruit And Vegetables To Make Juice

Many people are under the wrong assumption that you need to have fresh fruit and vegetables at all times in order for this small appliance to work.

However it is important to know that many modern-day extractors come with pre-made packets that can be inserted into your machine, allowing you to make delicious juices without the hassle of cutting up everything yourself!

Conclusion: Blender Vs Extractor – Which One Should I Buy?

In the end we hope that we have given you enough information about these two appliances to help you make a decision that is best for your unique lifestyle!

If you are looking for an appliance that will help you save time in the kitchen, while getting the whole family involved then why not go with a blender?

However if your priority is giving your body all types of nutrients and vitamins by blending up only the healthiest ingredients, then why not go with an extractor?

Whichever decision you make we hope that it brings out the best version of yourself!

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