Blendtec Blender Professional 800 Review

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If you are searching for a commercial blender with quiet operation, this is the ideal selection. The Blendtec Blender Professional 800 has excellent user ratings and reviews from satisfied customers.

This blender is effortless to utilize with ideal features to make consistent drinks and other blends. It provides effective functionality, convenience, as well as versatility.

At home, it’s not ideal wake up neighbors or your family with loud blending noises from a blender. This blender is certainly a great way to be able to create a drink without waking up the house.

Blendtec Blender Professional 800 Review
Blendtec Blender Professional 800 Review

Blendtec Blender Pro 800 Overview


  • Professional-grade countertop blender
  • Advanced technology and jar design
  • 360-degree sealed sound enclosure
  • Wingtip and 2 pronged blade design
  • Self-cleaning function

Professional-grade countertop blender

Making food and cleaning takes a lot of effort. Meals need to be created daily, and then the cleanup begins. It’s a necessary part of life and this Blendtec blender significantly minimizes meal prep time and cleanup.

When you purchase a Blendtec blender you’re not only purchasing the world’s most advanced appliance, you’re also buying yourself more time. How can this appliance give you more time? Well, it comes down to the technology and design.

Advanced technology and jar design

The advanced technology and jar design makes a vortex, pulling ingredients towards the blade instead of pushing it to the sides of the container like competitors.

Advanced technology and jar design

With Blendtec jars, you won’t waste time with a tamper to get all the contents down into the blades, and utilizing no tamper means one less thing to clean when you’re finished. The Blendtec Blender Professional 800  can also heat your food and drinks during the blend cycle.


360-Degree sealed sound enclosure

If you want soup for dinner, the blender can heat it up so it’s ready to serve right from the container. Not only can it heat your food, it can also create ice cream. A quiet blender is extremely perfect for an area that requires low noise interruption.

For example, in a restaurant, you require a quiet blender to prevent noise to the customers while they are interacting. It consists of noise reduction of the 360-degree sound enclosure to minimize the noise. Also, the jar is further enclosed with a second container created to stop the noise.

Wingtip and 2 pronged blade design

As mentioned before, ice cream can be made with the exact same blender that creates soup. Drinks, appetizers, and desserts can all be created with the same appliance utilizing the same jar. The time it takes to create each meal could be measured in just seconds, not minutes nor hours.

Patented stainless-steel forged blade

The laser cut stainless steel blades can cut and blend easily. The blades consist of a wingtip as well as a two pronged blade design and the wingtip is utilized when breaking larger ingredients rapidly.

Self-cleaning function

Cleaning up after a multi-course meal can be as simple as pushing the self-cleaning button to wash a single container, and just like that, you’ll be done.

There is a reason that purchasing the world’s most advanced blender is worth every penny as it provides you with more time to focus on life and the people around you. So with the self-cleaning function, all you require is warm water and dish soap to rinse the jar in a few seconds.

Pros & Cons

  • Blades are 80% thicker and 10x stronger
  • One-touch interface
  • LCD countdown timer
  • 90 oz volume jar
  • Some complaints of blender malfunctioning


The design of the jar and the blade being blunt does an excellent job of pulverizing and liquefying contents with ease. Compared to sharp blades that chop and cut the contents, this blender’s blade performs very well.

Since the Blendtec Blender Professional 800 doesn’t feature a tamper, it can be tricky when blending some thick recipes. A twisted jar is ideal for blending thick recipes than the Wildside jar.

Overall, the performance is this blender is excellent due to high-end functions creating consistent blending results.

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