Blendtec Designer 625 Blender with Wildside Tritan Jar Review

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With a compact footprint and as well as walk-away convenience, the Blendtec Designer 625 Blender with Wildside Tritan Jar integrates power with great design.

The Blendtec Designer 625 Blender works swiftly, efficiently, and quietly to mix a range of recipes including smoothies, juices, soups, as well as nut butter.

It can also be utilized for pureeing, chopping, and dough making. Blendtec is a fairly popular brand that has given us many bestseller appliances, and the Designer 625 is definitely another winner.

Blendtec Designer 625 Blender with Wildside Tritan Jar
Blendtec Designer 625 Blender with Wildside Tritan Jar

Blendtec Designer 625 Blender Overview


  • Pulse and variable speed selection
  • Vented gripper lid
  • Touchscreen interface selection
  • 90 ounce volume container
  • Patented stainless steel blade

Pulse and variable speed selection

You are in complete control with six speed touch selections, four preprogrammed cycles, pulse and a variable speed selection allowing you to manually fine-tune the texture of any recipe.

Pulse and variable speed selection

The LCD display indicates the remaining blending time to achieve the ideal texture. While this device is mainly created for home use, it’s mixing power and efficiency has made it indispensible at smoothie shops around the world.

It also excels in pulverizing ice, turning ice cubes into perfect snow-like consistency. If you want to create delicious crushed ice beverages or snow cones, this is the appliance for you.

Vented gripper lid

The Blendtec Designer 625 Blender with Wildside Tritan Jar is fairly expensive than most Blendtec products, providing added features and functions that really take your mixing experience to the next level.

You don’t have to prep ingredients anymore and you never have to slice, chop or dice before blending. The Blendtec Twister Jar (37 oz) can also be purchased with this blender.

We also appreciate the vented gripper lid that closes effortlessly keeping all of the contents secure inside. Also, the vents enable steam to escape when you’re making hot foods.

The Wildside Jar contains a simple to open lid that will enable you to add contents through the opening in the center, while venting pressure when mixing hot contents. The container also consists of easy-to-read container markings up to about 32 fluid ounces.

Touchscreen interface selection

The Blendtec Designer 625 is a sleek and elegant blender that was created for the home kitchen. Its ideal engineering generates creamy and excellently smooth recipes every time.

The touch interface/minimizes noise and the touchscreen selection provides the appliance with a sleek silhouette and can be effortlessly wiped clean.

Instead of depending on the sharpness of the blades to pulverize ingredients, Blendtec depends on the speed at which the blades rotates instead — the blades rotate at up to approximately 300 miles per hour.

90 Ounce volume container

For large batches, you can utilize the BPA free WildSide+ jar which is a 90 ounce volume container with 36 ounce mixing capacity and is perfect for mixing drinks for 4 to 6 people.

90 ounce volume container

For smaller batches, you can utilize the BPA free mini wild side+ jar for small quantities and single-serving beverages with a 46 ounce volume container and a 24 ounce mixing.

Thanks to its premium design, contents hit the flat side, move up to the container’s top side, and then go straight down to the blades. The flat sides assist you to effortlessly scrape out thick consistencies.

Patented stainless steel blade

This Blendtec Designer 625 Blender has a patented stainless steel blade which is 80% thicker with wings for perfectly smooth blends. The blade also consists of a dull design and is not extremely sharp, meaning you won’t experience cuts and pokes while cleaning the appliance.

Patented stainless steel blade

The countertop blender is manufactured and assembled in the USA with the following electrical ratings: Volts 120, Hz 50-60, watt 1560, amp 13 and the cord is approximately 34inches/3 feet.

This appliance is fairly compact and shorter than other high-end blenders and can fit extremely well on counters as well as under overhead cabinets. However, the device does not consist of a built-in cord storage feature.


Pros & Cons

  • LCD display
  • Vents enable steam to escape
  • 1560 watts of power
  • Easy-to-read container markings
  • May spend a bit more time on harder ingredients


The Blendtec Designer 625 Blender with Wildside Tritan Jar has everything you will require in a high quality appliance. The most visible changes for this appliance are the new sleek and elegant design and digital touchscreen selections.

The clean modern design with a range of color selections also looks great if you want to leave it sitting out on your kitchen countertop.

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