Blendtec Professional Grade Blender Review

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Blendtec blenders are created to last and that’s why the Blendtec Professional Grade Blender is no exception. The motor, blades and base are all created to offer years of reliable service.

Although it’s an investment, the fact is it’s an investment in an appliance that you’re not going to have to replace for years to come.

It’s extremely convenient, consists of a range of smart features and is a fairly versatile kitchen appliance. It’s also very effortless to utilize, which means you may find yourself utilizing it more than you expected.

Blendtec Professional Grade Blender Review
Blendtec Professional Grade Blender Review

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender Overview


  • Six preprogrammed cycles
  • Blunt-edged, single blades
  • 1560 Watt motor
  • Sturdy, versatile, and powerful
  • Multi-functional countertop appliance

Six preprogrammed cycles

The Total Blender Classic with 10 speed came with immense power and features that made Blendtec the selection of professionals. For years, professionals have made use of Blendtec machines in some of the best coffee shops, restaurants and juice bars around the world.

When it comes to power, this device has it in the bag. It can blend almost any ingredient into the precise consistency and texture you require. Just select the desired setting from the six preprogrammed cycles, and let it do all the work.

Blunt-edged, single blades

The blender provides the same great results in your own home containing six preprogrammed cycles: Smoothie, Ice Cream, Crush, Ice, Whole Juice, Hot Soup, as well as Batters.

Patented stainless-steel forged blade

Unlike many other blender makers, Blendtec makes use of blunt-edged, single blades in their appliances which are ideal for heavy usage.

The blades will not wear down rapidly, and the powerful motor crushes even the toughest ingredients such as ice, frozen fruits and nuts.

1560 Watt motor

With the Blendtec Professional Grade Blender, you can create a wide range of healthy foods at home with the click of a button. You can simply throw the contents into the jar and blend away and it’s convenient, effortless, and super swift.

The Total Blender does an ideal job at blending smoothies, protein shakes, and much more. This blend cycle technology allows for perfect blends with the touch of a button and the Total Blender Classic consists of a 1560 watt motor that turns ice to snow in just seconds.

Sturdy, versatile, and powerful

This blender is professional-grade with one of the most powerful motors and one of the longest warranties, shipped with the Blendtec blunt blade providing smooth blends without any cuts and pokes.

The Blendtec Total Blender is among the best blenders you’ll find and this model provides a range of really smart features that enable blending to be both convenient and enjoyable.

You can utilize this appliance to puree, mix, grind and it’s a great selection if you require a sturdy, versatile, and powerful appliance that is built to last.

Multi-functional countertop appliance

This blender has a fashion-forward design that will look great on your countertop and the Blendtec is one of the most advanced blenders you can purchase.

•	Multi-functional countertop appliance

The Blendtec GO (30 oz) Bottle can also be purchased with this high speed blender and in reality this is much more than a blender.

The Blendtec Total Blender is definitely a multi-functional appliance that you’ll love having in your home. It certainly comes as no surprise that the Blendtec ranks among the best blenders in the market.

Pros & Cons

  • Self-cleaning
  • Pulse and ten speed manual control
  • Stainless-steel forged blade
  • Illuminated LCD timer
  • Some complaints of rubber mixing with smoothie



The Blendtec Professional Grade Blender is created to be a little more discrete than other blenders. It sits effortlessly on the countertop without taking over the kitchen, and is fairly light at 7.28 pounds.

Although you may want to find a permanent home for this blender, it can be stored away in a cupboard if you really need to.

That base is extremely sturdy too and even at high speeds it doesn’t move around on the countertop, and it cleans up easily as well. Overall it’s a blender that looks ideal, while getting the job done perfectly too.

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