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How To Make Bulletproof Coffee Without A Blender

Ever wanted to start your day feeling more awake and energized? Bulletproof coffee is the drink you need.

First, what’s bulletproof coffee? Well, it’s actually just a fancy name for adding butter and oil to an otherwise traditional cup of joe.

It is made with butter and MCT oil, giving it a rich, creamy taste that can be topped off with some chocolate shavings if you wish!

The reason it seems like such a game-changer is that these fat sources help slow down digestion which means your body can burn those calories from the butter or coconut oil for longer periods of time.

Read on to find out how to make your own bulletproof coffee without using a blender or fancy equipment.

Why Is Bulletproof Coffee Still A Trend?

Bulletproof coffee is still trendy because it’s a way to get the benefits of reduced hunger and thirst, better fatty acid profiles, more stable blood sugar levels, and an increased ability to concentrate.

By drinking Bulletproof Coffee, you’re less likely to experience those intense hunger spikes that can happen in the morning when consuming breakfast foods like cereal or sugary muffins.

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee include:

  1. Sustained energy from coconut oil instead of caffeine highs. 
  2. Improved mental clarity by using unsalted grass-fed butter linked with lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease. 
  3. Reduced need for sleep since you’ll have more stored glycogen. 
  4. An increased ability to concentrate because you won’t be feeling as hungry or tired.
  5. A healthier heart due to the lower amounts of saturated fat in bulletproof coffee versus dairy creamers like heavy cream, butter, and half & half.

Can You Make Bulletproof Coffee Without A Blender?

Yes, you can make a bulletproof coffee without a blender by putting the hot coffee in your cup, and then adding your coconut oil or butter while it’s still hot.

This will basically act as if you were doing an emulsification process with a blender. But you won’t get the emulsification, so if it blends well enough to not leave any chunks behind, you are good to go!

If it doesn’t blend very well, add some pumpkin seed milk or other liquid (like whey protein) and whisk the two staples together for about 10 seconds.

We have listed some better ways to make bulletproof coffee without a blender below.

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How To Make Bulletproof Coffee Without A Blender?

Immersion Blender Method

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender Heavy Duty Copper Motor Brushed 304 Stainless Steel With Whisk, Milk Frother Attachments

  1. Fill the container with hot coffee.
  2. Stick the blender into the container and break up any floating pieces with short pulses. You want it blended enough to keep suspended, but not so much that it all stays mixed in on the sides of the cup. 
  3. Make sure you’re not blending for too long! You don’t want to create air bubbles or foam from your blender.
  4. If there are a few large chunks, wait for them to sink down before taking out your immersion blender and finishing off any stray bits. 
  5. Then add butter (1/2 tbsp), ghee (1 tbsp), or coconut oil (1/4 tsp). Wait until your coffee cools before drinking because otherwise its hot temperature will melt your fat and you’ll be just drinking butter.

Milk Frother Method

Zulay Original Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes - Whisk Drink Mixer for Coffee, Mini Foamer for Cappuccino, Frappe, Matcha, Hot Chocolate by Milk Boss (Black)

A milk frother is a good option instead of a blender. It is quieter and cheaper than a blender.

The immersion blender also works, but it’s louder than the milk frother and doesn’t make as much foam.

If you don’t have either of those around, you can use a food processor.

Food Processor Method

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and Puree, 10 Cups - Bowl Scraper, Stainless Steel

  1. Put 3 tablespoons of coffee and an equal amount of unsalted butter in a food processor. Turn on the processor at high speed to combine well.
  2. Add hot water, fresh ground, then process again until the mixture is finely blended into liquid; repeat as needed for more cups of coffee. 

3) Combine with sugar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, cinnamon, and vanilla extract in your favorite mug or cup and heat it up (microwave).

4) Top it off with a mix of heavy cream and milk in your favorite ratio. Add other optional ingredients like almond extract, chocolate powder, etc as desired. 

5) Taste delicious! Bon Appétit!

Mason Jar Method

Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jars with Lids and Bands, 16-Ounces (4-Pack)

This is a good way to make coffee if you want it very strong.

Do not do this if you don’t have the other things on the list, or your coffee will not be as good.

First, put the butter and oil in a glass jar and microwave them until they melt.

Add coffee and shake it all together.

You don’t need to use other ingredients. You can make an emulsion of butter, oil, and coffee. You can drink the coffee from the jar.

Why Bulletproof Coffee Is Good For You?

Foremost, the coffee is denser and more viscous than regular coffee. This means it survives longer in your stomach, which gives a sense of fullness for a longer period of time. In other words, you may eat less after drinking bulletproof coffee.

Second, blended fat protects against hunger hormones that regulate appetite. With fewer hunger signals being sent to the brain from those receptors, we experience lower levels of appetite throughout the day.

The fat found in milk takes much longer to digest and produces peptides that suppress ghrelin (the hormone that stimulates hunger).

These peptides have been shown to do things like reducing blood glucose and insulin concentrations while spiking glucagon (which opposes both insulin’s effect on cells).

Can Bulletproof Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Bulletproof coffee can help you lose weight if the calories consumed during the rest of the day are lower than what they normally are.

Typically, only about 1-2 pounds per week is lost in otherwise healthy adults on a diet.

In part, this is because of adaptive thermogenesis – when you eat less food, your body makes up for it by burning fewer calories at rest and expends more energy inefficiently just to stay alive.

There’s no way around it – you’ll regress back toward your preset weight given enough time unless something changes that balance between accumulated fat and expended energy.

That’s because our bodies store excess calories in anticipation of an emergency cry for sustenance (a binge).

This “emergency appetite” or “starvation response” happens for a variety of reasons that all boil down to one thing: it’s easier and more efficient to store fat than it is to burn unwanted calories.

Remember: Bulletproof coffee is not a magic pill that will make you lose weight, it’s just one component of a healthy lifestyle!

We recommend getting plenty of exercise and sleep while also cutting down on alcohol consumption if you can; these are all crucial components for losing fat and maintaining muscle tone.

Can Bulletproof Coffee Make You Fat?

Yes, it can.

The Bulletproof Coffee tips and tricks website only offers bulletproof coffee as a “once-a-day thing.”

Many people can’t go without food for 12 hours, so in order to avoid fat gain, they need other meals too.

A good starting point would be to start this new diet gradually by adding one bulletproof coffee per day at breakfast and see how your body reacts.

Your level of physical activity will also affect your ability to digest all that butter.

For example, if you’re engaged in lots of sports or exercise every day, then you’ll have more enzymes available for fat digestion than someone who just sits around all day long doing nothing but checking email in their cubicle and playing Reddit on their phone.


We hope that you have enjoyed this blog post on how to make bulletproof coffee without a blender.

Please let us know if there are any questions about the process or benefits of eating it, and we will be happy to answer them!

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