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Can You Put Fizzy Drinks In A Ninja Blender?

Ninja blenders are a popular choice for many people because they are durable and can handle a lot of tough jobs. But can you put fizzy drinks in a Ninja blender?

In this blog post, we will explore the answer to that question and also provide some tips on how to best use your Ninja blender. So if you’re curious about whether or not you can blend fizzy drinks in your Ninja blender, read on!

can you put fizzy drinks in a ninja blender

What Is A Fizzy Drink?

A fizzy drink, also known as a carbonated drink or a soda, is a beverage that contains carbon dioxide gas dissolved in it. When the drink is opened or poured, the carbon dioxide is released in the form of bubbles, creating the characteristic fizz or effervescence. This fizziness gives the drink a slightly sparkling or bubbly texture and often enhances the overall drinking experience.

The carbonation process is typically achieved by adding carbon dioxide gas to the liquid under pressure. This gas dissolves into the liquid, creating carbonic acid, which is a weak acid that contributes to the slightly tangy taste often associated with fizzy drinks.

Common examples of fizzy drinks include colas (like Coca-Cola and Pepsi), lemon-lime sodas (like Sprite and 7-Up), ginger ale, root beer, sparkling water, and many others. These beverages are popular worldwide and are enjoyed as refreshing and thirst-quenching options, especially on hot days or during social gatherings. However, it’s important to consume fizzy drinks in moderation as some of them can contain high levels of added sugars and calories, which may not be beneficial for overall health.

What Happens If You Put A Fizzy Drink In A Blender?

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you put a fizzy drink in a blender, the answer is somewhat amusing.

When the carbon dioxide bubbles in the drink are combined with the blades of the blender, they create a foam that quickly expands and overflows from the container. The foam is essentially just a mass of gas bubbles, so it doesn’t have a lot of staying power. Once the blender is turned off, the foam will quickly settle and collapse.

However, if you’re looking for a way to make your soda last longer, blending it might not be a bad idea. The bubbles will help to keep the drink carbonated for longer, so you can enjoy your fizzy beverage for longer.

Just be sure to clean up any foam that spills out of the blender before it has a chance to dry.

Should You Use A Blender For Fizzy Drinks?

Blenders are designed to pulverize solid foods into a liquid form. This is accomplished by the blades spinning at high speed and chopping the food into small pieces. The resulting mixture can then be easily consumed or used in cooking.

Fizzy drinks, on the other hand, are already in a liquid form. They also contain gas bubbles that give them their characteristic fizz. As a result, blending fizzy drinks is generally not recommended. The gas bubbles will be disrupted by the blades, causing the drink to lose its carbonation and become flat.

In addition, the blades may also create small holes in the can or bottle, which can cause spillage and potentially damage the blender.

For these reasons, it is best to stick to blending solid foods with your blender.

Can You Put Fizzy Drinks In A Ninja Blender?

The answer to this question is yes, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. First of all, fizzy drinks can be very foamy and may not blend as smoothly as other liquids.
  2. Secondly, the carbonation in fizzy drinks can make them slightly acidic, which may damage the blades on your blender over time.
  3. Make sure to add some ice to help offset the sweetness of the soda.
  4. And finally, don’t overdo it – a few seconds in the blender should be enough to create a nice foam on top of your drink.

So if you do decide to put fizzy drinks in your Ninja blender, it’s important to be aware of these potential issues. However, as long as you take care of your blender and don’t let the acidity damage the blades, you should be able to enjoy smooth, delicious blended beverages with no problem!

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Best Ninja Blender For Fizzy Drinks

Here’s what makes this blender a good choice for fizzy drinks –

1. Powerful Motor: The Ninja BL660 comes equipped with a robust motor, typically around 1100 watts, which is capable of handling ice, frozen fruits, and other tough ingredients with ease. This power is essential for crushing ice and blending carbonated beverages to create fizzy drinks.

2. Large Capacity: This blender usually includes a 72-ounce blending pitcher, making it suitable for preparing larger batches of fizzy drinks for gatherings or parties.

3. Nutri Ninja Cups: Apart from the large pitcher, it also includes two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids. These cups are perfect for making individual fizzy drinks or smoothies that you can take on the go.

4. Multiple Speeds and Pulse Function: The BL660 typically offers multiple speed settings and a pulse function, allowing you to have precise control over the blending process for different recipes, including fizzy drinks.

5. Sturdy and Durable: Ninja blenders are known for their sturdy construction, which ensures long-lasting performance, even with frequent use for making fizzy drinks.

6. Easy to Clean: The removable parts of the Ninja BL660, such as the blades and pitcher, are dishwasher safe, making it convenient to clean up after preparing fizzy drinks.

7. Versatility: Besides fizzy drinks, the Ninja BL660 can handle a wide variety of blending tasks, such as making smoothies, sauces, and soups.

Tips For Blending Fizzy Drinks In A Ninja Blender

Now that we’ve answered the question of whether or not you can put fizzy drinks in a Ninja blender, let’s talk about how to best use your blender for this purpose.

If you’re making a smoothie or other beverage that contains fizzy drinks, it’s always best to add the fizzy drinks last. This will help prevent them from foaming up too much and making it difficult to blend.

You may also want to consider using less fizzy drink than you would if you were just blending regular liquid ingredients. This is because the carbonation can make the drink more acidic and may damage your blender over time.

Finally, be sure to clean your blender thoroughly after each use when blending fizzy drinks. The acidity in the drinks can corrode the metal blades, so it’s important to clean them off as soon as possible.

By following these tips, you can safely and easily blend fizzy drinks in your Ninja blender without any issues. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite carbonated beverages without worry!

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Ninja Blender Fizzy Drink Recipes

Now that you know how to blend fizzy drinks in your Ninja blender, why not try out some recipes? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Fruity Fizzy Smoothie: Combine your favorite fruits, some fizzy drink, and ice in your blender for a refreshing treat.

Creamy Fizzy Milkshake: Add milk, ice cream, and fizzy drink to your blender for a delicious and unique milkshake.

Fizzy Frozen Margarita: Blend tequila, lime juice, triple sec, and fizzy drink with ice for a frozen margarita that’s sure to please.

So go ahead and experiment with blending fizzy drinks in your Ninja blender. With a little practice, you’ll be able to make all sorts of delicious and refreshing beverages!

Final Verdict – Can You Put Fizzy Drinks In A Ninja Blender?

Fizzy drinks are carbonated beverages that contain bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. When these drinks are poured into a blender, the carbon dioxide is released and creates a foam on the surface of the liquid. This can cause the blender blades to become clogged, making it difficult to blend the drink evenly.

In addition, the foam created by the carbon dioxide can make it difficult to pour the drink out of the blender without making a mess.

For these reasons, it is best to avoid putting fizzy drinks in a Ninja blender.

However, if you do choose to blend them, it is important to be careful and work slowly to avoid creating too much foam. With a little patience and effort, you should be able to get good results.


Can I blend carbonated or fizzy drinks in a Ninja blender?

Yes, you can blend carbonated or fizzy drinks in a Ninja blender. The blender is designed to handle a variety of liquids, including carbonated beverages. However, it is advised to use your blender for solids only.

Will blending fizzy drinks cause them to lose their carbonation?

Yes, blending fizzy drinks can cause them to lose some of their carbonation. The blending process releases the carbon dioxide gas, leading to a reduction in fizziness. It’s best to consume the blended drink soon after blending for maximum carbonation.

Can I blend carbonated beverages without making a mess?

To minimize the risk of spills, it’s essential to use the Ninja blender with caution when blending carbonated drinks. Avoid overfilling the pitcher, and start the blending process at a lower speed to prevent excessive fizzing and potential overflow.

Is it safe to blend carbonated drinks at high speeds?

While it’s generally safe to blend carbonated drinks in a Ninja blender, it’s recommended to start at a lower speed and gradually increase as needed. High speeds can lead to more fizzing and potential overflow.

Can I blend alcoholic carbonated drinks in a Ninja blender?

Yes, you can blend alcoholic carbonated drinks, such as cocktails or mixed drinks, in a Ninja blender. However, be mindful of the alcohol content and avoid over-blending, as excessive blending may lead to a loss of carbonation.

Will blending fizzy drinks with ice damage the blender blades?

Ninja blenders are designed to handle ice and tough ingredients. Blending fizzy drinks with ice should not damage the blender blades if done correctly. However, it’s essential to use the appropriate blade settings and avoid blending large chunks of ice.

What recipes can I make with fizzy drinks in a Ninja blender?

There are various creative recipes you can make with fizzy drinks in a Ninja blender, such as soda floats, slushies, fizzy fruit smoothies, and carbonated mocktails.

Are there any specific Ninja blender models recommended for blending fizzy drinks?

While many Ninja blender models can handle blending fizzy drinks, models with powerful motors and multiple speed settings, like the Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660), are often recommended for optimal results.

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