Electric Beater vs Blender: What is the Difference?

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What is the difference between blender and beater?

There lie many differences between a beater and a blender. Firstly, an electric beater may be used for incorporating and mixing liquid items, such as eggs whereas a blender mostly has functions similar to food processors and mixers. Other than this, you will also find differences based on their structure, final consistency, and uses.

Do you often get confused between different appliances? Are you not sure which one to use? Well, you may already know that each appliance in your kitchen has a different use. However, you may find yourself using the terms electric beater and blender interchangeably, not knowing the real difference between them.

It may seem hard to understand the difference. Yet, once you do, you will be able to use both of them correctly. This can help in making your cooking journey easy.

So, let’s see the electric beater vs blender difference in detail!

What Is An Electric Beater?

picture of a electric beater

An electric beater is a type of handheld electric appliance that consists of rotating beaters. It’s portable and thus, offers convenience while beating any items.

Now, the rotating beaters do not have a sharp surface as an electric beater is mostly used for purposes such as folding, whipping, and beating ingredients.

Most of the time, along with an electric whisk, you may also get different types of attachments, such as kneading beaters.

For instance, while baking, you may have to whip or beat the eggs, or you may have to beat the entire cake batter. The kneading attachments can be used while kneading any type of dough.

During such processes, a person may make use of an electric beater.

Uses Of Electric Beater

Electric beaters are mostly used for combining bakery products. However, some other uses of an electric beater include:

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So, these are some of the uses of an electric beater. Let’s understand what a blender is and its uses.

What Is A Blender?

picture of a simple blender

On the other hand, as the name suggests, a blender is more specifically used for blending or mixing items.

To give you a clearer idea, you may find that there’s a motor on the bottom. Above that, there’s a rotating blade present. Lastly, you can find the blender container on the top.

So, this blade will help in cutting, processing, and mixing various ingredients.

For instance, if you wish to make a homemade tomato puree, you may insert the tomatoes inside the blender. The blender will then blend the tomatoes to give you a smooth paste-like consistency.

In this, you may find a simple blender or even a handheld blender for maneuverability.

Uses Of A Blender

The uses of a blender are usually general and include:

  • Making various purees
  • Making different types of sauces and dressings
  • Making milkshakes, smoothies, juices, other beverages
  • Making various dips
  • You can even beat egg in blender

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So, what’s the exact difference between an electric beater and a blender? Let’s see.

Similarities Between Electric Beater And Blender

  1. Both can blend food.
  2. Both can mix food.
  3. Both have a power cord that has to be plugged into an outlet.
  4. Both can be used as a mixer.

Electric Beater vs Blender

can we use blender instead of beater

Hand blender vs electric beater differences are as follows –


The very first difference lies in the structure of an electric beater and blender.

Electric beaters come with two electric whisks that help in the beating or whisking of various dairy products.

On the other hand, a blender makes use of motor-driven blades that help in mixing or making a puree out of the ingredients.


If you make use of the same ingredients in an electric beater and a blender, you may notice the differences in the consistency of the final products.

For example, a blender can help you achieve a smooth paste-like consistency or even puree-like.

Contrarily, an electric whisk will simply beat the ingredients to give you a lightweight, batter-like consistency.


Both beaters and blenders have different uses.

If you have hard ingredients, such as ice, you cannot make use of a beater to crush it. Yet, if you make use of a blender, you can easily crush the ice.

Similarly, for whipping and baking items, making use of a blender, instead of electric whisk, may lead to over-mixing. This can lead to the wrong texture and taste of your final bakery product.

So, as you may notice that it becomes essential to know where to use each one specifically.

Keep in mind that some handheld blenders may offer you the beater attachments too. In this case, you can use the blender with the beater attachments in place of an electric beater itself.


Lastly, let’s talk about the working mechanism.

If you have noticed an electric whisk, it has circular and blunt blades. So, while mixing, you’ll notice the swirling movements that help in holding more air. The air particles particularly help in the baking process.

On the other hand, in a blender, the ingredients are simply cut into small pieces and mixed together.

Can Blender Be Used As Beater?

Using a blender to beat eggs is not recommended.

A high-performance stand mixer will have blades that are much sharper than what can be put into a blender jar.

The best way to get the most out of your egg whites or other light mixtures is by using an electric handheld mixer to combine the ingredients, then transfer it over to the stand mixer with the whisk attachment. This guarantees optimal aeration and fluffiness in your baked goods!

Can We Use Hand Blender Instead Of Beater?

No, it is not recommended to use a hand blender instead of the beater.

Electric Hand Blender can’t whip eggs or other light mixture.

To get the most out of your egg whites or other light mixtures, combine ingredients in a bowl by hand and then whisk in a stand mixer with a whisk attachment to guarantee optimal aeration and fluffiness in baked goods!

Final Thoughts

In this way, an electric beater and blender have way different uses and mechanisms. Both of them have specific purposes to fulfill. If you interchange one for the other, you may not get the desired output.

So, if you still have any questions regarding it, feel free to comment.

If not, then just remember that beaters are best for baking purposes whereas blenders are more useful for general tasks such as making purees, milkshakes, juices, etc.

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