Can You Grind Spices In Vitamix Blender?

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I have a confession to make: I HATE chopping and grinding spices.

It’s boring, tedious, makes my fingers smell like whatever spice I’m working with at the time, and it’s hard on the arms.

What if I told you there is a way to create some of these exotic blends at home without having to spend hours going through stores looking for that one specific spice?

All it takes is an investment in a blender like Vitamix.

Grinding Spices In Vitamix – A Good Idea?

You’ve seen all those cooking shows and you want to make the best home-cooked meals for your family.

You are intrigued by all the recipes that need a variety of different spices from around the world, but where do you start?

The best way to grind spices is with a high-quality blender like Vitamix.

It’s the only blender that can grind spices into powder form, which makes it perfect for creating homemade curry powders and garam masala.

You don’t have to spend hours looking through stores trying to find the right blend of spices anymore.

With this one simple investment in a Vitamix, you can create all kinds of exotic blends at home without having to go out of your way or pay more than what they are worth.

1. The Vitamix is a high-powered blender that can grind spices.

2. It has a powerful motor and blade system to pulverize anything you put in it, including whole spices. The blades are sharp enough to grind spices without getting them stuck in the blade.

3. This means that you don’t have to buy ground spices or make your own from scratch.

4. You can just throw the whole spice into the Vitamix and let it do all the work for you.

How To Grind Spices In A Vitamix?

Vitamix Ascent Series Dry Grains Container, 48 oz. with SELF-DETECT

You’re probably wondering how to grind spices in a Vitamix.

We know, it sounds like an impossible feat, but we can assure you that with the right technique and tools, it is not only possible but also easy!

First things first – let’s talk about what you need to get started.

You will need a few key items before you begin grinding your own spices at home.

The most important of these is obviously the Vitamix 7500 blender itself (we recommend this model because it has all of the features needed for spice grinding).

If you already have one or are planning on buying one soon then great!

If not, check out our selection of other blenders here.

Next up, some fresh whole spices from your local grocery store or specialty shop.

This will vary depending on what type of spice blend you want to make so be sure to do some research beforehand if necessary.

Now that we have everything covered let’s take a look at how exactly this works…

1. Put your spice in the Vitamix container.

2. Add a few tablespoons of oil or water to help it grind better.

3. Turn on the Vitamix and let it run for about 1 minute, depending on how finely you want your spices ground.

Best Vitamix For Grinding Spices

Vitamix 7500

You’ve probably seen the infomercials and heard about how great Vitamix blenders are.

But have you ever tried one? The 7500 is a high-performance blender that pulverizes everything from ice to nuts, seeds, grains, and more.

It can even make a hot soup!

The Vitamix 7500 is the best blender for dry spices on the market today, and it comes with a 5-year warranty to prove it.

It has an ultra-powerful 2 peak horsepower motor that pulverizes anything in its path, including seeds, skins, and stems.

No more gritty smoothies!

This machine will give you silky smooth results every time.

And because of its low profile 64 oz container, there’s no need to stop blending halfway through your recipe like other blenders require you to do so they don’t overflow their containers.

With this one, you can blend continuously until your heart’s content!

And if you don’t like it we offer a full money-back guarantee with free shipping both ways!

This versatile machine will help you prepare healthy meals quickly and easily so you can spend more time enjoying your family and friends instead of slaving over the stove all day long.

Vitamix 7500 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, White

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Vitamix Spice Grinder Attachment

The Vitamix dry container is perfect for grinding spices. It can turn any spice into fine powder in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vitamix Blend Dry Grind?

Yes! In order to get the best dry blend grind, make sure your ingredients are small and evenly sized before you add them to the container. The Vitamix blades move from one side of the container to the other, so a finer, uniformly mixed result is better than using a food processor.

Can I Grind Turmeric In Vitamix?

Yes! Vitamix can do anything! To grind turmeric, simply add the dry spice to the dry Vitamix container and run for 10-20 seconds or until desired consistency is reached.

Can You Grind Cinnamon Sticks In A Vitamix?

Yes. However, cinnamon sticks can be more difficult to grind than nutmeg and cloves because they usually don’t form a fine powder. You may want to use the Vitamix dry container for this instead of wetted blades as it will more evenly mix without clumping. The trick is to increase the speed as you run the blender on pulse mode and continue grinding until desired consistency is achieved.

Can You Grind Peppercorns In Vitamix?

Yes, you can grind peppercorns in Vitamix. In order to do so, you will have to use the dry container and set it to pulse.

Final Verdict

Do you want to make your own curry powder?

Don’t waste money on pre-made spice blends when you can make them yourself in just minutes!

Make any kind of blend from mild to wild with this versatile machine.

Vitamix has a high-performance motor that pulverizes anything, including whole spices and seeds.

The stainless steel blades are strong enough to grind even the toughest of spices.

And the best part is that there’s no cleanup required because all parts are dishwasher safe except the lid (which should be washed by hand).

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