Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with Travel Jar Review

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Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with Travel Jar Review

Selecting the best quality blender with glass pitcher is difficult for everyone because there are too many models in the market and picking the right one according to their budget and good quality is not an effortless task. The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with Travel Jar has some excellent features you can expect from mid-entry level blender.

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with Travel Jar is one of the best and most demanding blenders in the market. It is the only appliance that performs two functions in one room as it can blend as well as chop the solids precisely.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with Travel Jar
Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with Travel Jar

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender Overview


  • Wave action system
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • 700-watt power
  • BPA-free travel jar with leak-proof lid


Wave action system

It’s not effortless to earn permanent residence on the countertop, but with multiple functions that can all be done on the same base as the Hamilton Beach Blender has the versatility to be a mainstay on yours.

patented wave action system

The multi-function blender has all the power you require to blend, crush ice, mix, chop, slice & shred with ease to make. The Wave Crusher would be an ideal addition to any household looking to diversify their meals and avoid having to purchase separate products for separate jobs.


3-in-1 Functionality

This power blender has all the tools you require to blend large batches, make single-serve batches, or utilize the food processor attachment to slice, shred, and chop.

3 in 1 funtionality 700 watt blender

The Wave Crusher is not without its complaints, however and the blade system is smaller than the Power Elite and doesn’t mix larger contents nearly as well. Many customers attribute this to the smaller than average blades at the bottom.

Now you can enjoy fresh juices, crumb, liquefy, morsel, and condense food items, make mint margarita, shakes, blended fruits, vegetables, cold coffee and grinded ice at home by bringing this miracle appliance.


700-Watt power

The 700-watt power device continuously pulls mixture down into the blades for consistently smooth results without stirring.

700 watt peak power blender

Not only does this 700-watt peak power blender come with a 40 oz. glass jar and a 20 oz. travel jar, it also features a food processing kit for chopping, slicing and shredding a variety of foods.

While both the Power Elite and the Wave Crusher 54221 have 700 watts of power, smaller blades get less work done, leaving ingredients less mixed even after a full cycle. The fact that it does have a tough time cutting contents down to size is fairly worrisome.


BPA-free travel jar with leak-proof lid

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with 40oz Jar can blend individual-sized portions right in the 20 oz. BPA-free travel jar with leak-proof lid.

You can easily chop, shred, or slice foods from vegetables to cheese and nuts to spices with this multi-function blender. The food processing kit includes a 3-cup bowl, chopping s-blade, and shredding/slicing disc.

With the Wave Crusher, you can almost make the same amount of foods or beverages and for a couple of dollars cheaper. The travel jar for smoothies is a big incentive for some, so you might not have access to a special bottle and lid for smoothies.

Pros & Cons

  • Continuously pulls mixture down into the blades
  • Multi-function blender
  • Chopping s-blade
  • Shredding/slicing disc
  • May take longer to blend ingredients



This Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with Travel Jar provides you with a chance to make scrumptious smoothies, juices, shakes, margarita, cold espresso and some other frosty beverages at home.

Its multifunction capacity replaces all little individual blenders with this one instrument and it cleaves or mixes solidified natural products, deserts and vegetables quite well and equally.

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