Homgeek Personal Blender Smoothie Maker Review

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If you require a blender, then the homgeek Personal Blender Smoothie Maker is a must have appliance for any health enthusiast. It can create smoothies, juices and shakes at any place and at any given time independent of the facilities and time. And the homgeek Personal Blender makes the mixing process hassle-free.

The homgeek personal blender is created in a way that there is no requirement to assemble all its parts and components repeatedly. The bottle creation is effortless and can be easily taken off, and individuals can drink straight from the container when they are on the go.

homgeek Personal Blender Smoothie Maker Review
homgeek Personal Blender Smoothie Maker Review

Best homgeek Personal Blender Overview


  • 300 watts, 23000 RPM powerful motor
  • One-touch operation
  • Dishwasher-safe design
  • Automatic recovery function
  • BPA-Free blender cups

300 Watts, 23000 RPM powerful motor

With 300 watts and 23000 RPM, this Smoothie Maker from homegeek can run in a high speed, assisting you to get your drinks in just a few seconds.

300 watts, 23000 RPM po

And the 4 stainless steel blades are durable enough to pulverize fruits and vegetables into delicious and healthy shakes, smoothies and juice. It is available in a relatively compact size with which people enjoy healthy and delicious food.

Now you can effectively keep your diet and ideal eating habits on track. Apart from extra features, it also consists of a user manual that has delicious recipes that assist you in getting started.

One-touch operation

The homgeek Personal Blender Smoothie Maker has a simple one-touch operation, without complicated selections or cumbersome buttons. So you can easily just press the button and wait few minutes, then you can get the beverages you want.

This appliance is effortless for everyone to create their favorite drinks. You can easily load your contents into the bottles and place it on the power base, press the button and wait.

Then you can get your delicious and fresh beverages. Users also appreciate the homgeek blenders because it saves time, and the cleaning process is swift and effortless.

Dishwasher-safe design

The juice container and blade assembly can be removed or taken apart and cleaned with water and dishwashing liquid, which is extremely convenient to clean the container. Also, the homgeek Personal Blender is dishwasher-safe.

Dishwasher-safe design

The Portable Blender, Supkitdin Personal Mixer and the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender (51101V) can also be purchased with this appliance.

It is created in such a way that no tricky selections are needed to operate it. Everyone can utilize it for pulverizing veggies, ice, and fruits.

Automatic recovery function

The blender will only activate when you lock the container on the proper position. Also, this single serve appliance comes with an automatic recovery function and overheating prevention to prohibit any damage to the motor in the case of no load and overload.

You can easily install the blade system with the blender bottle and turn the container clockwise in the motor base until it is secure on the base. If the bottle is not locked in the proper position, the button will not be on.

BPA-Free blender cups

The blender is relatively handy due to its convenience and portability. The blending container can be simply taken off, and you can drink from it directly. You don’t have to transfer your beverage in a glass because it is created in a glass-like shape.

BPA-Free blender cups

The cups are BPA-Free, which allows for healthy and safe drinking and can also be utilized as sport bottles. The lids are created with a buckle, allowing the bottle to hang on your bag and take it to school, gym and office easily.

The homgeek blender base features a simple and compact design. The appearance is sleek and exquisite, and the practicality is highly durable. It is effortless to store and will not take up much space.

Pros & Cons

  • Lids are designed with buckle
  • 4 Durable stainless steel blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Overheating prevention
  • May take longer to blend hard ingredients


We all know about our requirements, and we carefully invest our money on products. It is always recommended to read about user reviews before buying any blender. The homgeek Personal Blender Smoothie Maker Review will assist you in narrowing down your choice that best fit individual requirements.

If you are searching for an affordable mini blender for your usage so that you can easily create fresh smoothies and juices, then might be you are searching for a homgeek Personal Blender.

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