homgeek Personal Mini Blender Review

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The homgeek Personal Mini Blender is extremely popular for its high speed and effectivity for creating shakes, smoothies, baby formulas, as well as delicious beverages. The main characteristic of this appliance is its operating time.

Its durable stainless steel blades only take approximately 10 seconds to mix contents well and extract all the nutrients. It is also known as a one-touch basis that you fix your jar onto and allow the base to do its task. So within a couple of minutes, you can easily prepare your tasty beverage.

homgeek Personal Mini Blender Review
homgeek Personal Mini Blender Review

Best homgeek Personal Blender Overview


  • Heavy-duty leak-proof lid
  • One-hand operation
  • 25000 RPM 350 watts powerful motor
  • Effortless to clean
  • Made of Tritan and BPA free

Heavy-duty leak-proof lid

With this mini size blender you can get a healthy delicious and nutritious beverage that can assist you in losing weight as well as younger- looking skin. It’s heavy-duty, leak-proof lid is ideal to prohibit messing up with your bag.

Heavy-duty leak-proof lid

This is a great personal appliance when it comes to extracting vitamins and nutrients from contents within seconds. It is extremely portable, which makes it different from traditional appliances not only in structure and design but also in functionalities.

One-hand operation

You can now experience one-hand operation without overly complicated settings or cumbersome buttons. This device can be utilized by everyone to pulverize ice as well as fruits and veggies ingredients.

The homgeek Personal Mini Blender is also suitable for individuals who require a one-hand operation. You also don’t have to assemble the bottle so that you can utilize it on the go. This shows how effortless it is to make use of, as there are no troublesome settings required.

Besides, if the functions are a bit too tricky to understand, there is a manual that will assist you in figuring it out. The La Reveuse Smoothies Blender can also be purchased with this blender.


25000 RPM 350 watts powerful motor

The blender consists of 350 watts, a 25000 RPM motor, and the stainless steel blades allows you to put your smoothie blender to action to pulverize delicate and delicious shakes, smoothies and baby food.

25000 RPM 350 watts powerful motor

If you require an inexpensive blender to utilize on-the-go, the Homegeek appliance could be a good selection for you. It provides a compact design with a decent capacity for up to 2 people and can be an ideal traveling companion.

Effortless to clean

The mini blender requires no assembly and you can simply take off the bottle and drink from it straight from the container or take it on the go, and cleanup will only take a few seconds.

Effortless to clean

You can install the bottle with blade on base and rotate the container clockwise until it securely triggers the interlock.

If you love traveling, you can also cherish the delicious taste of juices and hang it on your bag and let your device give you energy and zeal so you can be on your highest point.

Made of Tritan and BPA free

The single serve blender is perfect for its safety design, which prohibits the appliance from turning on when the container isn’t installed properly. All cups are designed from Tritan and BPA free.

You can rinse the jar with water immediately after utilizing it, or fill the bottle half with water as well as a small piece of lemon. Then blend it for approximately 15-20 seconds.

Pros & Cons

  • Stainless steel blade
  • BPA-free polymer plastic
  • Convenient and portable
  • Extract nutrient & vitamin
  • Power may be inadequate for some


The homgeek Personal Mini Blender is effortless to utilize due to its one-hand operation. It is created in such a way that no tricky settings are needed to operate it.

For everyone who loves drinking fresh shakes and juices to make their lifestyle healthy and full of vitamins and nutrients, this a portable blender would be an ideal selection.

The capacity of the container is ideal to fulfill human nutrient levels required for a hard and hectic routine to fight with day-to-day challenges.

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