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How Much Juice Is In An Orange? Let’s Find Out!

If you’re wondering how many oranges it takes to produce fresh orange juice, here’s the real deal!

So, how much juice is in an orange? There are 4-5 tablespoons of juice in each orange. This equals approximately a third to a quarter cup. To make one cup of orange juice, you’ll need three oranges. To make one gallon of orange juice, you’ll need about 30 oranges.

how much juice in one orange

Where Do Oranges Come From?

Oranges are widely grown throughout the world. The United States’ three largest producers of oranges are California, Florida and Texas. The orange was first cultivated in China sometime between 2500 B.C.E and 550 C.E. And it’s still called “the golden fruit.”

A Fresh Squeezed History

This tangy drink dates back to the 1800s when freshly squeezed juice became readily available for consumers at local markets or by delivery to their homes via horse-drawn wagons or carts!

Many families had special screw press mechanisms that they used to extract fresh grapefruit, orange, tangerine and lemon juice so it would be ready by breakfast time.

During this same period, freshly pressed grape juice was bottled and sold as “grape champagne.”

Is Orange Juice Good For You?

Orange juice is a very healthy beverage packed with nutrients like vitamin C (a big boost for your immune system), niacin, folate and potassium.

It’s a low-calorie beverage, especially if you make it with water instead of milk or cream.

What Does Orange Juice Taste Like?

Sweet oranges are the most common type used to make juice. They have a distinct yellow-orange color when ripe and offer a sweet, tangy flavor sure to satisfy your taste buds.

As they ripen, their color deepens from green to greener… then yellow to creamy-golden… finally changing to orange before reaching full maturity.  The riper they are, the tastier they’ll be!

Tangerines are actually small oranges that taste like an intense version of sweet oranges.

What Type Of Oranges Are Best For Fresh Orange Juice?

how much juice from one orange

Most oranges are best for juicing when they’re slightly green. Then the orange is firm, full sized and has a thin skin.

To make sure you pick luscious looking oranges at the store, look for ones that are smooth to the touch with full color (not brown or gray) everywhere except where it’s been scratched. Oranges with soft spots often turn out to be tart and dry.

How To Get The Most Juice From An Orange?

Before juicing any oranges, make sure your hands and the orange are very clean!

To extract as much juice as possible from an orange, roll it on a counter top under the palm of your hand. This breaks up some of the membranes and releases more juice. And cut each orange into eighths (see photo).

Roll each wedge again under your palm. Oranges that have been pre-cut will contain less juice than those that aren’t cut ahead of time. The best way to get every drop is use a citrus reamer or manual press to extract fresh orange juice!

How Much Juice In One Orange Ounce?

One orange usually yields 1/3 to a cup of fresh orange juice. An average cup of orange juice weighs 236 grams, or 8 ounces by liquid volume .

One ounce of juice is 29ml. So one orange’s worth of juice is about 84 ml.

How Many Oranges In A Cup Of Orange Juice?

A medium-sized (average) orange has about 2 ounces (oz) of juice, which turns into 4-5 tablespoons when liquid is removed.

So, if your recipe asks for 8 oz of fresh orange juice, you’ll need 4 (or 5) oranges.

How Many Oranges Do I Need For A Gallon Of Orange Juice?

To make one gallon of juice, you’ll need about 30 fresh oranges.

If your recipe calls for more than that, adjust the number accordingly.

For example, if it needs 20 oz (about 3/4 of a gal), then use 10 (or 12) oranges. And so on…

Juice From Concentrate Is Not The Same!

You can’t get fresh-squeezed orange juice by squeezing concentrate or frozen OJ either!

Fresh juice is made with real fruit and comes from the fruit’s skin. But these products are processed with heat to kill bacteria so they won’t go bad quickly – and taste sweeter at the same time. They yield far less juice and the flavor and texture are completely different, too!

So enjoy your fresh-squeezed orange juice soon after it’s made. And savor every drop to get the most out of this vitamin C rich fruit.

What’s The Best Way To Store Orange Juice?

Orange juice has a refrigerated shelf life of about one week, but can be frozen for up to two months.

If you have more orange juice than you can drink within seven days, pour it into ice trays and freeze it for up to one month. After thawing, stir gently to blend the pulp back in.

Is It Bad To Drink Too Much Orange Juice?

how much juice from one orange

Drinking too much orange juice can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and gas. It also increases your risk of developing kidney stones – especially if you’re prone to them.

When taken in large amounts, vitamin C can bind with calcium in the gut. That makes it more difficult for the body to absorb this essential mineral. So don’t guzzle more than 8 oz of fresh orange juice per day!

If you experience any of these symptoms after drinking orange juice, stop taking it immediately and call your doctor or healthcare professional if they don’t go away quickly on their own.

How Much Vitamin C In A Cup Of Orange Juice?

A cup of orange juice contains from 60 – 125 mg.

And if you’re wondering how much vitamin C is in a glass of fruit juice, here’s some more information:

  1. 1 lemon yields 2.6mg of Vitamin C.
  2. 1 lime yields 1.4 mg or Vitamin C .
  3. 1/2 grapefruit has just over 100 mg of vitamin C .
  4. 3 oz (25 grapes) has about 35mg of Vitamin C .
  5. One-fourth large watermelon cubes has just over 90mg of Vitamin C .

Does Orange Juice Help Burn Fat?

Yes, orange juice contains greater quantities of vitamin C, which can help to boost metabolism.

When your metabolic system is activated, fat is burned away. A high metabolism aids in more rapid fat loss over the course of the day. As a result, you may consume additional fruits or vegetables that include this vitamin in large doses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Juice Does 2 Oranges Make?

Typically, two oranges yield about 1/2 cup of orange juice.

How Much Juice Is In Orange?

One whole fresh orange usually contains 0.3 to 0.4 cups of juice .

What Percent Of One Orange Is Juice?

Approximately 25% of an orange is pure juice .

Is Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Better For You Than Store Bought Or Orange Juice From Concentrate?

Yes, fresh squeezed orange juice is much better for you than store bought or canned because when the fruit has been processed it has lost a lot of its nutritional value and health benefits.  When processing for long periods of time the vitamin C content depletes rapidly and this is why most store purchased OJ contain little – if any at all – vitamin C.

Is Eating The Orange Same As Drinking Orange Juice?

Orange juice and whole oranges are comparable in terms of nutrients, but there are several distinctions to consider. In comparison to a whole orange, a serving of orange juice contains less fiber and about twice the calories and carbohydrates – which are mostly fruit sugar – compared to a whole orange.

Is It Bad To Drink Orange Juice At Night?

The body requires a certain amount of energy to perform everyday functions.  So it’s best not to have juice before bedtime because the sugars from the fruit will raise your blood sugar levels.

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How Much Orange Juice Is In An Orange – Conclusion

This is all the information I have for you on “How much orange juice is in an orange”, but if there are some other facts that you feel should be added, please let me know.

Whether you’re drinking orange juice for its vitamin C content, refreshing taste or general health benefits, remember to drink responsibly. Too much of anything is bad so don’t over exert yourself when quenching your thirst with this healthy alternative.

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