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Is Naked Juice Healthy? Here’s The Real Truth!

Naked Juice, a PepsiCo creation, is one of the most well-known juice brands in the United States. The Naked Juice line offers fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices with interesting flavor combinations that have drawn a following.

However, if you look at the product labels more closely, you’ll see that these beverages are heavy in natural sugar with few additional nutrients added.

Naked Juice declared that its beverages were healthy, but the branding of the range of beverages led to a lot of debates.

Naked Juice has also come under fire for not living up to its health claims. To persuade health-conscious consumers that their products are healthy, the firm uses phrases like “no added sugar” and happy produce (apples, bananas, etc.) on their labels.

Is Naked Juice a healthful beverage? Continue reading to find out whether they are or not.

What Is Naked Juice?

Naked Juice is a fruit juice, smoothie and vegetable drink. Their beverages are all-natural, made from pure fruit or vegetables without any preservatives added or high-fructose corn syrup.

Naked’s juice uses natural sugar, not processed sugar that many other drinks use. This makes their products more healthful than other juices on the market because it has less sugar than its competitors’ versions of similar flavored juices.

Naked juice comes in different flavors like green machine (apple, cucumber, kale), orange sunrise (orange, carrot) and blue machine (blueberry, acai).

There are also varieties that include coconut water to create coconut pineapple mango beverage or banana apple with spinach.

There are also Naked juice flavors that contain chocolate or coffee, but these are not healthy because they have lots of calories and carbs per bottle.

Is Naked Juice Healthy?

Naked Juice Variety Pack 10 Oz, 12 ct. A1

When compared to non-diet soft drinks, Naked Juice may appear to provide more nutritional value. However, because it isn’t as sweet as other soft drinks, it doesn’t follow that it is any better for you.

Naked Juice uses fruit and vegetables, which have a lot of natural sugar, in order to improve the taste of its beverages. The result is a delectable drink that has all of the sugar and calories of fruit but none of the fiber, nutrients, or other beneficial components.

The truth is that if you are considering drinking Naked Juice for its nutritional value, you should reconsider. While Naked Juice contains a lot of fruit per serving, it is best to consume the fruit whole to get the full benefits from it.

The major objective of this article is to share the many benefits of drinking Naked juice, but there are a few potential drawbacks. If you drink at least two bottles each day on a regular basis, however, it will be harmful to your health. Drinking two bottles daily adds around 600 – 1000 calories to your diet, which is likely to result in weight gain.

Although Naked Juices are nutritious in limited quantities, they are not a good meal replacement. There are much better alternatives available for a healthy supper.

Is It Safe To Consume All The Naked Juices?

Naked Juice ingredient list

To answer this issue, I’ll look at a selection of Naked’s 450ml bottles and their nutritional value. Continue reading to learn more!

Juicers and Naked Juice Machines

The Naked brand has a large selection of flavors in its Machine juice range. The beverages, which include kale, spirulina, flax seeds, ginger, and wheatgrass additives, are made from fruit juice.

The Red, Rainbow, Green, Blue, Vitamin D, and Power C machines all have calorie levels ranging from 220 to 320 in each normal bottle of 450 ml.

Indulgent Proteins

There are two varieties of Naked Juice Indulgence Proteins: Vanilla protein and Chocolate protein. Each has 30 grams of protein.

The Vanilla protein has 370 calories in a standard bottle, while the Chocolate protein has 410 calories.

Naked Plus

The Naked Plus line of Naked Juices includes protein supplements from fruit and vegetable combinations. The regular bottle has a calorie content of 220-400 calories.

The calorie content per bottle of the Naked Juices was high, as determined from our study. Naked refers to the beverages as “not-a-low-calorie food.”

It’s possible that drinking a lot of Naked Juices might be detrimental to your health. To get the most out of Naked Juice’s nutrients, consume it in moderation.

Are There Any Health Advantages to Naked Juices?

health advantages of naked juice

Yes, Naked Juice may be beneficial to your health if taken in moderation since it contains no artificial chemicals or refined sugars.

According to studies, consuming natural sugar-rich fruits and vegetables beverages may satisfy the body’s antioxidant needs.

Naked Juices’ antioxidants are beneficial in protecting your body from the harmful effects of free radicals, which can cause cell damage.

Naked juices are a great way to get some antioxidant vitamin C, especially if you’re looking for an effective method to rejuvenate your skin cells and eliminate harmful substances from your body. Vitamin C, as well as A, B2, and B6, are also present in Naked Juice.

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Should I Be Concerned About The Low Fiber Content In Naked Juice?

Yes, if you bought a bottle or more of Naked Juices for the ‘supposed’ health advantages, you should be concerned about its low fiber content.

Naked Juices have the most fruit and vegetable fiber stripped away during production.

Fiber has been shown to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Fiber is beneficial for weight loss and maintenance since it inhibits the accumulation of unwanted fats by preventing them from forming.

Because it’s high in sugars and lacking in fiber, drinking Naked Juice will just raise your cholesterol levels, which is a health hazard.

However, if you bought a bottle of Naked Juice to satisfy your thirst and indulge in your sweet tooth cravings, you have nothing to be concerned about.

Is It Healthy To Consume Naked Juices’ Natural Sugars? Unless you consume it in moderation, the amount of sugar in a single Naked Juice bottle is too excessive to be considered healthy.

Naked Juices containers have a “No Sugars Added†label on their labels, which may lead you to question where the sweetness in each bottle comes from.

Naked Juices are high in sugar, which PepsiCo is upfront about by providing the nutritional content of the drinks. The high sugar content in Naked Juices comes from natural fruits and vegetables used in the recipes. The term “No Sugar Added” implies that the beverages are devoid of any artificial sweetener.

However, if you have a sweet tooth and consume excessive amounts of sugars, whether natural or processed in an unhealthy manner, your body can become harmed.

Is It Possible to Gain Weight From Naked Juice?

No, in moderate amounts, and yes, in large doses.

The fructose in Naked Juice’s 100 percent sugars lowers fat digestion and calorie expenditure, according to the company.

A lot of Naked Juice intake has the effect of reducing fat burning, which is why you gain weight.

If you want to keep your weight the same or reduce some weight, consider taking a tiny amount of Naked Juice for its health advantages.

Are Naked Juices Good For Vegans?

Yes, vegans can consume Naked Juices in moderation to obtain the intended nutritional benefits.

The Green Machine is ideal for vegans since it contains no animal proteins, refined sugars, gelatin, or animal enzymes.

The Green Machine Naked Juice is a good source of vitamins and nutrients, thanks to the inclusion of natural fruits and vegetables in moderate quantities. Tropical fruits are also beneficial for vegans since they contain high levels of natural sugars.

Naked Juice can be combined with other vegetarian foods to create a complete meal.

Can Healthy People Consume Naked Juices?

Yes, you can consume Naked Juices if you eat healthy food regularly.

Naked Juices are perfect for people who want to increase their intake of antioxidants and vitamin C without consuming too much fruit or sugar.

The Vitamin C in each juice drink is the key ingredient that provides antioxidant support against free radicals.

Antioxidants help your cells prevent damage through fighting the harmful effects of oxygen molecules known as free radicals. If these substances come into contact with living tissues, they cause cellular damage by modifying proteins, lipids, toxic metals in the environment oxidize, which is why they are harmful to your body.

There are health benefits of Naked Juices if you eat a balanced meal every day with exercise and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Recommended daily dosage: 100 ml (equivalent to 3.4 fluid ounces)

Can Diabetics Consume Naked Juice?

No, even if it’s natural sugars are healthy, an excess intake will negatively affect people with diabetes or on controlled diets.

Foods that contain high levels of fructose aren’t recommended for diabetics since they have no nutritional value other than calories and can be absorbed into your bloodstream at high rates, causing high levels of blood glucose.

The Naked Juice Lawsuit

In 2012, a class-action lawsuit was filed against PepsiCo over its Naked Juice drinks. The label boasted that the beverages were “100% natural,” “100% juice,” and other deceptive claims, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that their advertising suggests you may lose weight or maintain your current weight by drinking Naked Juice, but it does not warn of the high sugar content.

The plaintiffs allege that this implies that it is good for you and not sugary as traditional soft drinks, despite having similar sugar and calorie counts.

According to PepsiCo, consumers are aware of the sugar content in their beverages and yet continue to purchase them. According to PepsiCo, all of their fruit-based items have a naturally occurring amount of sugar, and individuals should consider this while purchasing.

Naked Juice has never been advertised as a weight-loss solution, which also dismisses the idea that drinking Naked Juice will help people reduce weight or keep it off.

However, unlike many other gourmet juices on the market, PepsiCo does not deny that there is no added sugar. The case was resolved for $9 million after mediation by PepsiCo.

Naked Juice’s Response To The Lawsuits

PepsiCo denied the claims, claiming that they had been “misunderstood.” They also stated that their Naked Juice beverages are a healthy way to give your body with nutrients.

The company further stated that if individuals truly want to lose weight, they should eliminate calorie-dense meals and beverages, such as those packed with refined sugars.

A customer service representative for Naked Juice, responded to the allegations directed back in 2012 that the drinks do not contain any added sugars.

“When we produce Naked Juice beverages, we extract and press fresh juice from whole fruits and vegetables — much like squeezing the juice out of your own favorite fruits and veggies,” he stated.

Is Naked Juice Healthy: Final Thoughts

If you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight, Naked Juice is not the solution.

They have low calorie counts which can be beneficial for people who are on a diet, but there’s no nutritional value in drinking Naked Juices that you wouldn’t already receive from eating whole fruits and vegetables.

Since it has large amounts of fructose, diabetics should avoid drinking it. There are various negative health effects associated with consuming too much fructose, including bad cholesterol levels, insulin resistance, hypertension and high triglyceride levels.

Overall, Naked  Juice  is not healthy and is not a safe alternative to soda. It is still important to stay hydrated during the day, but don’t rely on Naked Juice for this.

Remember: fruit juices can be high in sugar and calories and should only be consumed as part of a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle.

Please leave any feedback or questions below! Thanks for reading!

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