Are Nutribullets Loud? How To Quieten Them?

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Is Nutribullet loud?

Nutribullets are noisy. The noise is due to the stress of the motor and the pulsing of food in the container. To make it less loud, you can dampen it by wrapping a towel around it. But Nutribullets will always be noisy.

How Noisy Is The Nutribullet?

Nutribullet is really loud. A Nutribullet can range from 91-97 decibels under normal operating conditions but it also depends on what design you have and your blade style as well as other factors that contribute to noise levels.

The average for a regular blender ranges between 88-91 decibels depending on how long you use it at a time and if you’re using any vegetables or fruits with skin.

Let’s put this into perspective with examples.

At 60 decibels, a typical conversation is audible to the human ear.

Meanwhile, whispers are at 30 decibels – which means that you can only hear them if your ears aren’t covered by anything or it’s very quiet around you.

At 150 dB (which would be enough to burst your eardrums), an average car engine noise from 25 inches away measures 77dB and could potentially kill someone who doesn’t wear appropriate hearing protection in time just like whispering does!

Nutribullet is louder than a conversation, to be honest.

This brings us to – why is Nutribullet so loud?

Why Is My Nutribullet So Loud?

For those who like to make smoothies and shakes, the Nutribullet is one of the loudest blenders on the market. It can measure 100 decibels which makes it possibly one of if not THE most noisy blender available for purchase today!

If you are also someone wondering – “why is my Nutribullet so noisy?”- The noise problem for the Nutribullet can also be caused by stress on the motor and not just vibration.

The motor is the part of a blender that turns blades to create friction, and if it’s not working properly or has too much stress on its parts then you’ll have more noise.

This is mainly an issue if you’re chopping up fruit and veggies, leaving them in large pieces for a long period of time during the process.

The blades have trouble making contact with this food while it processes, leading to overworking on behalf of the motor as well as increasing noise levels.

The blades are trying desperately to do their job amid noisy surroundings such as spinning knives cutting through vegetables at high speeds causing loud noises due to stress being placed upon its mechanics.

How To Make Nutribullet Quieter?

We now know that Nutribullet is too loud. 

There are a few ways for blender noise reduction, including using it for shorter periods at one time; adding more liquid and ice cubes or frozen fruit into what you’re blending so that there’s less friction between blades as they turn in order to create less noise, and using the pulse function.

Let’s discuss some of the ways to quieten your Nutribullet blender in detail –

1. Replace The Blade With A Different One

Replace the blade with a different one to make your Nutribullet quieter.

You can cut down on noise by using a thinner, smoother blade that won’t vibrate as much when it is whirled around in the container.

2. Add More Liquid To Your Recipe

To keep the sound levels down, mix in more liquid with frozen fruit and ice cubes for an extra-smooth consistency that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

3. Use Less Ice In Your Recipe

The noise of the motor can be reduced by using fewer ice cubes.

This will also help with blending, as it will not need to work as hard.

4. Blend On Low Speed Instead Of High

Blend on low speed instead of high to make your Nutribullet quieter, and you’ll be able to enjoy a smoothie without waking up everyone in town!

Click here for some tips on reducing blender noise in general.

Will A Replacement Blade Make It Quieter?

A replacement blade will not make your Nutribullet quieter.

The noise is caused by the motor, and a new or different type of blades won’t change that fact!

The only way to reduce sound levels in this blender would be with thicker liquids (like milk) as well as using fewer ice cubes when making frozen drinks like smoothies.

Which Is The Best Nutribullet To Buy?

The NutriBullet NB9-1301S Pro is a high-quality machine that does an excellent job. It’s the best choice on Amazon with 10,000 reviews and counting to back it up.

Some parts are even dishwasher safe so you can always maintain your blender in top shape!

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is the most powerful and durable NutriBullet.

The 900-watt motor base has a cyclonic action to break down tough ingredients like nuts, seeds, beans, and leafy greens.

It also has a high-performance blade that extracts more nutrients than the original NutriBullet.

With its stainless steel blades, this blender can pulverize food in seconds for smoothies and recipes or make nutritious baby food with ease.

The NutriBullet Pro has all the features of the original, but it’s stronger and faster. Plus, there are no removable parts to clean or put together—the cups go straight from the fridge to the base for easy blending.

The NutriBullet Pro 900 comes with 2 cups, 1 lip ring, 1 extractor blade, and a recipe book.

The power of the NutriBullet Pro 900 is equivalent to that of a commercial blender for use at home or on the go.

Which Is Quieter, Nutribullet Or Vitamix?

The best way to find out which blender will be louder for you would depend on what design of blenders each company offers as well your personal preference in blade style (blades that are closer together vs blades farther apart).

The Vitamix is quieter than the Nutribullet. Vitamix offers a range of blender models, with the Vitamix 750 being one model that’s quieter than other blenders.

The Nutribullet offers three different blade styles: standard blades (the most common), flat-blade, and cyclonic action; which is louder will depend on what type you use as well your personal preference in design style for blending food more quickly or thoroughly.

Final Verdict – Is Nutribullet Noisy?

To conclude, Nutribullet is one of the loudest blenders out there. But, it’s also one of the most popular blenders today.

To make your Nutribullet last longer, you should follow all the instructions in the manual.

If you’re looking for a quieter blender, then the Vitamix is your best bet.

What is my opinion about this blender? I think it can be too loud for some people and they may not want to purchase it because it’s so noisy but if someone doesn’t mind then go ahead!

It all depends on what type of person would like their food blended up with noise vs no sound.

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