JAWZ 3.5 HP Blender Capacitive Touch Review

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If you require a powerful blender that is multi-functional we’d say the JAWZ 3.5 HP Blender Capacitive Touch is an ideal, high quality, professional device that can easily create up to 64 ounces of your favorite smoothie or beverage.

The JAWZ 3.5 HP Blender Capacitive Touch is great value for money since it is effortless to clean and operate and is also capable of liquefying literally any ingredient. A failsafe selection if you are searching for a swift, durable smoothie maker that is fairly inexpensive.

JAWZ 3.5 HP Blender Capacitive Touch
JAWZ 3.5 HP Blender Capacitive Touch

Best JAWZ 3.5 HP Blender to Buy


  • 5 Peak horsepower
  • Toggle switch control
  • Stainless steel blade system
  • Auto modes selection
  • Variable speed selection

3.5 Peak horsepower

This innovative 3.5 peak horsepower appliance can easily handle frozen or fresh fruits and vegetables with effortlessly and is powerful enough to pulverize nuts into nut milk and grains into flour.

This device is relatively large and can easily turn ice into snow or any content into a silky smooth texture. The blender is ideal performance that can handle fruits and vegetables–whether hard or soft–as well as grains, nuts, and also ice.

The blade is designed from stainless steel and was constructed to minimize aeration for the best quality smoothies and shakes.

Toggle switch control

The blender consists of a toggle switch control selection with High and Low settings, a pulse feature and a count up timer for accurate blending.

Toggle switch control

Both the Vitamix 64 Ounce Clear Container and the Vitamix Classic Tamper, Black is highly recommended this blender.

The appliance has enough performance to pulverize frozen fruits for delicious smoothies or pulverize ice in seconds. It’s typically compared to high-end brands; however, you cannot make hot soups in the appliance like you can in a Vitamix blender.

Stainless steel blade system

The stainless steel blade is created to limit aeration & designed for extra durable ice crushing power. The robust 64-ounce Tritan blending container has a soft-grip handle as well as a 1.5 ounce measuring cap and should be hand washed for the best results.

The cleaning feature can also assist in making cleanup a bit easier for you. If you want, you can do the same things, however, you will have to do them manually.

You can easily adjust the speed and blend it yourself. If you prefer consistency and convenience this would be the perfect blender to consider.

Auto modes selection

The blender makes incorporating wellness and healthiness into your daily routine very simple. Originally created for professional utilization, this machine can handle virtually anything.

Auto modes selection

The auto modes can be extremely handy if you’re doing a range of things in the kitchen and have to prepare everything.

With this JAWZ 3.5 HP Blender Capacitive Touch, you can effortlessly select whichever preset mode you require and the blender will do it for you. When the blender is done, you’ll be good to go.

Variable speed selection

The JAWZ blender will easily replace a range of appliances in your kitchen, enabling you to be extremely productive with all your produce.

If a low and a high selection isn’t enough for you and you require more control, this appliance would be ideal for you in that case. The variable speed selection certainly provides you with a much bigger range to work with.

This speed selection consists of controls similar to the Vitamix TurboBlend, such as the on/off switch as well as the high and low speed selection. So, you get limited controls but still obtain high-end power at your convenience.


Pros & Cons

  • Low and High settings
  • Pulse function
  • 1.5 ounce measuring cap
  • Soft-grip handle
  • May be relatively noisy for some


Final thoughts

If you are looking for the best blender to create the ideal smoothie in approximately 60 seconds or less, the JAWZ 3.5 HP Blender Capacitive Touch is the perfect choice. With its durable motor and unique Auto-IQ technology, it provides ideal value for its price.

The JAWZ smoothie maker can effortlessly replace various countertop appliances in your kitchen. Make any smoothie or shake you require with this durable, commercial grade, effective blender. If relatively loud operation does not faze you, this will be a great high quality model for you.

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