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Jusseion Nutri Blender Review


How much power do you require? For the daily smoothie drinker that doesn’t necessarily experiment with new recipes in the kitchen much, a low power blender like the Jusseion Nutri Blender may be perfect.

Individuals looking for a more versatile little blender will appreciate the Jusseion. The 1200-watt motor can handle pulverizing ice and smoothies effortlessly, and even blend soups and nut butters.

It is more expensive than other blender models, but if you require a product that lasts longer than most models, than this blender is a great investment.

Jusseion Nutri Blender Review
Jusseion Nutri Blender Review

Jusseion Personal Blender Overview


  • Auto shutoff with count-down timer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1200 Watts optimized motor
  • 4 suction cup feets
  • Touch screen interactive face

Auto shutoff with count-down timer

It’s effortless to set up modes and active the touch screen. You also no longer have to hold the Jusseion Personal Blender down or stir contents, as it will shut off automatically with a count-down timer.

Auto shutoff with count-down timer

The most exciting feature of this appliance is its power and you can also release your hands to do other tasks when the blender is active.

Despite the small design, it still allows for ideal power to pulverize any ice cubes into snow in merely seconds. Likewise, it can also pulverize frozen fruit or hard ingredients perfectly.

Dishwasher safe

The blade can be detached easily and is also separated from the cups.  You can effortlessly clean the container with dishwashing detergent and water and same goes for the to-go cups.

Dishwasher safe

Both blades, lids, and cups are also dishwasher-safe. Users also enjoyed the four anti slippery feet that assists in keeping the blender stable even when it vibrates strongly.

If you require an effortless to utilize and convenient appliance that will make your life much simpler at the best price, we highly recommend the Jusseion Nutri Blender. This device is perfect for users who are always on the go.

1200 Watts optimized motor

The 1200 watts motor generates a real smooth taste and its six-tooth blade pulverizes ingredients’ fibers as well as the cell walls. One of the features that we enjoy most is the elegant and modern design.

1200 Watts optimized motor

It is extremely compact and can easily fit into your hand. It has a comfortable and convenient feel and this container stays neatly in kitchen cabinets or on countertops. The black color allows it to look sleek and extremely modern.

4 Suction cup feets

The compact size doesn’t take up much space and can sit on the counter for simple access. The 4 suction cup feets offer a robust grip to keep itself in the place and allows for convenient to storage when not in use.

4 suction cup feets

The appliance is created to generate high torque to pull contents down to the blade without getting stuck. The device also functions with the optimal capacity to save immense time when ingredients are blended in seconds.

Touch screen interactive face

Besides the exceptional blending power it provides, many users appreciate the appliance because of its convenience. With the touch screen interface, it is relatively straightforward to utilize.

Touch screen interactive face

The elderly can also utilize this blender and may require a few simple manipulations to get the job done swiftly. The product consists of a 12-month warranty and a 30 day return policy. The ideal blending power allows for great taste, and the blade provides you with adequate nutrients when blending.

When you require a solid, long lasting blender with immense power for intensive jobs the Jusseion is your guy.

Pros & Cons

  • Detachable blade
  • 4 Suction cup feets
  • One-touch control
  • Count-down timer
  • May experience leaking


The Jusseion Nutri Blender is ideal for personal utilization with a lower watt but still allows for excellent taste of drinks and handles a range of tasks.

Bullet blenders are effortless to utilize and clean. They are great for individuals who are always busy but still want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also combined with many features in a single appliance.

Whenever there is a requirement to blend any food, individuals have to mount the corresponding container, press the button and create a delicious drink in seconds.

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