Magic Bullet Blender vs. Ninja Foodi

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Creating a smooth recipe is one of the most essential things in every home or business that you can never live without. There is a requirement to have the best blender that will be long-lasting and effortlessly liquefy your soft food contents such as fruits.

Blenders allow your ingredients to be pulverized into smooth consistencies as well as textures. Whether you want to start living a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious smoothie or simply enjoy a smooth beverage, the Magic Bullet Blender vs. Ninja Foodi can make delicious food even tastier.


Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Blender vs. Ninja Foodi
Magic Bullet Blender vs. Ninja Foodi

If you’re searching for a compact micro blender that won’t break the bank, then we think there’s a lot you’re going to like about the Magic Bullet Blender. This appliance is very effortless to utilize, and the recipe guide included with the device is a great source of inspiration too.


  • Hi-speed blender & mixer
  • Maximum speed and versatility
  • Two different “shaker†lids
  • Dishwasher-safe attachments
  • Cyclonic Cutting Zone

Hi-speed blender & mixer

This brand has sold over 40 million Bullets in this exact model and you can blend ingredients fast by keeping it simple. This is a hi-speed blender and mixer and a 10 second recipe book is included. This is like your personal food processor and blending assistant.

The motor is fairly weak, but with that being said, it has a reduced operating noise. All blenders make at least a little bit of noise, but the Bullet is quieter than most of its competitors.

Maximum speed and versatility

You can easily chop, blend, mix and much more with this blender and its handy, versatile and effortless to utilize. The Magic Bullet Blender & Food Processor does not take up much counter space but still showcases the maximum speed and versatility.

The Magic Bullet 22 Ounce Travel Mug and the Magic Bullet 12 oz Short Cup with Resealable Lid can also be purchased with this blender.

Two different “shaker†lids

With the compact size and unique design, the appliance chops, grinds, mixes, blends and more in less time than it takes to assemble most kitchen appliances.

You can create the most delicious smoothies and milkshakes, as well as pureed soups super easily.

The Magic Bullet also consists of two “shaker†lids in different sizes. The first one consists of tiny holes for dry ingredients and the latter has larger holes for appropriate contents.

Dishwasher-safe attachments

With a wide range of dishwasher-safe components, clean-up is effortless and the secret to the Magic Bullet’s time-saving function is its specially designed blade and bullet shape.

Users who require more power when creating smoothies will find the Magic Bullet a little wanting. If you like to make use of hard contents – such as frozen fruits – the appliance will struggle a bit to get ingredients to a perfect texture.

Cyclonic Cutting Zone

The Magic Bullet has become one of the most-used blenders in the market, and it’s inspired an entire industry of similar appliances.

All the features mentioned above function together to swiftly circulate ingredients back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone, enabling the appliance to do virtually any food prep activity in seconds.

The appliance is also compact enough to be utilized for either a countertop blender or one that can be concealed in the cabinet.

Pros & Cons

  • Handy, versatile and easy to use
  • Clean-up is as easy as it gets
  • Unique design and compact size
  • Takes up minimal counter space
  • May have difficulty crushing ice


Ninja Foodi SS101 Smoothie Bowl Maker

Magic Bullet Blender vs. Ninja Foodi
Magic Bullet Blender vs. Ninja Foodi

If you are searching for a blender to extract vitamins and nutrients, well the Ninja brand has brought you one of the best blenders to do the work. The blender can effortlessly pulverize hard ingredients to get the most useful nutrient out of it.

The Ninja Foodi SS101 Smoothie Bowl Maker is also a fast blender for creating nutrients rich drinks. The blender is effortless to utilize and takes a little less time compared to other blenders.

You can also process ingredients effectively and efficiently making use of your appliance and get the best dinner.



  • Built-in Power Paddle
  • Nutrient Extraction
  • 1200-peak-watt power-dense motor
  • High-grade stainless steel blades
  • Automated programs
  • Dishwasher-safe components


Built-in Power Paddle

The brand clearly states that this appliance is a personal blender and a smoothie bowl maker. Well, it rightfully deserves that exact title. To begin with, it’s the only single-serve appliance that can take on thick smoothies.

You can easily blend ingredients in the bowl to work through frozen foods with less liquid. The built-in power paddle also pushes contents toward the blade for thick smoothie bowls and nut butters.

Nutrient Extraction

You can also blend in the cup for better food breakdown when creating your drinks and the blender includes two Ninja Nutrient Extraction Cups as well as Spout Lids.

The extraction will be on for approximately 72 seconds while the smoothie selection has a shorter duration of around 55 seconds. If you require more thorough blending, you can opt for the extract mode.

1200-peak-watt power-dense motor

The 1200 watt motor maintains the high speed needed to provide power and performance. This blender has a great robust build and its parts are created from plastic that varies in thickness. The motor base feels a bit thin and not very premium.

However, the jars are fairly thick in comparison, and one jar consists of a rotating arm feature, which assist in pushing ingredients away from the jar’s walls and towards the vortex.

High-grade stainless steel blades

The Ninja blender is perfect if you’re generally searching for a blender that will serve you well, and at a lesser cost, then this is the ideal blender.

The stainless steel blades provide better breakdown of hard contents like nuts and seeds for smoother consistencies. The sharp blades can’t be removed; however, you can easily put the blade assembly on the top-rack of your dishwasher for an effortless clean.

Automated programs

The Ninja Foodi SS101 Smoothie Bowl Maker is ideal for multi-purpose use as the automated programs provide excellent smoothies and extractions at the touch of a button.

It takes less time to blend your contents and can be stored anywhere since all pieces are packed together and it also allows you to process mixes efficiently and effectively.

Dishwasher-safe components

The dishwasher-safe components are effortless to clean and the Art of the Smoothie Bowl and The Smoothie Recipe Book can also be bought with this appliance. It can also create smooth almond butter as well as pulverize ice to a snow-like consistency.

Pros & Cons

  • 1200-peak watt smoothie bowl maker
  • 24-oz. Nutrient Extraction Cup
  • 4 preset Auto-iQ programs
  • Easy-to-clean base and blender
  • Blender is fairly noisy for some

Final thoughts on Magic Bullet Blender vs. Ninja Foodi

If you plan on creating one or two beverages per day, the Magic Bullet Blender gets the job done very swiftly and with very little fuss. It’s an extremely simple personal blender, but that’s part of the pitch.

The bottom line is that it can easily create smoothies when making use of soft ingredients. The Magic Bullet really can’t handle extremely hard contents. If that is one of your requirements in a blender then you can take a look at the Ninja Foodi SS101 Smoothie Bowl Maker.

Investing in a Ninja Foodi blender is certainly one of the best decisions as it comes with many advantages, and can be utilized for several functions while being scratch-proof and allowing for consistent blending.

The good thing about these blenders is that you can create any type of drink for your friends with dips and dressings. Get one for the sake of your family and friends, and you all will live to enjoy it as you are guaranteed quality. We hope you’ve enjoyed the Magic Bullet Blender vs. Ninja Foodi comparison.

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