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Can You Make Bulletproof Coffee In Ninja Blender?

Yes! Ninja blenders are great for making bulletproof coffee because they blend the ingredients really well. The blender blades will grind up the beans, and you can even add butter or coconut oil to make it richer in flavor.

Looking for a bulletproof coffee blender?

In general, Ninja blenders are popular because they have a lot of power. The blades can chop up frozen fruits and vegetables with ease, making them great for smoothies or blended coffees like bulletproof coffee.

They also come in many different sizes to suit your needs from personal blending cups all the way up to top-of-the-line commercial machines.

The best part is that you don’t need to buy specialty ingredients; most grocery stores carry everything you could possibly want including ground beans, coconut oil, butter, or even pre-made mixes if you prefer!

Can You Make Bulletproof Coffee In A Ninja Blender?

Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender, 64 oz, Black

Quick answer, yes. Bulletproof coffee tastes much better when made in a Ninja blender because the end result is completely smooth and doesn’t contain any annoying bits from the milk that you’re trying to chew through.

You can do it in any other kind of blender as well, but this one does a fantastic job at combining everything into a magical drinkable form of breakfast joy.

If you want something creamy and tasty with complete control over how your ingredients are blended, I highly recommend checking out this nifty product on Amazon or finding a local store that stocks them in person so you know exactly what you’re getting!

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Why Use Ninja Blender For Bulletproof Coffee?

These are some other reasons people choose Ninja:

  • Power – No one wants a blender that breaks down halfway through their recipe! You won’t find yourself struggling with a Ninja blender.
  • Versatility – You can blend anything from nuts and seeds to frozen fruit to ice cream! There’s even an attachment for making soup or milkshakes.
  • Safety – The blades don’t touch the jar so nothing gets stuck in them, preventing common accidents like spills. They’re also made with shatterproof plastic that won’t break if it falls off of your countertop (or out of the cupboard).

The best thing about blending is you no longer have to drink boring black coffee all day long!

Experiment with different flavors until you find one you love. If vegan recipes are more up your alley, try adding coconut-based creams.

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How To Make Bulletproof Coffee In A Ninja Blender?

  • 1 cup of coffee. (I like a low acidic and clean coffee)
  • 2 tablespoons of butter or ghee. (or you can use my favorite, vanilla bean ghee)
  • 2 tablespoons of MCT oil. (Optional: Cardamom for a cooling spice).

Put all the ingredients in a blender. Blend for ~15 seconds. Drink! Blending will make your coffee healthier and taste better with a beautiful, creamy top. If you don’t have a blender, shake it in a jar instead.

To make my bulletproof coffee, I use the Ninja blender. I have used this for years and it is very high quality with power. Leaks sometimes happen with other models, so that’s why I don’t recommend them.

How To Make Bulletproof Coffee In Ninja Blender Without Leaks

You need coffee for this recipe. Put the other ingredients in the blender cup, then add the coffee. Put on the top and put it on quickly so it doesn’t come out too fast.

When you blend your coffee, some air might come out of the lid. This is because the liquid from the blender has a lot of bubbles in it. These bubbles can create a small hole or crack if you blended for too long.

Blend the coffee with water. But make sure you let the air out of your blender every few seconds, or else it will get too hot and stop working.

You might think it is hard to make coffee in a blender, but it is worth it. The coffee tastes really good and the blender does not take long.

If you want your hot liquids to not explode when you blend them, use this Ninja Blender. I have never had it happen with this blender, but other people have had it happen with other blenders.

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What Else Can I Use Ninja Blender For?

If you’re looking for something besides coffee, experiment with different protein powders and smoothies.

Also, keep in mind that the blender is versatile enough to mix pancake batter or mashed potatoes—just make sure not to overfill it!

Ninja blenders are a good investment because they can do more than just blend your morning cup of Joe.

They’re also safer (no blades touching the jar) and easier on your kitchen countertop if it falls off.

You don’t have to drink boring black coffee all day long when using hot water instead of milk; try experimenting with different flavors until you find one you love.

The best thing about blending is that there’s no longer any need for vegan and gluten-free diets to be boring.

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We hope this blog post has helped you learn how to make creamy bulletproof coffee in a ninja blender.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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