Ninja Hot and Cold Blender Review

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The Ninja Hot and Cold Blender is in its prime as it’s currently the most popular appliance from SharkNinja. In fact, it’s the most popular blender for their Foodi series.

You can expect the blender to have many applications, considering it’s a multifunctional device. The Ninja Foodi Blender highlights a unique heating element, giving it the name, Hot and Cold blender.

Ninja Hot and Cold Blender Review

Best Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender to Buy


  • 1400-Peak-watt motor
  • 800-Watt heating element
  • 12 Intelligent programs
  • Nonstick surface and center cap
  • One-touch dedicated program
  • Plastic base and rubber feet

1400-Peak-watt motor

The Ninja Hot and Cold Blender  functions like any other blender, but it also consists of a heating element that actually cooks food.

It consists of a range of preset buttons to select from or you can go into full manual mode. You can easily pulverize through ice and the toughest contents with the 1400-peak-watt motor as well as stainless steel blades.

800-Watt heating element

Your food can boil in minutes with the 800-watt heating element and you can utilize heat to infuse flavors and make fruit waters, cocktails, sodas, and much more. The bottom part consists of the heating element and isn’t removable.

Ninja suggests to clean the blender manually or to utilize the ‘CLEAN’ function. It is recommended to not submerge the container in water or put it in the dishwasher, as this will damage the heating element.

12 Intelligent programs

The 12 intelligent programs make use of automated patterns of pulsing and pausing a temperature control to provide excellent blending and cooking possibilities at the touch of a button.

12 Intelligent programs

By understanding what each feature does and the cycle it does things in, you will be able to easily determine which function to choose for the outcome you require.

Nonstick surface and center cap

The nonstick surface allows cleanup to be a breeze and you can cook proteins and vegetables to make hearty soups as well as dips.

You can easily melt chocolate and cheese and the lid comes in two pieces, which is the lid itself and the center cap. It contains a locking mechanism and has to be locked down to begin operation.

The center cap is also removable while the blender is active, allowing you to add contents or push the contents towards the blades with the provided tamper.

One-touch dedicated program

The one-touch dedicated program provides hassle-free cleaning and you can safely clean under blades with a cleaning brush.

The beFree Sound Bluetooth Speaker System are also frequently purchased with this Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender. The mixer function is a 10-minutes-30-second cycle that utilizes a combination of heating and blending and you can certainly have fun with this feature, so get creative and get to blending.

Plastic base and rubber feet

You can also effortlessly push ingredients down toward the blades for optimum blending results. The Ninja Hot and Cold Blender’s build quality is excellent and the base is created from plastic and feels well-built.

Plastic base and rubber feet

The main container is created from glass while the bottom part of the jar is plastic and coated with a thin sheet of metal. Unfortunately, the rubber feet does not consist of enough friction to keep to appliance from moving around when it’s functioning at its highest setting.

There’s also a cumbersome sound coming from the bottom of the container, which may be caused by friction between the metal and the surrounding silicone.

Pros & Cons

  • 12 Auto-iQ Programs
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Precision temperature control
  • One-touch dedicated program
  • May be fairly difficult to clean


In today’s world, everything is getting smarter, and that includes kitchen appliances. However, advanced technology shouldn’t necessarily mean “difficult to utilize.â€

Fortunately, the Ninja Hot and Cold Blender is not just for creating smoothies. It’s an appliance that can also cook.

So if you’re searching for a powerful multipurpose blender, then the Ninja Foodi blender would be an affordable selection.

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