Nutribullet 1000 Watt Prime Edition Review

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There are many products of NutriBullet on the market. When purchasing a NutriBullet product, you get a lot of options which can get you confused on which particular one to select. We aim to clear this confusion with the help of the pros and cons of the Nutribullet 1000 Watt Prime Edition. It’s easy to utilize and can deliver the best output in less time.

Nutribullet 1000 Watt Prime Edition Review
Nutribullet 1000 Watt Prime Edition Review

NutriBullet 1000 Watt Blender Overview


  • Pre-programmed autocycle
  • Powerful 1000-watt high torque power base
  • 28oz stainless steel insulated cup
  • Compact size and effortless assembly


Pre-programmed autocycle

This appliance is equipped with 1000 watts of power and a pre-programmed autocycle that shuts off automatically after optimum nutrient extraction.

Unlike juicers and blenders, Nutribullet nutrient extractors break down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods, emitting important vitamins and minerals contained within.

Other Nutribullet models feature cups as small as 18oz for milling, grinding, and making small batches, but the Prime’s 32oz cup is the most popular cup size for making full-size meal replacement smoothies.


Powerful 1000-watt high torque power base

This exclusive kit features the powerful 1000-watt high torque power base with auto shut off smart technology and a 28oz insulated stainless steel cup with vessel grip.

It also has a 32oz colossal cup with handle, 32oz colossal cup with vessel grip, extractor blade, 2 comfort lip rings, 2 flip top lids, and user guide with recipe book.

It certainly is intended as a smoothie maker and not necessarily meant to do other kitchen tasks like making nut butters and food prep.

The Nutribullet Recipe Book: Smoothie Recipes and the Blendin Flip Top to Go Lid with 24oz Tall Cup can also be purchased with this blender.


28oz Stainless steel insulated cup

The Nutribullet 1000 Watt Prime Edition is perfect for making personal smoothies as it offers nice power and a great cup size. It works well if you utilize the proper amount of liquid and don’t overfill it with ingredients.

28oz stainless steel insulated cup

The 28oz stainless steel insulated cup will keep your smoothie or shake fairly cold for up to 8 hours. With this appliance you will be able to break down, chop, liquefy, pulverize, and demolish whole fruits and vegetables better than a regular blender or juicer.

Although all the parts are dishwasher safe, some parts are shaped in such a way that it cannot be cleaned without utilizing the hand. If you intend to blend something sticky, then it is advised not to use the dishwasher.


Compact size and effortless assembly

This 1000 watt blender will make a perfectly smooth nutrient-extracted beverage that will nourish your system. At the same time, they minimize beneficial fiber, pulp, seeds, and skins into a smooth-as-silk texture, delivering food to your body in an easily digestible, easily absorbable form.

Compact size and effortless assembly

More than juicing, more than blending, and more than chewing, nutrient extraction enables you to receive the highest degree of nutrition your food has to provide.

Its compact size and effortless assembly fits onto any countertop; while its cups, blades, and accessories can rinse clean under the tap or in the dishwasher. The NutriBullet 1000 Watt Blender is the natural next step in your journey towards optimal health.

Pros & Cons

  • Auto shut off feature
  • Optimum nutrient extraction
  • 32oz Colossal cup with handle
  • 28oz Insulated stainless steel cup
  • May experience hot electrical smell of the motor



The Nutribullet 1000 Watt Prime Edition is a simple but the best product to make a healthy and happy meal every time. It can create a glass of healthy smoothie at the morning, fresh vegetable puree for brunch and testy fruit juice for your evening work out.

The blender is created to do all the tasks within a short time. It’s a lightweight and straightforward blender that any person can operate.


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