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Nutribullet Acai Bowl For A Boost – Perfect Smoothie Bowl Recipe

The Acai berry is a small, round fruit that grows on the acacia tree. The tree’s leaves and bark are used to make medicine in some parts of Africa.

The Acai berry has been called “nature’s perfect food” because it contains protein, fiber, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. It also tastes great!

This article will teach you how to prepare an acai bowl using your Nutribullet for maximum taste and nutrition.

You’ll learn which ingredients are best, how much of each ingredient to use, what order they should be put into the blender jar as well as tips for making delicious smoothie bowls with minimal effort!

how to make acai bowl in nutribullet

Can You Prepare A Smoothie Bowl In A Nutribullet?

One question that many people have is whether or not they can make a smoothie bowl in their Nutribullet. The answer to this question is yes! Any Nutribullet recipe may be turned into a fruit smoothie bowl by simply stirring the ingredients together. If you are using frozen fruit, you’ll also need to add some milk or water because blending ice can cause your jar to crack if too much of it is used.

If you want to accentuate the “frozen fruit smoothie” aspect of your acai bowl, feel free to toss everything together without bothering with creating layers first.

Anything that doesn’t fit at the top will fall down into the middle as you’re eating it.

You might find that making layered bowls is a fun way to make a delicious bowl with less mess.

What You Need For Making An Acai Bowl

Nutribullet acai bowl

Most acai bowls are made from fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, and acai puree. The amount of each ingredient that you need will depend on how many people you’re serving and your own personal preference.

In general, try starting with one cup of yogurt per person plus one half-cup of fruit per person.

Some people even add honey or maple syrup to sweeten the mix. If you have a favorite ingredient that isn’t listed here, feel free to experiment!

The Resting Time Window Is Important For Making A Perfect Smoothie Bowls

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of making an acai bowl in the Nutribullet, it’s important to take a moment to discuss one crucial step.

Most of the prep work for making an acai bowl can be done ahead of time with little or no extra effort. The one thing you must do before using your Nutribullet is waiting!

If you are using frozen fruit, yogurt, and even acai puree keep them in your fridge until you’re ready to use them.

Right before adding these ingredients into your jar, take them out of the fridge so that they have enough time to thaw without being too warm when they go into the acai bowl blender.

This “resting time” is just as important for making smoothies in your jar as it is for making acai bowls.

What You Need To Put Into Your Jar & The Order That You Add Ingredients Matters Sometimes

When you’re making an acai bowl, the order in which you add ingredients to your jar matters.

It’s all about creating layers so that you can enjoy both fruit and yogurt when eating your finished product. Here is how it works:

The Frozen Food Layer

Put frozen yogurt or ice cubes into the bottom of the jar before adding any fresh fruit.

This layer will help to keep your other ingredients cold while mixing them together with minimal effort on your part. If using frozen yogurt, take it out of the freezer just before blending!

The Fruit Layer

Use this layer to top off your bowl with fresh fruit that won’t be blended to a pulp.

If using cut fruit such as blueberries or raspberries, gently push them down into the frozen yogurt so that they will stay in place while processing takes place.

The Acai Puree Layer

Don’t forget this layer! This is what will make acai bowls taste like an acai bowl instead of just a fruit smoothie.

To put this layer together, simply add 1-2 tablespoons of acai puree into each jar and follow up with the rest of your ingredients on top.

How To Make A Smoothie Bowl

Step 1: Fill The Empty Jar With Ice Cubes

If you’ve only got room for one ingredient in your jar, ice is your best choice!

Start by putting the empty jar from your Nutribullet into place and put one cup of ice cubes or 5-6 frozen yogurt cubes in it.

Step 2: Add Your Yogurt

Next, add half a cup of frozen yogurt to your jar. If you want to be extra careful about getting an even layer throughout your bowl, try pushing the blueberries down into the yogurt before adding any more ingredients.

Step 3: Add The Frozen Fruit Layer

If you’re going for a layered acai bowl as opposed to just blending everything together right away, gently push the fruit all the way down so that they stay in place as you mix everything else together.

Step 4: Add Your Nutribullet Ingredients

Next, you’ll add the ingredients that will not be blended. These components of your meal include acai puree and honey or maple syrup for sweetness. You can also add spices such as vanilla extract if desired.

Step 5: Finish Off With The Rest Of Your Fruit

After adding all of your other components to your jar, you should have just enough room left over for a few pieces of fruit at the very top.

Add these last bits and then place the blade on top with the smaller side facing outwards so that it doesn’t touch any part of the jar while blending.

Check out more recipes of acai bowls on Nutribullet blog.

Step 6: Pulse & Pour!

Start by pulsing your acai blender on a low setting until the ingredients in the jar begin to mix together.

Once everything is moving around smoothly, increase the power level of your blender until it reaches its highest setting.

To avoid making a mess, do not remove the blade while your blender is on! Pour your acai bowl into a bowl or cup with a spout and enjoy!

Which Is The Best Nutribullet Acai Bowl Blender?

In my opinion, the best Nutribullet for making an acai bowl is the Nutribullet 12-piece high-speed blender.

I chose this model because it is one of the few that comes with a large enough jar to hold all of my ingredients.

If I had gone with the smaller jar, it would have been too small for me to create my acai bowl in two separate stages as shown in the recipe above!

What About Other Blenders?

While a Nutribullet is by far the best blender for acai bowls, you can also use an immersion or regular blender if that’s what you have.

In my experience, I’ve found that it works better to completely blend your ingredients together before transferring them from the jar into a bowl.

If you try to pour your finished product into a bowl with pieces of fruit still intact, they will likely fall to the bottom and sink as soon as your spoon starts moving around!

Can You Customize Acai Bowls?

Absolutely! There are so many different things you can do with acai bowls and so many different ways to customize each one to suit your own personal tastes.

To get you started on a path of endless acai bowl possibilities, here are a few ideas for your next acai bowl:

  1. Add some kale to your smoothie for a boost of vitamins and nutrients!
  2. Swap yogurt with frozen bananas or strawberries to completely change the texture and flavor of your bowl.
  3. Add fresh fruit on top as a final touch instead of using it as an ingredient or make a parfait-style acai bowl by layering all of the ingredients in glasses.


In conclusion, making an acai bowl at home is easy and fun with any blender but if you want to learn how to do it specifically with a Nutribullet, just follow the steps above! Happy blending!

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