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These are some versatile kitchen devices that help to prepare pancake batters, infant food, milkshakes, smoothies, dips, sauces, masala powders, and much more. Selecting one can be troublesome, that’s why we’ve compared the NUTRIBULLET VS NINJA BLENDER to help you make the best shopping decision.

According to some reports, the inevitable kitchen appliance has a whopping sales of nearly 25 million dollars in the US. The consumers prefer only multipurpose blenders that are affordable and economical.

The search for the best blenders presents to us the next deliberation of Ninja and Nutribullet available in the market today.Let us delve into the features, pros, and cons of both the products before heading towards the decision-making process. Scroll down your mouse to know more.

nutribullet blender vs ninja blender


These appliances are available in several colors, sizes, capacities, and motor power, which best suits your requirements.

Performance Factor

Nutribullet nutrient extractor guarantees nutritional retention even after the blending of the ingredients. The users don’t have to fine chop their fruits and vegetables for a smooth and consistent texture, which is a worth-mentioning heavenly experience.

The major drawback from the users’ perspective is that the blades sometimes fail to blend and turn around in case of ingredients overload, which needs a pause for the blender shake.

The second drawback is that the bullet blenders are not reliable when it comes to the blending of ice, which makes it non- friendly for frozen smoothie lovers.


Durability and Quality

The BPA-free plastic is indeed an admirable durability factor but does not deserve a five-star rating.

Some feel that when they run their bullet blenders continuously without a pause causes the smell of a burnt tire. It is important to remember that the devices should be on run-mode for not more than 40 seconds.

The absence of a pulse button makes things a little bit difficult but taking a short break between blending is not that hard too.

The occasional leakage of ingredients is a crucial consumer complaint, which is avoidable by ensuring that the blender lid/blade has a proper grip on the cup before switching on your device.


Warranty & Prices

The product comes with a year warranty but can last up to five years with proper maintenance. It can cost around 70-150 dollars depending upon the model you choose.


Ninja Blender

Ninja blenders have sleek and minimalistic designs that fit the 21st century household that performs well beyond expectations.


It blends your fruits, seedy berries, vegetables, and ice without any uneven-bits-pieces, lumps, and chunks. Now you can savor your smoothie with consistent texture.

The ice-crush friendly feature of the ninja blender makes it preferable to its competitor Nutribullet. Go ahead and crush your frozen smoothie on a hot summer morning.


Durability and Quality

The BPA-free plastic and strong, scratch-free non-glass pitchers receive a hats-off from the users and critics. The machines last somewhere around a year, but few users give up on theirs after a few months of purchase.

The major drawback of the product is that the users feel the suction ring has a sticky texture, which is a negligible factor in comparison to its functionality.

The absence of a chute makes the adding in of some ingredients in between the blending a bit difficult. Their high-performance pays off for these small inconveniences. It is wise to remember that adding-in elements halfway is not an ideal practice.


Warranty & Prices

The Nutribullet blenders variations cost around 70-150 dollars that depends on your model.

It comes with a year warranty and also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.



The above article throws some insights into the features and the related pros and cons of the product that aids you choose between the two. Go for the one that impresses you, and wishing you a happy, juicy time.

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