Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender Review

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Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender Review

After a tiring training session, you come home, and all your body wants is a healthy and protein-enriched shake or smoothies to relive your body and muscles. You can choose between a entry-level blender or the Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender to make you’re a well-deserved shake.

You would not want to have a half-prepared shake, so it is better to have a good quality blender like the Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender that provides just the right kind of shakes and smoothies and what not.

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender Review
Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender Review

Oster Blender with 6 Cup Glass Jar Overview


  • Duralast All-Metal Drive
  • Crush Pro Blade Technology
  • Seven speeds and High and Low pulse
  • 600 Blending watt motor


Duralast All-Metal Drive

This Oster Blender with 6 Cup glass jar is designed in North America, and backed by the superior quality and power of All-Metal Drive. The two connecting pieces are designed from metal rather than plastic to last longer.

all metal drive for durability and performance

This provides you with a durable blender that will serve you time and time again for all your entertaining needs. The Oster blender is uniquely designed with Legendary Duralast All-Metal Drive which assures lasting quality and performance, outlasting competitor plastic drive systems by far.

The Oster All-Metal drive system is Life tested to pulverize up to 10,000 smoothies and is backed by a 10-year warranty.


Crush Pro Blade Technology

The countertop blender features a powerful 600-watt motor and a stainless steel ‘Ice Crusher’ blade for perfectly crushed ice every time. The blades move in the two-way direction, it goes forward and backward, which draws fruits and ice down for excellent smooth mixing results.

What’s more, is that it additionally incorporates the Crush Pro Blade Technology and this technology includes the sharp edges that you need for pounding and chopping.


Seven speeds and High and Low pulse

With seven speeds and High and Low pulse selections, you will have amazingly precise control at the touch of a button.

You can also select how involved you want to be in the blending process with different settings options. The pre-programmed settings, including time and function, enable one touch operation.

Its various speed settings go from low to high pulse, making it conceivable to make customized drinks. All in all, this appliance is a top rated blender in the market because of its functionalities and versatility in its price range.


600 Blending watt motor

The Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender has a motor combined with excellent sharp stainless steel cutting blades. This innovation allows you to accomplish the ideal texture of crushed ice that you like.

600 watt blending power for delicious smoothies

The Crush Pro 6 Blade makes use of a stainless steel, 6-point design to pulverize and chop with precision as well as 1000 power watts/ 600 blending watts. The cord length is 16 inches and the 2-ounce filler cap has built in markings to measure and pour ingredients while blending.

These Oster blenders is ideal for making smoothies from soft fruits and vegetables. You can get fine-textured and perfectly blend fruits and vegetables and after running two to three cycles, you can get frozen drinks ready.

Pros & Cons

  • 1000 Power watts/ 600 blending watts
  • Dual Direction Blade Technology
  • One-touch controls for expert results
  • 6-Point blade in reverse
  • 7 Speeds from LOW to HIGH PULSE
  • May be fairly loud for some



After the thorough review of this Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender, this particular opinion has built up that this blender is an excellent selection and affordable budget.

If you do not want to break your bank and want to enjoy well-made smoothies and shakes, then there is no better selection than opting out this Oster blender.

Oster blenders like the Oster 400 Watt 10-Speed Blender can also fill your requirements if it is only to make fine smoothies and food chop. Furthermore, this will not be a heavy burden on your pocket.

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