Grinding Spices In Nutribullet: Here’s The Best Way To Use It

photo with spices and text stating can nutribullet grind spices

Can Nutribullet grind spices? While some people out there use the NutriBullet for blending fruits and vegetables, grinding spices in Nutribullet is also quite easy. The machine is not designed for grinding, but it can be done. You just need the right blade and some elbow grease. I will show you what I mean in … Read more

Does Baby Bullet Fit Magic Bullet? What You Need To Know

Many people wonder ‘does Baby Bullet fit Magic Bullet?’ The answer is a firm ‘No’ as both appliances are of differing lengths and widths which do not allow them to be interchangeable. The Magic Bullet and the Baby Bullet are considered the same blenders except for a difference in size as well as power. The cups and bullets for the Baby Bullet are not able to fit in with the Magic Bullet as their diameters are … Read more