Vitamix Horsepower: Everything You Need to Know!

The horsepower determines the power of any blender. Now, if we talk about Vitamix blenders, the peak Vitamix horsepower usually ranges around 2 to 2.2 horsepower. In watts, it is around 1,400 watts. As for personal Vitamix blenders, they have around 1 horsepower or 750 watts.  Are you confused about all the scientific terms when … Read more

Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter Review – Is It Worth It?

vitamix personal cup adapter review

Are you looking for an honest Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter Review? Vitamix personal cup adapters are handy products for making light work of your ingredients for a quick blend. Thanks to their impressive design, the products are well-known, not only in restaurants but also in home kitchens. Of its many characteristics, the products are identifiable … Read more