Top 3: Best Instant Pot Ace Blender Reviews

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For individuals who want to focus on whole ingredients making meal prep effortless, the Instant Pot Ace Blender is an impressive appliance. It’s both a blender as well as an instant pot and makes your favorite beverages, meals, and desserts simpler to prep.

You may think this appliance would be relatively expensive because of its rich feature, but this combination device is an affordable selection in both the blender and instant pot categories. Read on to know if the Instant Ace Blender is ideal for your family and kitchen.

When we saw the Instant Pot Ace Cooking Blenders, we were definitely excited about the added features on an otherwise one-dimensional appliance. While high-functional blenders have always been workhorses blending up delicious smoothies and mixing velvety soups, the Ace Cooking Blenders also integrates Instant Pot’s effortless pre-programmed selections, including programs to create desserts, oat and nut milk as well as soups.

But, unlike other appliances that can only puree your soup’s contents, the Top 3: Best Instant Pot Ace Blenders can easily cook them.

Best Instant Pot Ace Blenders to Buy

  1. Instant Pot Ace Plus 10-in-1 Smoothie and Soup Blender

Best Instant Pot Ace Blender
Best Instant Pot Ace Blender Reviews

This 10-in-1 hot and cold appliance is multi-functional creating tasty soups with the hot heating element. The 10-in-1 one touch buttons can also easily make margaritas, hot soups, smoothies, salsa, dips, nut butters and much more.

This 26,500RPM 10-speed adjustable blender pulverizes through contents making smoothies nutritious and delicious.

The Instant Pot Blender can also easily be cleaned and it even has a built in feature for it. You’ll want to clean your appliance immediately after each use to prohibit food from settling under the blades.

You can even create your own peanut, hazelnut, cashew and almond spread in the Ace Plus. The Instant Pot blender offers you perfect consistency with a hot heating element.


Pros & Cons

  • 10-in-1 One touch buttons
  • 10-Speed customizable blender
  • Hot heating element
  • Crushed ice program
  • Complaints of plastic around motor melting


Why we like it:

With its touchscreen interface and bright LED display, the 10-in-1 Smoothie and Soup Blender makes it effortless to customize settings and check on your meals anytime you want.

Eight stainless steel blades handle everything from solid ice to hard fruit and vegetables and nuts in this blender. The appliance consists of a cleaning brush, but a self-clean feature also handles the cleanup for you.


  1. Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender

Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender
Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender

You can now swiftly and effortlessly create icy treats, nut butters,  smoothies, nut milk and much more. Or you can adjust the temperature for complete control when making purées, soups, sauces, dips as well as baby food.

You can also easily blast through ingredients with the 25,000RPM 10 speed countertop appliance making smoothies healthy and delicious.

The smart program for cleaning eliminates residue from the blades and pitcher in less than 60 seconds. Any leftover residue can also be effortlessly scrubbed away with the cleaning brush included.

You can create tasty margaritas and other delicious cocktails with the crushed ice feature. The Instant Pot Blender also has a hot heating element, unlike other blade friction heating appliances.


Pros & Cons

  • Smart Program for cleaning
  • 25,000RPM 10-speed blender
  • Hot heating element
  • Included cleaning brush
  • Fairly difficult to clean


Why we like it:

The Ace Nova blender is ideal for creating smoothies and delicious cocktails, but you can also create a chunky or creamy soup in approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

If boiling is required, the blender swiftly heats up to about 212 degrees and stirs it at frequent intervals, so all ingredients are cooked evenly.


  1. Instant Pot Ace Blender 60 Cooking

Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender
Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender

The Ace 60 Cooking Blender is created with 8 one touch programs. With this blender, making your favorite puree, smoothie, nut/oat milks, rice, frozen dessert, and soup are as simple as pressing a button.

You can easily make homemade nut, almond, rice and soy beverages, oats as well as butters. Not only can you make new, unique beverages, you can make hot soups and baby food in the same pitcher.

The Ace consists of 3 manual blending selections, 4 cold mixing programs, and 4 hot mixing programs. Cold blending selections are also perfect for frozen desserts and smoothies.

The preset function pulverizes in bursts for less than a minute and forty seconds. It’s a longer blend time than individuals typically utilize if making a beverage manually. The benefit is that all solid ingredients will be pulverized.


Pros & Cons

  • 8 One touch programs
  • 4 Cold blending programs
  • 4 Hot blending programs
  • 3 Manual blending speeds
  • Some complaints of product leaking


Why we like it:

The Ace 60 Cooking Blender also integrates Instant Pot’s effortless pre-programmed selections, including programs to create nut and oat milk, frozen desserts as well as soup. But, unlike other appliances that can only puree your soup’s contents, this one can cook them.



The Instant Pot Ace Plus 10-in-1 Smoothie and Soup Blender is a surprising but perfect addition to Instant Pot’s cookers. The kitchen appliance can effortlessly handle basic blended dishes, and make soup easily thanks to a heating feature. The preset blending selections also make it simple to experiment with drinks like rice or almond milk.



Q. How well does this instant pot blender work?

A. It’s an excellent blender, but may not be more powerful than a Breville. The hot and cold features may not be a game changer. Soups are however much more delicious and tasty with the Instant Pot, and users don’t utilize an immersion blender to purée it.

Q. What’s the difference between the instant pot appliances?

A. The Ace consists of three speeds with no temperature selections, the Ace Nova provides the same speeds but has manual temperature selections, and the Ace Plus consists of 10 speeds, and temperature selections displayed on a real-time temperature interface.

Q. Can the instant pot blender make juice?

A. You can place the glass pitcher on the base of the appliance. Add all contents in the order they are listed, orange juice first and topping with the ice, make sure the lid is securely placed and locked, then select the Smoothie program.

Q. How can you puree in an instant pot blender?

A. Add contents to the blender pitcher and place lid on. Choose the “Puree 2†setting for hard contents. Once cooled, utilize it in any recipe needing pumpkin puree or simply serve as baby food.

Final thoughts

It’s a no-brainer that a brand with cooking credentials as perfect as Instant would create a range of cooking devices, but a blender is relatively different. Blenders are generally appliances utilized to enable the cooking process, but not cookers themselves, so Instant has integrated the two.

Thanks to a heating system in the base of the Top 3: Best Instant Pot Ace Blenders, you can cook and pulverize foods, such as soups, utilizing this slim single appliance. You can also chill food and it consists of a self-clean feature, on top of the traditional blending functions you’d expect.

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