Top 3: Best Smeg Blender Reviews

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Countertop blenders can be your way of showing off how good you are at creating the perfect smoothie for both your family and friends. But you will only achieve that level of professionalism with the right equipmet. This equipment we refer to is the Smeg Blender.

Smeg countertop blenders and Smeg hand blenders is the type of blenders that is multifuntional, easy to use and excellent in working with all types of ingredients. With all the features you get when investing in a Smeg blender we think that you’ll get real bang for your buck ten fold.

3 Best Smeg Countertop Blenders to Buy

  1. Smeg BLF01CRUS 50s Style Blender

Best Smeg Blender Reviews
Best Smeg Blender Reviews

This 58 ounce 50’s style blender from Smeg has some excellent features that whill be enjoyed by the user. Thus blender might not seem as much but customers who already used this countertop blender had some positive reviews.

The Smeg 50’s style blender features a cast aluminum power coating body which looks and feels extremely beautiful. You will be able to showcase your newly purchased appliance for the whole neighborhood to see.

Another excellent feature is the backlit chrome lid which light up when in operation. There is also a 3 preset program feature for delicious smoothies, ice crush and pulse. In addition you will enjoy knowing that this blender comes with a powerful 600 watt motor with detachable stainless steel blades.

Also you can expect 4 anti-slip feet to help secure the blender when in operation and when stored away you have a build-in cord wrap for extra convenience.

Pros & Cons

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Safety lock
  • Overload protection
  • Anti-slip feet
  • 4 Speeds
  • 3 Preset programs
  • Blades are to small
  • Not great full hard content
  1. Smeg Blender Pastel Blue

Best Smeg Blender Reviews
Best Smeg Blender Reviews

The Smeg Blender Pastel Blue has all the features of the BLF01CRUS 50s Style Blender. Like alredy mentioned above this Pastel Blue Blender comes with 3 preset programmes for smoothies, ice crushing and pulse.

It is manufactured with a Die-cast aluminum power coating for a easy to clean operation and to fit your existing kitchen décor.

It comes with detachable stainless steel blades, overload protection, build-in cord wrap and anti-slip feet. This is just a few features that you can expect when investing in the Smeg Pastel Blue Blender. Even though this countertop blender is expensive you will receive bang for your buck.

Pros & Cons

  • Stainless steel blades
  • 3 Preset programs
  • Backlit chrome lid
  • Powered coated body
  • Plastic pitcher
  • Expensive
  1. Dolce and Gabbana x Smeg Blender

Dolce and Gabbana x Smeg Countertop Blender
Dolce and Gabbana x Smeg Countertop Blender

Dolce and Gabbana and Smeg joined forces to create the BLF01DGUS countertop blender which means: “Sicily Is My Love,. This blender is has a decorative style painting and is decorated by silk screening and lithography. This appliance is a true work of art and will be enjoyed by a true artist.

So what features does this expensive blender comes with. This kitchen appliance like the ones above is manufactured with a die-cast aluminum coated body for enhanced beautification. This type of material also gives the blender a longer lifespan due to bumps and scrathes. It comes with a transparent lit with removable measuring cup center piece for easy adding when in operation.

It also features a powerful 600 watt motor that drives the detachable stainless steel blades. Another feature is the 3 preset programmes for smoothies, ice crushing and pulse. The overload protection avoids damages to the motor during heavy operation. You can now neatly store it away and this is due to the build-in cord wrap.

For safety the company added extra precaution measures when manufacturing this blender. These safety features the 4 anti-slip feet to keep the product from slipping when in operation and the unit comes with a safety lock which automatically shuts the unit off when taken from it’s base.

Pros & Cons

  • Cast iron aluminum power-coated body
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Backlit chrome knob
  • 6 Cup Tritan BPA-free jug
  • Very expensive


Q. Is the SMEG blender any good?

A. The Smeg Blender is manufactures for making delicious smoothies. … It’s also one of the nicest looking blenders you can buy, with a ’50s retro-style design and sleek die-cast aluminum body. If you want a beautiful looking blender that’s easy to manage and excellent for making smoothies and crushing ice this could be the best blender for you.

Q. Can you put Smeg blender in the dishwasher?

A. The Smeg blender is dishwasher safe but should not be placed upside down (however please note the blade assembly seal cannot be washed in the dishwasher). It also features a self-clean option which can be completed by filling the jug with warm water and mild detergent.

Q. Is the SMEG blender glass or plastic?

A. With a slip-resistant construction, the Smeg Black 4-Speed Blender stays in place when in use. Designed with a Tritan plastic jar, this blender has a glass-like look but is not fragile, so it won’t crack when dropped. It features a black base, coordinating seamlessly with your other kitchen devices.

Q. How do you clean the lid of a Smeg blender?

  1. Fill the jug with warm water and mild.
  2. Turn the control knob to the setting 1.
  3. Press the START button.
  4. Press the PULSE button for 2 seconds at.
  5. Remove the jug, empty and rinse it.
  6. Dry thoroughly.

Final thoughts

Just like these 800 watt blenders Smeg blenders have all the features that you look for in a quality appliance. They come with the performance high watt motors to quickly and efficiently crush ice while making that perfect iced coffee. For safety you can relax because these blenders comes with all the safety measures to help keep you mind at bay.

Even though these blenders has a bit expensive you can be assure that they will deliver what it promised and quality device that will last a long time. These Top 3: Best Smeg Blender Reviews will help you get blending your favorite smoothie in a few seconds.

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