Vitamix 63019 Quiet One Commercial Blender Review

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Searching for the ideal blender that is both efficient and environment-friendly can be a difficult task. However, you don’t have to worry as we are going to be reviewing the Vitamix 63019 Quiet One Commercial Blender, which is created to reduce loud noises and is completely adjustable as well as user-friendly.

The Quiet One blender is a fairly powerful blender which is well-designed for ease of use. This blender is best utilized for blending liquids which allows it to be excellent for businesses that sell coffee beverages, smoothies and frozen drinks.

Vitamix 63019 Quiet One Commercial Blender
Vitamix 63019 Quiet One Commercial Blender

Vitamix Quiet One Blender Overview


  • Vibration dampening technology
  • 3.0 Peak horsepower motor
  • 93 Variable speeds
  • Pitcher-like design
  • 48 oz. Tritan container


Vibration dampening technology

This appliance generates less noise than your common commercial blender. Making use of vibration dampening technology, the device has plastic sound enclosure that covers the container.

The blades are designed from stainless steel and it consists of a powerful motor, so they can blend almost anything you throw inside it. It is a fairly robust blender that will serve you for many years, and it can be used for commercial purposes as well.

3.0 Peak horsepower motor

If you’re searching for a blender that will assist in maintaining a comfortable environment for customers or family, then this Vitamix Quiet one On Counter Bar Blender is ideal for you. Consisting of 6 program buttons, the Quiet One allows users to create exactly what they want.

It contains a high-speed with exactly 3.0 peak horsepower motor and you can utilize it to perform basic blending functions and much more.

The Vitamix blender consists of a 48 oz jar and the markings on the jar are easily visible and accurate, which optimizes the smooth and swifter pouring of drinks.

93 Variable speeds

With 93 variable speeds and 34 optimized programs, this appliance can create smoothies, frozen drinks, spreads, sauces, nut butters, and more.

This is an excellent appliance from Vitamix and this loyal companion will easily take stuff off your hands and not make any noise about it. It even provides a better product than other blenders that make tons of noise.

However, the only negative to the Vitamix 63019 Quiet One Commercial Blender is that the company suggests to not place running parts into the dishwasher and they also have a list of safe cleaning products.

Pitcher-like design

Vitamix blenders is ideal for bars, cafes, restaurants, as well as smoothie operations. The jar also contains a pitcher-like design that makes pouring effortless.

Precautions for the blender are geared at increasing the life of your appliance and the integrity of its parts. Though the jar is dishwasher friendly, the plastic can erode overtime due to usage frequency.

48 oz. Tritan container

Fitted with a 48 oz. Tritan jar that has precise measurement markings, this appliance make sit effortless to measure out recipes.

The Vita-Mix 015978 48 Ounce Container Kit and the Vitamix Wrench, Black can also be purchased with this appliance. The only tricky part with this blender is setting up button shortcuts. But, after you’ve concurred that, it’s like utilizing your good old countertop blending machine.

The Quiet One works excellently on bar tops as well as counters. Not only for being one of the quietest Vitamix blenders, but also because its compact design doesn’t take up much space.

Pros & Cons

  • Removable compact cover
  • 34 Program options
  • 48 oz. Capacity
  • Clear Tritan BPA free container
  • Still fairly loud for some
  • Not great for thicker blends


For individuals looking to minimize noise levels with their Quiet shield blenders, this Vitamix 63019 Quiet One Commercial Blender is an ideal mixer for them.

It features vibration dampening technology, which allows the blender to be relatively quiet. This Vitamix blender also consists of a sound enclosure that is quite effortless to disassemble and to clean.

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