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Can You Use Vitamix As A Food Processor?

Are you curious about finding an alternative for your food processor? Are you waiting to explore your Vitamix in place of a food processor?

Finding an option for a food processor might be a challenging task. When this problem arises, one of the first things that come to mind is exploring Vitamix as a valuable alternative for a food processor.

So can you use Vitamix as a food processor? The quick answer is yes. Vitamix can actively perform some food processor tasks.

This article will take you through a comparative evaluation of Vitamix and food processors. Likewise, it will help you to understand how you can actively explore Vitamix as a food processor.

is Vitamix a food processor

Can I Use Vitamix As A Food Processor?

A Vitamix completely taking the place of a food processor is a big question most people want to be answered. One of the advantages of the two options is that they are quite versatile. Both can help you to execute a lot of food processing tasks smoothly.

Vitamix can help you with food shopping and slicing as much as a food processor would do, even better. Likewise, Vitamix can coarse-chop ingredients like a food processor because of its versatility. Vitamix can also mix as much as a food processor. It will mix almost everything a food processor would combine, including burger pastries.

Vitamix can even do a host of other things that even food processors cannot do. For instance, Vitamix can make juices, smoothies, nut butter, and ice cream. Although there is some overlap in their functionality, Vitamix can offer a more versatile option than food processors.

However, Vitamix cannot slice like a food processor. This feature is one of the few shortcomings Vitamix has against food processors. You can get alternative ways to cut materials for you not to feel that you don’t have a food processor.

So can a Vitamix replace a food processor?

Of course, you can get a Vitamix to act in a food processor’s capacity for most tasks within the home. It offers almost the same versatility and functionality as a food processor.

How To Use Vitamix As A Food Processor?

  1. First, you simply put all your blender’s chopping blades in the machine.
  2. Then you add whatever food item/s you wish to process into the container.
  3. Next, secure the lid onto the container and blend until it reaches your desired texture.
  4. Finally, pour or spoon out your processed foods!

Vitamix Vs Food Processor

It is possible to compare Vitamix and food processors because they have many things in common. You can evaluate the pros and cons of both Vitamix and food processors based on certain factors.


On a broad scale, Vitamix is more convenient than food processors. One of the significant reasons why Vitamix is more convenient than food processors is because it is easier to clean.

You can easily clean the blades of Vitamix because of its self-cleaning option.

However, we must not forget that convenience is relative.

Some individuals claim to find the cleaning process of food processors easier than Vitamix. The operating cycle is similar. Therefore, it is difficult to say which one is more convenient of the two.


Vitamix and food processors cannot carry out any of their functionalities without blades.

Although the blades of Vitamix and food processors perform the same essential functions, there are slightly different structures, and how they operate. The design and operation of each blade type are optimized to suit their basic functionality.

The blades of Vitamix are optimized to suit the blending process of liquids.

The blades of food processors, on the other hand, are designed to crush ingredients. Consequently, this design gives the blade of food processors the ability to slice food materials, lacking in Vitamix.

The inclusion of an additional cutting disk offers more versatility (particularly for slicing) to food processors. It also allows them to grate food ingredients evenly. However, this limits the ability of a food processor to mix, unlike Vitamix.


One of the things people look out for in any product is its durability and ability to offer a high value for money.

Vitamix and food processors perform similar functions. However, Vitamix has a heavy-duty quality for both its home and commercial line. This build-up makes Vitamix suitable for various retail operations and used by professionals like bartenders, professional chefs, and baristas.

Most home food processors are not built up to the same standard as Vitamix.

Most of these food processors fall into the category of consumer options. Consequently, most food processors are not built to the same standard as Vitamix. You might have to look out for a commercial-level food processor if you want it to match the same standard as Vitamix.

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Where Vitamix Wins

Although both options are great in what they do, there are some things one does better than the other.

One of the things Vitamix does better than the food processor is blending.

Vitamix wins it when it comes to classic blending tasks like crushed ice, smoothies, almond milk, and soups. It even does thick blends like frozen desserts and nut butter better than food processors.

It does these functions better because it has a powerful motor, a tamper, and a circulation vortex.

The inclusion of tamper will help you to push ingredients down without having to stop the machine. Likewise, the construction of Vitamix’s blade makes it a better mixer than food processors.

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Where Food Processor Wins

One primary thing a food processor does better than Vitamix is slicing.

Food processors can cut and shred various vegetables, including those that are as hard as carrots. It can do this because of its blade’s nature and the inclusion of an additional cutting disk.

Food processors’ shredding disk grates cheddar without hassle, but Vitamix will clump up cheddar and other medium soft cheeses.

Similarly, a food processor can mix and butter into pastry dough, while Vitamix will only gum it up.

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Chopping Using Vitamix

Chopping is one of the main reasons why most people use Vitamix in place of food processors. Vitamix can chop vegetables like cabbage, onions, and carrots without any glitch. Vitamix uses two chopping techniques, which are;

â— Dry chopping

â— Wet chopping

Dry Chopping

Dry chopping by Vitamix works best for smaller amounts, and it only blends at a medium or low speed. Dry chopping is optimum for only one cup of narrow Vitamix containers, and it works for 2.5 cups for wider containers.

The speed of dry chopping determines the pieces’ size; the lower the speed, the larger the size of the pieces.

Also, dry chopping gives optimal results if you only add a little at a time.

Despite processing a little at a time, it doesn’t waste too much time. The processing of each batch only takes a few seconds; hence, you can quickly dump out that batch and continue with the next.

Wet Chopping

Wet chopping appears to be the direct opposite of dry chopping. This technique can help you process larger amounts at a time. You can use this technique to chop for coleslaw, and also wet-chop potatoes for latkes.

This technique can process larger amounts of vegetables because of the addition of water. The water will keep the vegetables away from getting stuck to the blade.

Vitamix includes a colander that helps you drain the vegetables after a quick blend. If you don’t want to lose any nutrients and taste to water, you can retain it and use it for other purposes like soup and broth.

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Vitamix Food Processor Attachment

Vitamix is quick and smart to detect that the traditional food processor is better in some tasks. Consequently, the innovation of this attachment aims to complement these lags. The purpose and function of the attachment are crystal clear from the structure.

This container takes a similar shape to the regular food processor.

It also stimulates its S-shaped blade that goes directly to the base of the container, and it also includes a slicing and shredding disk that stays at the top. These disks also simulate the cutting disk of the traditional processor.

The box of this attachment includes several accessories, including a large and small pusher, storage case for discs, two shredding and slicing discs (double-sided thin and thick), 12-cup container, S-blade, and gearing base. Each of these parts has specific functionalities.

The Vitamix food processor’s storage mode is about 12.5 inches tall and increases to about 13 inches after full assemblage.

The S-blade works for general chopping processes and dough kneading. One of the two discs does fine shredding on one side and thin slices on the other side. The second disc helps with coarse shredding on one side and thick slices on the other side.

The attachment offers five processing options all together, making it even better than the traditional food processor. It helps it to level up with cutting tasks where it was trailing food processors.

Conclusion – Can Vitamix Be Used As A Food Processor?

There is no problem with replacing a food processor with Vitamix. Both are on par in some regards, but Vitamix does better than food processors.

Food processors also do the chopping and slicing processes better than Vitamix. However, the introduction of Vitamix food processor attachment complements this demand and keeps them on par.

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