Vitamix ONE Blender Review

  Creating your own blended beverage at home can be fun, and it’s effortless, too with the proper blender like the Vitamix ONE. From milkshakes to smoothies to blended drinks, you can control all of the contents, from the vegetables, to the milk, as well as the healthy supplements. When selecting a blender, you should … Read more

Best Vitamix Immersion Blender Review

  This Vitamix Immersion Blender are definitely helpful when having to add more ingredients to mix in your stock pot or beverages without having to pour everything back into your Vitamix countertop blender to continue mixing. The Vitamix Immersion blender is not an entry-level appliance. It’s a multi-functional stick blender packed with adequate processing power. … Read more

Vitamix Standard Programs Blender Review

  Vitamix Standard Programs Blender Review When talking about blenders, most people might think of just smoothies. However, with Vitamix blenders, especially the Vitamix Standard Programs Blender you can complete a range of cooking activities. These appliances do a great job of pureeing hard foods, such as carrots, peanuts, and many others, even when they’re … Read more