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VITAMIX Explorian e320 VS 7500


VITAMIX Explorian e320 VS 7500

If you love creating smoothies in your daily life then you definitely require a high-performance blender to do the job perfectly. Besides, now even non-smoothie lover households feature this sleekish appliance as it is your time-and-energy saver during emergency morning routines. Choosing between the VITAMIX Explorian e320 VS 7500 can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve compared these two appliances side by side.

You can instantaneously blend all of your contents in a single shot to make some delicious meals for you and your family and friends.

The market also consists of various blenders so the decision of acquiring the perfect blender can be arduous. Many blender users know that Vitamix is the best pick-me-up-selection, and a non-stop deliberation goes around Vitamix e320 VS 7500.

The following curated information helps you to make the best selection. Read on to inquire more.

VITAMIX Explorian e320 VS 7500

Comparative study of Vitamix Explorian e320 VS 7500

The Vitamix 7500 blender finds its prime existence in both domestic and commercial use due to its powerful blending feature.

The other variation Vitamix e320 is great, but some slight nuances can impact your purchase decisions.



The horsepower of both blender motor is 2.2 that indeed provide quality blending for both fruits and nuts. The performance and steadiness of Vitamix 7500 have a higher edge due to its minimized motor noise.



Vitamix e320 weighs approximately 4.7 kilograms or 10.5 lbs, and the Vitamix 7500 is 12.5 lbs, which proves e320 is on the lighter side. Light-weight blenders need less maintenance and management as they are effortless to carry and handle.


Interface and Control Features

Both versions have easy and sleek features like different speed dials, power, and pulse button, automated power off during overheating. Some still argue that Vitamix 7500 does have not appealing and elegant aesthetics.


Blending Time

Vitamix 7500 finds its purpose in both domestic and commercial spheres as it is swifter and more effective than Vitamix e320. Besides, there are no enormous differences in the blending time of both blenders.



The hard-core stainless blades have the trait of blending even the most difficult contents. Seasoned chefs firmly believe that durable blades play a significant role in cracking down the nuts that don’t budge to any electrical appliances. Fortunately, both the blenders consist of steel blades to provide ace blending performance.



Besides optimal quality and performance, price is also a crucial factor for selecting a blender, especially for freshers and students. The Vitamix e320 is a budget-friendly selection and is undoubtedly the clear winner over the 7500 blender model.

Pros of Vitamix 7500

  • It handles both small and large quantities
  • User-friendly features
  • Quieter than e320
  • The ideal fitting containers eliminate spillage and leakage when the appliance is on running mode


Cons of Vitamix 7500

  • It is on the heavier side that makes handling a bit difficult
  • Higher prices do not suit the budget picks

Pros of e320

  • Warranty of 7 years
  • BPA-free container
  • Appealing aesthetics is an elegant add-on to your kitchen
  • Heavy-duty motor horsepower
  • Less costly than Vitamix 7500 version
  • High container capacity suits for large quantities


Cons of e320

  • Not suitable for light usage
  • Noisier than Vitamix 7500



Both blenders rank high on performance, blade quality, blending time, and motor power, and the selection completely depends upon your requirements.

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