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Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter Review – Is It Worth It?

Are you looking for an honest Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter Review?

Vitamix personal cup adapters are handy products for making light work of your ingredients for a quick blend. Thanks to their impressive design, the products are well-known, not only in restaurants but also in home kitchens.

Of its many characteristics, the products are identifiable as sizable containers with high-quality materials and sturdy build. As a result, they are ideal for blending small recipes like smoothies, nuts, soups, etc.

No doubt, Vitamix is one of the market’s best brands with enough impressive products. As a result, it is considerably challenging to single out one product as best. Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter – 61724 is a unique product from the brand that combines the functions of a personal cup adapter and a spill-proof travel companion.

Hence, instead of buying separate units, a single purchase satisfies both ends. Read on for a breakdown of one of the market’s best products that will give you a bang for your bucks.

Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter Review-61724

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Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter – 61724 is one of the best Vitamix personal cup adapters. The 20-ounce container is handy for blending medium batches. Thanks to its durable aircraft-grade stainless steel, you can blend tough and frozen ingredients with equal consistency. The cutting blades measure 3-inch in diameter for a consistent result every time you use the unit.

The product doubles as a cup adapter for individual blends and travel cups with its spill-proof lids. Not just this, but it is also dishwasher safe; hence, it is easy to clean. The cup is compatible with other Vitamix classic blenders, and a double insulated material helps maintain cold and hot temperature during use.

A self-cleaning design makes light work of after use maintenance as all you need is warm water and dish soap. The machine will do the rest and clean itself after 60 seconds. The product’s design feature includes a thermal protection system and a radial cooling fan to prevent overheating.

The personal cup adapter works for the legacy-series Vitamix machine for large and quick blends. It is also compatible with the Aspire series, Professional series, Creation series, Total Nutrition Center, Explorian series, and TurboBlend series. However, it is not compatible with Ascent Series Machines. The blade is crafted from the same hardened steel as the full-machine; hence, it offers reliable performance without falling apart.

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Unlike many, the product package contains two cups and two lids. By implication, instead of making separate purchases, a single buy will be sufficient to give you the benefits of two. However, you should know that the unit is considerably heavy because of the metal parts. Nonetheless, it is nothing you can’t carry.

You will also have a hard time blending all the ingredients with ease if you don’t layer them correctly. To do this, we recommend you follow the cookbook instructions.

The cup adapter does not weigh too much and will fit under the cabinets. There is a sipping hole on the cup where you can stick a reusable straw for luxury and convenience.

Watch this video by Blending With Henry to learn more about its features –

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  • Laser-cut durable blade.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • BPA-free cups.
  • Dual-purpose container.
  • Storage lid material is made of polypropylene.
  • Comes with a cookbook.
  • Sturdy lids, easy cleanup.
  • The tapered shape and channels in the cup make it a little hard to get stuff out.
  • The blade sometimes attaches to the rag during cleaning.
  • Screwing the base into the base is a bit tricky.


Want to make some Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter recipes using this blender? Watch this video demonstrating how to make a Mint Smoothie using the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I use my Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter?

To use the adapter:

  1. Toss all your ingredients, including the frozen ones, into the cup, and add juice or water.
  2. Make sure the liquid submerges the ingredients.
  3. After this, cover the cup with the adapter.
  4. To be safe, roll the adapter on the cup until you hear a click sound to ensure the contents won’t spill during blending.
  5. When the adapter and cup are secured, fix it unto the Vitamix and adjust the controls to the highest speed.
  6. Let this go on for as long as you want until the content is all blended smoothly. If satisfied, detach the cup from the Vitamix, and with the cup touching the ground, unscrew the adapter.
  7. After unscrewing the cap and the adapter, replace the adapter with the spill-proof drinking lid. Some of the lids come with loops that you can use to attach it to a backpack or carry by hand.
  • Can you use a Vitamix to chop vegetables and frozen fruits?

Vitamix blenders have sturdy blades that chop and blend frozen fruits and vegetables. However, to make the process easier, we recommend that you chop the vegetables into smaller chunks. You should also place the frozen ingredients on top of the lighter ones so that the blender blades can move with ease. After placing the ingredients, blend on high speed but let the motor cool intermittently.

  • Can you put hot stuff in a Vitamix?

Blenders that can crush ice can also handle certain hot foods. However, glass pitchers do a better job than plastic since the heat can let in chemicals into your food. However, you should not use it for anything that is boiling. To be safe, check the manual for the maximum temperature the Vitamix can hold.

  • How do I clean my Vitamix?

Most Vitamix have self-cleaning features that aid cleaning within seconds. Apart from this, the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter-61724 is dishwasher safe. For smooth cleaning, place a few drops of dish soap in the container and fill it with warm water. With the water-filled halfway, fix the lid and secure it in a locked position. Choose the clean function from the settings and start the unit. The device will turn off on its own when the cleaning cycle is complete.

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Verdict – Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter Review

The Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter-61724 is one unique product that is worth it. The machine is built with convenience in mind and has an incredible design for flexible use. The blades are sturdy, and the cup is durable and spill-proof. Besides this, you can use it as a travel companion and take it wherever you want.

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