WantJoin Professional Countertop Blender Review

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WantJoin Professional Countertop Blender Review

For chefs who love all-inclusive systems, this may just be the perfect selection. This WantJoin Professional Countertop Blender goes from personal grab-and-go smoothies to larger scale entertaining and the blades are powerful enough to pulverize ice for frozen drinks or desserts in under a minute, according to reviews. It handles any recipe, from purees or bread dough to smoothies.

WantJoin Professional Countertop Blender

WantJoin Countertop Blender Overview


  • Multi-purpose high speed countertop blender
  • 2L Tritan container with ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel hardened blades
  • Pulse and variable speeds

Multi-purpose high speed countertop blender

WantJoin ice crusher enables you to crush, stir, mince and control the processing perfectly. This is a multi-purpose high speed countertop blender so you can make smoothies, juices, frozen drinks, milkshakes, sauces and soups for large groups and families.

Multi-purpose high speed countertop blender

This is an ideal blender for your kitchen as a cushion is attached to the countertop blender to increase stability and provide maximum performance when crushing food. The appliance has a one-button cleaner of the smoothie blender for thorough cleaning.

Reviewers say you can’t beat the versatility and convenience which means this model is the ideal crossover between home entertaining, and smaller servings for the whole family.

2L Tritan container with ergonomic handle

WantJoin stands behind its products, as evidenced by the company’s enthusiastic description of the product and while the description sells itself, it’s the performance we were interested in.

Customer reviews verified that this really is one heck of a performer and the 2L Tritan container of the smoothie blender can meet all your requirements for mixing various foods.

As an ergonomic handle of ice crusher, it is easier to grasp and the piano body, beautiful and excellent, and stainless steel bearings prolong service life.

Stainless steel hardened blades

This popular model has a low-profile to fit under home cabinets and that’s a great combination for home chefs who want a professional grade blender. WantJoin Countertop Blenders also features a clean, traditional look that’s perfect for an upscale home chef.

Stainless steel hardened blades

Utilizing smoothie blenders for kitchen, the power is increased by 33000RMP 2000w. Japanese standard stainless steel hardened blades of the countertop blender are created to crush ice cubes in a few seconds and process the hardest ingredients to offer you high quality results.

The device is ideal for slender spaces or on a business counter, this model is sleek and tall. It has a larger capacity for bigger batches and this model is an all-around fantastic purchase, with all the features you need for your smaller or larger recipes.

Pulse and variable speeds

DIY speed control of the countertop blender can effortlessly realize various textures. During using the blender for kitchen, the dial can be rotated at any time and the built-in pulse function of the smoothie blender allows you to refine every texture from the smoothest soup to the most delicious soup.

The motor maintains consistent torque so the unit stays cool even during frequent use and this blender has a lot to offer.

You can select blend, pulse and variable speeds to achieve just the right texture for your recipes. Another aspect verified reviewers are excited about is the self-cleaning feature and with minimal dishwashing liquid and a touch, the container self-cleans in about one minute.

Pros & Cons

  • Multi-purpose high speed countertop blender
  • Power is increased by 33000RMP 2000w
  • Dial can be rotated at any time
  • One-button cleaner
  • May be fairly loud for some


Commercial blenders typically come with features that are helpful in the home as well as restaurants. For instance, some have self-cleaning features, while others have faster crushing and pulverizing times.

A few tech-forward models can be programmed to specific blend/pulse/rest cycles and this WantJoin Professional Countertop Blender comes with all these features making it perfect.

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