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Why Is Vitamix So Expensive? ([currentyear] Complete Guide)

Ever wondered – why is Vitamix so expensive?

If you are familiar with blenders and in fact even if you’re a newbie in the market for a blender, you definitely have come across Vitamix blenders.

Their price is usually a sticking point and if you’re like me then you have asked yourself why are Vitamix so expensive compared to other blender brands.

I mean, blenders are generally on the high side when it comes to price but the price of Vitamix is in its own league.

If you think, (even for one teeny-weeny second) that the Vitamix is overpriced, I am here to dispel that thought. Yes, the Vitamix is expensive. But why is it expensive? Is it a case of the company seeking to make a huge profit off its customers or do the Vitamix features warrant the high price?

Dive in with me and let me answer the question – is the Vitamix worth it?

Is A Vitamix Worth The Money?

why is Vitamix so expensive

They are simply the best blenders in the market today. They have a great design and construction that is not only attractive but also durable and functional.

In terms of performance, the Vitamix blender is unmatched when you compare it to other popular top-performance brands currently available in the market.

Vitamix is a heavy-duty blender with a 2+ horsepower motor designed specifically for commercial use.

And yes they’re definitely worth every penny!

How Much Does Vitamix Cost?

The price of a Vitamix blender varies from place to place. However, I cant get it wrong if I say that the average price of a Vitamix is around $450.

There are different types of Vitamix blenders and each has a corresponding price tag depending on its features and capabilities.

For example, if you want a simple household robot without any bells and whistles, you can get one for approximately $100 cheaper than the other models which have more impressive specs.

A typical entry-level model will set you back about $400 but remember when I said earlier that prices vary?

Well, there are some stores which sell these machines even cheaper so if you are lucky, then you can buy one for as low as $300.

Why Is Vitamix So Expensive?

1. Vitamix Is A Well-Known Brand

 why is the Vitamix so expensive

You cannot talk about blenders without mentioning the Vitamix. That’s how well-known this brand is. This is a company that has been around for ages (literally).

Founded in 1921, Vitamix started out by selling kitchen products. By 1937 they began selling blenders and the rest is history.

They have consistently made quality blenders over the past few decades. To be precise, that’s over 100 years of delivering quality service.

When compared to the other blender brands, Vitamix has the benefit of a well-known brand name that has been associated with quality over the past few decades.

For them to have been in the market for this long, its an indication that they must be doing something right.

So, the next time you see that seemingly overpriced Vitamix blender, remember that it is a brand well-known for its quality.

2. The Vitamix Is Extremely Durable

vitamix is durable


Tell me. Would you rather have a blender that would last you a couple of months (2-3 years at best) or one that would last you for around 7-10 years? Obviously, you would go for the one that would last longer.

And by lasting longer, I mean a blender that will give you little to no issues in your usage.

You definitely want to enjoy your blender without much hassles or complaints and that is exactly what you get with a Vitamix blender.

According to a Consumer Reports reliability study, the likelihood of a Vitamix experiencing mechanical problems within the first four years of ownership is about 6%. This is significantly lower than that of any other brand. For example, two other high-end brands, Breville and Blendtec, had problem rates of 16% and 15% respectively.

In addition to that, special Vitamix blenders are made up of parts that are strong, durable, and highly reliable.

From the blending pitcher to the strong stainless-steel Vitamix blender blades, durability is a key feature of the Vitamix which makes it stand out from other blender brands. Simply put, the Vitamix is built to last.

In some cases, a higher price cannot always be associated with higher quality but that is certainly not the case with Vitamix.

You can associate the Vitamix blender price with its immense quality and durability. And this durability is not specific to a particular Vitamix blender. The durability is tied to the brand.

So, you can rest assured that whichever Vitamix blender you decide to get will be a quality option that will serve you for many years to come.

Quality comes at a price and that price is the cost of a Vitamix blender.

3. It Is A Powerful All-In-One Blender

powerful vitamix blender

The Vitamix does practically everything. Yes, you read that right. Make hot soups, smoothies, grind grains to flour, etc.

You never have to worry if the Vitamix will blend it.

This is possible because Vitamix is a powerful machine. Vitamix blenders are packed with power with an incredible range of 2-3hp.

This ensures that the average Vitamix produces a better end product than other brands when performing the same task.

In addition to the power-packed by the blender, it comes equipped with blades made with aircraft-grade stainless steel designed to cut through the harder ingredients to produce a refined end product.

You probably wouldn’t find any other brand with a range of blenders that can handle every blending task.

Sure enough, they might have one or two high-end blenders that can compete with the brand in this area, but this is a general theme of the Vitamix brand and you can expect this from the average Vitamix blender.

Even the Vitamix 5200 which is a pretty old blender that was released in 2007 (13 years ago!) comes equipped with a 2hp motor and can handle practically any task you throw at it.

Also, most Vitamix blenders come with a cooling system to prevent overheating of the blender during blending.

This is a very important feature that prevents thermal shutdown of the blender after a short time of blending as seen with other blenders.

The Vitamix on average blends for a longer time before needing to cool off.

So when you get a Vitamix, you are getting a machine that can efficiently perform the functions of five or more appliances. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

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4. It Is A Winner In Most Blend-Offs

vitamix is winner

You probably know what a blend-off is but just in case; a blend-off is simply a series of tests of two or more blenders ability to perform particular blending tasks to see which blender performs best.

In most if not all of the blend-offs, the Vitamix has a blender that beats the rest in almost every task ranging from making smoothies to grinding grains to making flour.

In a blend-off done by Wirecutter comparing the Vitamix 5200 with the Blendtec 675, the brand came out on top in every test.

This just shows you the immense quality that blender has. It is head and shoulders above the rest. Still, think its overpriced?

5. Variable Speed Control

vitamix has variable speed controls

It keeps getting better. If you’re familiar with blenders then you should understand the importance of this.

Most blenders work by choosing from a variety of preset speeds. But the Vitamix gives you more control over the blending speed thanks to the variable speed options found in most blenders.

This feature gives you the ability to manually control exactly how fast the blender blades rotate.

For making things like salsa, this is a specially important feature and one that while some other blenders have, are unique and common to the blenders.

6. Come With Amazing Warranty

Behold the icing on the cake. Vitamix is one of the best blenders when it comes to warranty.

What else would you expect anyway for a blender that is as durable and resilient, with a brand name that represents quality?

Vitamix blenders have warranties ranging from 5-10 years which is very impressive when stacked against that offered by other blender brands.

The brand can offer a higher warranty because there’s a higher assurance of quality.

The warranty program allows you to return blenders that develop defects or mechanical issues within the time frame of the warranty.

You can return the blender and have a new one shipped to you with free shipping both ways.

The long warranty offered by the brand is an indicator of their confidence in their blenders.

Its a statement of quality that is essentially Vitamix telling you our blenders are so durable that we don’t expect you to have problems within this timeframe but in the unlikely event that you do, well fix it for you

Most blender brands offer a 2-4 years warranty which pales considerably in comparison to the Vitamix.

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7. It Has Better Blades

Vitamix blenders have blades that are the sharpest and most durable blades among blenders.

This is a big deal because you wouldn’t want your blender to turn it into mush in minutes right? You need an appliance that can blend things for longer before wearing out.

Believe it or not, this is another reason why these blenders are so expensive because they come with much better material than what you see in other average blenders.

8. It Is Easier To Clean

Vitamix blenders are the easiest to clean. Id even go as far as saying that it is a breeze to clean them compared to any other blender out there. This factor makes them a bit costly.

It is because of the material used in the blades and jars, not to mention how smooth they run when in use.

You can easily turn off your device, pour water down the blade assembly, and wipe it using a cleaning cloth for a quick and easy cleanup.

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9. Quieter Than Others

Vitamix is one of the quietest blenders you’ll ever use.

And yes, this matters when you think about it.

You would want a machine that does not disturb your sleep in the middle of the night and something that wont wake up people in adjoining rooms.

The low noise produced by these appliances ensures and guarantees that your blender wont disturb anyone.

10. They Have Best Accessories

Vitamix blenders come with the best add-ons and accessories, which makes them expensive.

Vitamix is a trusted brand that has been making kitchen appliances for years. They know what their customers want and they proactively give it to them.

They understand that you’re not simply buying a blender but an appliance that can help in chopping up vegetables and frozen ingredients, and yes save time in meal preparation.

And this is why they make sure to include extra features such as blades, jars, lids, containers, cups/glasses (for blending), recipes books, and DVDs which all work together like clockwork.

Does Vitamix Really Blend Everything?

Vitamix blenders are designed in such a way so they can efficiently grind grains into flour. So yes they blend everything!

The machine is equipped with a 2+ peak horsepower motor which means you’re not limited to soft ingredients only when blending because the Vitamix is the best blender for the money.

It is durable, efficient, performs well and consistently with various ingredients, it has many features that other top-performance blenders cannot offer.

There are no other household appliances available in the market today that can blend anything like a Vitamix blender can.

Which Vitamix Is Best For You?

The question of which blender to buy is not simply about comparing prices; it’s better to think of which model you need (for instance: 5200 vs 7500 vs Professional Series 300).

The simplest way to identify your needs and get an idea of what kind of model matches your expectations would be by reading some more articles about Vitamix on this blog or googling Vitamix comparison.

So, They Are Expensive, But Are They Worth The Money?

Is the Vitamix worth it? That’s the ultimate question on peoples minds when they come across the blender price. And my answer is yes, it is worth it. Its an extremely durable blender with a well-known brand name that represents consistent quality.

Its a blender that has impressive and unique features like the variable speed control that offers you more control over the blending process.

Most importantly, the blender will handle virtually any blending task you throw at it and when compared with other blender brands, the blender is simply the best at what it does.

If you’ve decided to take my advice and get a Vitamix, then I would recommend getting the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender. If you have a lesser budget then the Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade would be a great option for you.

While the price is on the high side, it is well justified because it is a blender that will leave you satisfied for many years to come.

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