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Grind Spices In Blender The Right Way

I used to use the coffee grinder for grinding spices, but then I got a blender.

The blender is much more convenient because I can just throw in everything and blend it all together without having to deal with two different appliances.

It also goes faster than using the grinder.

There are only a few disadvantages: if you make too much of anything that needs ground up (like cinnamon or cardamom), it will overflow from the top and get stuck on the ceiling and walls.

But this is just a minor inconvenience when compared to how convenient it is to grind spices in a blender.

This article will discuss why you might want to consider using your blender for grinding.

Can You Grind Spices In Blender?

Using blenders grinders is one of the best options available.

The blender can easily crush hard ingredients like nuts or grains.

There’s no need to clean up multiple tools after blending!

For those who love to cook, finding the freshest spices can be a little difficult.

Pre-ground spices simply don’t taste as good and have less flavor than freshly ground ones.

With fresh herbs and pepper, you’re able to add more flavor to your dishes.

A blender with special blades is a great way to grind spices.

In addition to being an excellent cooking tool, blenders can also be used as spice grinders that take up less space in your kitchen.

Spice Grinder Vs Blender

Have you ever wondered if a spice grinder is better than a blender?

The answer to this question depends on several factors.

A good place to start when comparing the two kitchen appliances is with their intended use.

A blender is a machine that contains circular blades on the bottom of the container.

The blades blend ingredients together to create smoothies, milkshakes, or other drinks.

On the other hand, a spice grinder has sharp spikes on one side and a rotating compartment with holes in it.

A person puts spices like pepper into this part of the grinder but then must turn it around for enough time before removing what’s inside.

A spice grinder is a kitchen appliance used to grind up spices and herbs into powder.

It can be used with whole or ground spices, but it is generally not intended for hard items such as seeds.

The spice grinder is the perfect tool for anyone who has trouble with their hands.

This product will make cooking much easier and more enjoyable!

The only downside is that because you are doing all the work yourself, it takes longer than using a blender that has pre-programmed settings to do all that.

I like to think that our spice grinder is a time capsule.

It contains all the different spices in their pure form, waiting patiently for us to unlock them with some salt and pepper.

For example, cumin seeds are green and fragrant while black peppercorns are peppery and sharp on the tongue.

We tell people it’s because of this that they should ground cumin instead of using a blender or food processor, as you’ll only get an unappealing puddle of oil after blending those little seeds – rather than breaking down the aromatic oils inside.

In contrast, luckily enough we have black peppercorns which can be blended without incident!

Why Grind Spices In A Blender?

Some people prefer to grind their spices in a blender rather than buying pre-ground ones.

At home, I too have my own spice blending machine and love using it.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider grinding your spices at home in a blender:

1. Save Time By Grinding Spices Right In The Blender

With the touch of a button, the blades will chop and blend your favorite herbs and spices into powder.

You’ll save time by not having to find another appliance or dirtying extra dishes.

This handy tool makes cooking easier than ever before!

It’s perfect for anyone who loves experimenting in the kitchen or wants their food to taste as fresh as possible.

Plus, it’s dishwasher safe so cleanup is quick and easy!

2. Create Your Own, Customized Spice Mixtures

You can customize the flavor of any dish by grinding spices in your blender.

It’s easy, convenient, and fun!

Plus, it saves money because you’re not buying pre-ground spices.

With a little creativity and imagination, there are endless possibilities for creating custom blends that will give your food new life.

3. Perfect For Small Kitchens

Spice up your cooking with a blender.

A blender is perfect for small kitchens and can grind fresh spices in seconds.

You’ll never have to worry about buying expensive spice blends again when you can make them yourself at home, saving money while adding flavor to your dishes.

It’s easy as 1-2-3!

Simply add the ingredients, blend on high until they are finely ground, and then store them in an airtight container or jar.

Your kitchen will smell amazing every time you cook because of all the delicious spices that fill it!

4. Practical And Convenient

It’s practical and convenient, so you can have fresh ground spices in seconds.

And it’s easy!

Just put the ingredients into a blender jar, screw on the blade cap, press down on the lid and turn on the machine.

In just a few seconds, your spices will be perfectly ground for cooking or baking.

5. Conquer Tough Spice Peeling With The Blender

We all know that spices are expensive and it can be difficult to get them out of their skin without damaging them.

This is where blenders come in handy!

You can use a blender to make your life easier when it comes to cooking with spices.

6. Skip The Mess From Those Pesky Clove’s And Cardamom Pods

You can grind spices in a blender.

It is easy, quick, and efficient.

No more messy hands or dirty dishes!

Skip the hassle of chopping up your herbs by using a blender.

Blend away all your worries with this handy kitchen tool that will save you time and energy while creating delicious dishes for your family.

7. No Need For Cumbersome Mortar And Pestle Anymore

A blender will help save you time from having to grind spices by hand or using an old-fashioned mortar and pestle.

Plus, it’s easier than ever before with all of the different types of blenders available today!

How To Grind Spices In A Blender

Do you want to know how to grind spices in a blender?

This section will teach you how to make your own spice blends and save money.

You can also use this technique for other ingredients like garlic, ginger, or onion.

It’s easy! All you need is a blender and the right spices.

I’ll show you what they are below.

1. Put your spices in a blender.

2. Add some water, oil, or butter to make it easier to blend and get the spice out of the jar. (optional, skip if doing dry grinding).

3. Blend on high until you have a smooth paste.

4. Pour into a bowl and enjoy!

What Are The Best Blenders For Spices?

Nutri Ninja Personal And Countertop Blender is one of the top blenders for spices.

It is an intelligent and functional personal blender that can grind, slice, or liquefy your daily meal (depending on the container).

It features a strong 1200 watts motor with durable blades to liquefy everything from raw ginger root to avocado peels.

The BPA-free individual cups lock in freshness and are easy to clean at the end of every day, making this a perfect kitchen companion for anyone who wants high-quality nutrition conveniently blended right at home!

The Nutri Ninja is great for all-around tasks: grinding spices, blending protein shakes, or crushing ice – and everything in between.

Auto-IQ technology means the Nutri Ninja will always blend at just the right speed so there’s no need to worry about dialing up power levels!


Did you know that many spices can be blended?

Blending is a great way to make your own spice blends.

It’s quick, easy, and fun!

You can experiment with different flavors and create unique combinations.

Blend up some of your favorite spices today!

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