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Nutribullet Lid Stuck? 6 Easy Solutions To Get It Unstuck

Nutribullet is a device that has been in the market for quite some time and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

One of the most common problems with Nutribullet is you can’t open Nutribullet as its lid is stuck. This article will help you figure out how to get Nutribullet lid off when stuck.

how to open a stuck nutribullet lid

Why Is My Nutribullet Lid Stuck?

Can’t open Nutribullet lid? There are several reasons why your Nutribullet lid may be stuck –

1. Bad Gasket

The number one reason is that the gasket has gone bad. This means it’s time to buy a new one because you can’t fix this problem yourself. You’ll have to call customer service or find a warranty in order to get it replaced for free.

2. Lack Of Oil Lubrication

Another reason why your Nutribullet lid may be stuck is due to lack of oil lubrication on the inside of the blade base cup. If the blades are not getting enough oil, they tend to become dry and will eventually cause problems with opening up the container.

It might seem like opening the container would solve everything, but it won’t until you’ve oiled the blades.

3. Blender Vacuum

Nutribullet lid might also get stuck because of blender vacuum. This mostly tends to happen when you try to make a smoothie with ice cubes. If you blend for too long, the blender will suck in air which will cause it to create a vacuum.

So, if your Nutribullet lid is stuck and you’ve tried opening it but to no avail, then let your blender finish its cycle and remove the container once it’s done.

4. Overloading The Nutribullet Container

Overloading the container is another cause for your Nutribullet lid to get stuck. If you try to put too much ingredients into the blender, then it will have a hard time processing everything and might cause the blades to stop spinning which will lock up your NutriBullet.

So, don’t overload your cup!

5. Jammed Activator

The last reason why your Nutribullet lid might get stuck is that the activator might be jammed. This mostly happens when you overload your blender and try to make a smoothie with too much ingredients, especially dry ones like oatmeal.

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How To Get Your Nutribullet Lid Unstuck?

how to get a stuck nutribullet lid off

How do you open a stuck Nutribullet lid? If your nutribullet lid is stuck, there are several ways you can get it unstuck so that you can continue making delicious smoothies without any problems along the way.

1. Removing The Blade Base Cup

Once you’ve recognized what has caused your Nutribullet lid to be stuck, all you have to do now is open up the blade base cup.

You’ll need to hold the Nutribullet upside down and carefully remove the blade base cup while taking care not to cut yourself.

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2. Removing The Stuck Food Ingredients

Sometimes there are some extra ingredients stuck in between your blades which can be removed with a toothpick or another tool. You can also try running warm water on top of everything for it to loosen up the blender mess that has caused the lid to lock up in the first place.

3. Check For Oil Lubrication

Once you’ve removed any dried fruit stuck inside your blade, all you have to do next is oil it properly so that when you put everything back together, things go smoothly without jamming up or getting latched again.

4. Avoid Overloading The Container

Remember that container issues tend to happen when you overfill it with too many ingredients. It’s best to follow the recipe word for word and make sure not to add more than what’s instructed in each step of the process.

5. Add Warm Water To Activators

Another way to release the stuck lid is by adding warm water into the activators. This will loosen up any problem ingredients that might be causing the blades not to spin properly and will unclog any jammed activator so you can use your blender without any issues in the future.

Once everything has been dissolved and mixed, you can take out the blade base cup and continue making smoothies with no problems at all.

6. Consider A Warranty

If all else fails and you simply can’t get the lid to open up anymore, don’t fret because there’s a warranty. Customers in this situation should contact Customer Service or go online and check for their warranty options in order to get it replaced for free.

You’ll most likely receive a new Nutribullet container within just a few days once you’ve filled out an application with your information on it.

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So these were some of the steps on how to open a Nutribullet lid that’s stuck. I hope this helps!

Nutribullet Lid Stuck To Cup – Final Thoughts

Some of the most common reasons for Nutribullet lid stuck in base have been answered in this article and we hope that we’ve helped you out in at least one way.

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