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Top 6 Best Blender for Cashew Cream (2023)

Looking for the best blender for cashew cream in the market? I’ve made it my mission to try every blender on the market, and then rank them based on quality, price, and overall user experience.

Cashew Cream is one of my favorite food staples. It is not something that we can just buy at the store; it takes time and patience (and some skill!) which is where these amazing machines come into play!

Ringing in the new year by blending cashew creams is a delightful way to start off 2021. There are many different types of blenders on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one will best suit your needs!

But don’t worry, with this list you’ll find the right blender for your unique situation and preferences.

6 Best Picks – Best Blender For Cashew Cream

In a hurry? Here are the top 6 blenders for blending cashew –

  1. Vitamix 7500 Blender
  2. Ninja BL480D
  3. Blendtec Designer Series Blender-WildSide-Jar
  4. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
  5. Cleanblend Commercial Blender
  6. Oster Versa Blender

Keep reading for a detailed comparison of these 6 blenders for making cashew creams.

My Experience Making Cashew Cream In A Blender

The first time I tried to make cashew cream, I really didn’t know what I was doing. As a result, my kitchen looked like an explosion in a candy factory with all of the ingredients thrown across the room.

It just got worse from there because the cooking process is one that needs patience and precision and neither of those things was something that came naturally to me at the time. But then after a few failed attempts, it finally clicked like magic when I bought this new Vitamix 7500 blender from Amazon for preparing cashew cream.

After that day, all my friends would come over on Monday nights to watch The Bachelor with me because they knew how much better my cashew cream tasted than theirs!

I like to buy raw cashews and soak the cashews in water overnight, then with a blender or food processor I create a creamy consistency that tastes great on top of apples, strawberries, or oatmeal.

There are many different recipes out there but the most important part is soaking your nuts for at least 12 hours before you make the cream- it will be smoother and much less grainy if you let them sit in some water first.

Some people choose to rinse their soaked nuts afterward (or not). Rinsing removes any extra salt from the cashews, which can add an unappealing flavor to your final product.

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Best Blender To Make Cashew Cream

best blender for cashew cream

Blending cashew cream is a great way to make healthy, rich, and creamy dips. But if you don’t have a blender or food processor at home or want an appliance that can be used for more than just one purpose, then investing in a powerful blender is best.

In this article, we’ll tell you about six of the best blenders out there so that you can find the best match. They all have their own pros and cons so take your time when looking for the best option.

1. Best Pick – Vitamix 7500 Blender

It is a well-known fact that Vitamix has proven themselves in the blender market to manufacture the best blenders for both professional and domestic use.

The thing about Vitamix blenders is that they are durable, versatile, and best to operate. Some of the best Vitamix models include the 7500 series which is best for vegan cooks who like quick results with no wastage.

This high-speed Vitamix blender is best for those with a taste for nutty and liquidy concoctions. The blender’s power is strong enough to blend even the toughest of your vegetables, so you can always have a smoothie on hand.

The Vitamix blender comes with a 1400 watt motor and variable speed options that you can use to control the consistency of the mixture.

It’s the best blender for cashew cream and all sorts of dishes from soups, to sauces, or even just smoothies!

You can choose variable speeds to perform different functions such as chopping food items, blending them together into your favorite fruit juice drink, crush ice, or pureeing anything you want into a soup.


Durable, Versatile, and Easy to Operate – The Vitamix 7500 is a high-performance blender that’s best for vegan kitchen. It features durable construction with a stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades measuring 4 in. diameter. The motor base is made of die-cast metal with a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.

Top for Vegan Cooks – This Vitamix model comes with three preset speeds: variable, low, and high; plus pulse control. With the pulse feature, you can create endless recipes by pulsing ingredients on and off to achieve the desired consistency or texture.

  • Professionally Tested Pulse Feature Self-cleaning Easy to Store
  • Expensive Difficult to blend small quantities No pre-programmed settings

2. Another Great Pick – Ninja Blender BL480D Nutri 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base

Ninja blenders are a great investment because they are powerful and affordable. The 1500 watt motor can handle blending almost any food, from cashew cream to healthy smoothies.

While the blender is made of plastic, it also has a lower price tag than many other blenders on the market!

The blender comes with a wide range of variable speed options that make it easier for you to control the consistency of your mixture.

It also has different pre-programmed settings, which makes it easier for you to blend green smoothies or prepare cashew cream or almond milk, etc.

The blender also comes with hot soup cycles so you can easily prepare a variety of different things like hot beverages, soups, and more. This is the best blender for those who are looking for a powerful yet affordable option.


AUTO IQ TECHNOLOGY – Auto IQ technology automatically adjusts the power for maximum nutrient and vitamin extraction. The 1000 watt motor is powerful enough to extract nutrients from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, and more!

VARIABLE SPEED OPTIONS – Choose between low (6), medium (10), high (12), or pulse setting for optimal results from this best blender. Enjoy hot soups in minutes with the pre-programmed settings!

PRE-PROGRAMMED SETTINGS – The pre-programmed settings allow you to make delicious smoothies and juices or making nut butter without having to stop and adjust any dials. Simply choose from one of the variable speeds then press start!

  • Powerful motor Variable speed option 10 pre-programmed settings Self-cleaning
  • Noisy Less durable


3. Blendtec Designer Series Blender-WildSide-Jar (90 oz)

Blendtec is also a well-known name in the blender market. The company is known to provide its customers with quality products at competitive prices.

One of the things that set Blendtec apart from other manufacturers is its sleek design, which makes them great for kitchens and other tight spaces.

Their performance mirrors that of Vitamix blenders because they are quite powerful and versatile. The most innovative thing about this blender is its design.

The overall sleek and stylish design of the blender makes it look classy, while the touch screen display also makes it easy for you to turn on and off functions with ease.

The high-powered blender can effectively blend nuts or even the toughest of vegetables for you.

The Blendtec design series incorporates a five-sided jar that is both unique and easy to clean. It also has a self-cleaning feature, which means that you can easily get it all cleaned up once you are done.


SMART DESIGN – The sleek design of this top blender is sure to impress your guests!

POWERFUL AND VERSATILE – This is the best blender to handle any job you throw at it. Blend, chop, mix, puree, and even make smoothies, ice cream, or nut butter!

SELF CLEANING FEATURE – Cleaning has never been easier with the self-cleaning feature. Simply add a little soap and water to the jar and press start! Your Blendtec will do all of the work for you.

  • Self-cleaning Touch screen display Special 5-sided jar High powered
  • Noisy Not good for puree food The motor might break down


4. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

The Vitamix company has been around since 1921, so it’s no surprise that they know how to make the best blender.

Over time, they’ve developed various models of blenders that cater to different needs and preferences; such as vegan-friendly options because vegans are often looking for specific dietary restrictions in order to eat healthily.

The Vitamix 750 is a top class powerful blender model that performs quite similarly to the Vitamix 7500; the only difference is that it comes with pre-programmed settings, which makes it easy for you to multitask in the kitchen.

The blender also has hot soup cycles, meaning that you can prepare hot beverages in it within seconds.

The motor base of the blender is quite strong thus you can use it to prepare the toughest of the smoothies or blend nuts to prepare almond milk or cashew cream within seconds.


HOT SOUP CYCLES – The hot soup cycles blend ingredients to the top consistency for a variety of recipes.

STRONG MOTOR BASE – The Pro 750’s motor base is designed to provide maximum stability, so you can blend with confidence.

VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL AND PULSE FEATURE – Blend at variable speeds and pulse feature for added control.

  • High performance 5 pre-programmed settings Self-cleaning
  • Expensive Noisy


5. Cleanblend Commercial Blender

A new entrant in the blender market, Cleanblend is coming up with an affordable mid-range blender that can cater to vegan needs.

The company has tried to provide some great features for its customers.

With the Cleanblend blender, you get more than just a powerful motor. The blender has variable options for total control over what type of mixture you’re looking to make, or even how smooth your drink will be.

Cleanblend isn’t the most expensive blender on this list, but it does have a 5-year warranty.

Still, if you’re looking for a top affordable option that’s easy to clean and will last a long time even when used every day then Cleanblend could be perfect for you.


OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE – The most powerful heavy-duty blender we know of.

PERFECT CRUSHED ICE – Replaces up to 9 appliances: crush, blend, chop, grind, heat, process, puree, or liquify.

TOTAL CONTROL – With the simple turn of a dial you can select any speed from 1 to 10 for all your blending needs.

LARGE PORTIONS – The commercial-grade blender jar is designed with a larger capacity than other blenders so you can make more at one time.

BPA FREE & FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL MIXING BLADES – Made from food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic housing.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you’re not completely satisfied with your Cleanbend Blender just return it within 30 days for a full refund!

5 YEAR WARRANTY – They stand behind their product and will replace or repair it if there are any issues that arise during normal use within this period of time.

  • Affordable High powered
  • Fewer speed options Shorter warranty period


6. Oster Versa Blender

This is a great high-speed blender that comes with 3 pre-programmed settings that make it easier for you to prepare the different mixtures in the blender.

These settings are self-explanatory and will be super helpful regardless of your blending experience level!

The blender also features a pulse function which allows you to use the blender for chopping. There are reports of the motor getting blown out after a few years of use, but with its 7-year warranty, it’s still worth investing in.

So if you use it right then the blender is top quality as it falls under the affordable range but if you look for durability, then the blender isn’t equipped to last long.


Pulse Feature – This feature is great for quickly chopping ingredients, such as onions and garlic, while the blade is still spinning.

Versa Jar – The Versa jar has a 64-ounce capacity and is BPA-free. It’s also dishwasher safe!

Three Programmed Settings – The blender has three programmed settings: Smoothies, Dips/Spreads, and Soup. Each setting offers a unique blend of speed and motion to help you achieve the top consistency every time. Simply choose your desired setting then adjust the variable speed dial to find your top blend!

Stainless Steel Blades – The Blender features stainless steel blades that are designed to crush the ice with ease. They’re also removable to make it easy to clean in the dishwasher!

  • 3 pre-programmed settings Pulse feature Affordable
  • Less durable motor Not as powerful as the others


Things To Consider When Buying The Top Vegan Blender

Buyer's Guide - Best Blender for Cashew Cream

Let us look at some of the things that you need to consider before buying a blender to prepare the cashew cream. Evaluating these factors will help you find the best blender so this will also make your search a bit easier.


Blenders come in all shapes and sizes. The power of the motor matters a lot when it comes to buying the best blender as there are different types that you can purchase with different watt motors.

If you’re looking for one that will blend cashews, then you definitely need a strong motor so be sure to look into this before purchasing your new best blender.

The Material Of The Jug

Your blender will be used to make a variety of different foods and recipes like ice cream, smoothies, or nut butter. You should know what type of material you’ll need by the ingredients that you’re using, so it’s important for you to understand which materials are most common when making blenders.

Plastic is less expensive but can’t withstand high temperatures, whereas glass can handle higher heat levels without breaking. Glass has more durability than plastic but is more difficult to clean because it holds onto food particles much better than plastic does.


When blending cashew cream, it’s important to get a blender with the right blades. Sharp bladed blenders are made for chopping or cutting ingredients and will not work well for pulverizing cashews into creamy goodness.

A blender that can liquefy food is the best blender because that way you don’t have to strain out any chunks of nuts from your dish!


The best vegan blending tool is designed to help you perform a number of functions. For example, not every blender can function as an ice crusher.

As such, it is important to find the most versatile and high-speed blender so that you can use it for all your various tasks from blending cashew cream to blending smoothies or making hot beverages.


The pulse feature is very important for the pulverizing process which is a must when preparing the cashew cream.

The pulse feature on your blender will ensure that the ingredients are pulverized and not just chopped up so that they can be mixed together to make a creamy sauce.

Preset Programs

Blenders with preset programs are great for getting consistency in recipes, like smoothies, and allow you to just press a button.

Best blenders come with many preset programs and features that make them expensive.


If you’re not careful, the cleaning process of a blender can be daunting. There are three types of blenders. One which self-cleanse, one that is dishwasher friendly, and the other are washed by hand.

The type to get really depends on your preference, but if you want to save time and avoid getting frustrated with blender parts then go for the self-cleaning variety!


Choosing the best blender can be a tough task, especially with so many different types available.

When it comes to family size and the number of people you’re cooking for, your best bet is going to depend on what kind of ingredients you’re using. If you want to make breakfast smoothies or protein shakes every morning then it’s worth investing in a powerful blender that can handle large quantities at once.

However, if you live alone or have a small family then smaller blenders may work just as well for your needs too! The size of the blender you want to choose also depends on the amount of space available in your kitchen.

The size of a kitchen appliance can range from very small countertop blenders all the way up to large ones with an attached personal container.


You shouldn’t be stuck with the idea that you can only buy the best blender, because there are always cheaper alternatives available. You should look for blenders that cater to all your needs while still staying within your budget.

Additional Features

A good blender should have other additional features as well. Blendtec blenders have variable speed settings so you can control the blend from low to high-speed settings.

The tamper can help push ingredients near to the blades for a continuous blending process and better results. A Twister jar is specially made for thick recipes, making it easier than ever before!


A warranty will ensure you that your blender will last a long time and won’t have any issues. Vitamix and Blendtec, and other quality blenders, offer warranties of up to 10 years.

Common Questions

Can You Blend Cashews With An Immersion Blender?

Yes, you can use an immersion blender to blend cashews and obtain a smooth texture. For the best results, keep scraping down the sides of the container while blending cashew cream.

Is Cashew Cream Healthier Than Cream?

Cashew cream is healthier than cream. The difference is that the fats in cashew cream are heart-healthy unsaturated fats, whereas dairy cream is a rich source of saturated fats, which are not healthy.

Why Is My Cashew Cream Grainy?

Your cashew cream might be grainy because you have not soaked the cashews for at least 45-60 min in hot water, used a weak blender, or you have not blended the mixture long enough with the right amount of water.

Do You Need To Soak Cashews Before Blending?

You need to soak cashews before blending. Not soaking the cashews can lead to the grainy texture of your cashew cream. On the other hand, oversoaking can also result in bitterness and leaching of their flavor.

Final Verdict – What Is The top Blender For Cream?

I am confident that these best blender for cashew cream options will be of great use and offer a tremendous benefit to your healthy lifestyle.

The most important factor when looking for the best option is the budget.

The cheaper blenders will do just fine but if you want to enjoy a smoother, richer tasting product, then high-end blenders are worth it.

I recommend Vitamix 7500 as the best cashew cream blender.

It has a special setting that just blends everything right in there until you have this beautiful creamy sauce!

I found it really easy to use and it made my cashew cream taste so much better than ever before!

Ninja BL480D is another great option. Its awesome blades can be used to make silky smooth cashew creams from scratch and it will taste way better than any store-bought kind.

AboutKelly A Hartigan

Kelly A Hartigan has been an avid consumer of blenders for years. She is passionate about helping others find the best blender for their needs and has tried different brands on her quest to find the perfect match.

She loves to blend fruit and vegetables into juices, which she drinks throughout the day for good health.

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