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Can You Microwave Ninja Blender Cups?

Can you microwave ninja blender cups? This is a question that has been asked by many people and one that does not have a clear answer. Some say yes, while others say no. This article will explore the complexities of this issue and attempt to answer, can you microwave ninja blender cups?

In short, you cannot microwave Ninja blender cups.

The reason for this is because Ninja blender cups are made out of smoothie-grade plastic, which is very poor at microwaving. The microwaving process can cause chemicals to leach into your food, or into other things that you might be drinking. This is very hazardous to your health and should be avoided at all costs.

can you microwave ninja blender cups

Can You Microwave Ninja Blender Cups?

ninja blender cups

No, you cannot microwave ninja blender cups.

Why Not? There are two main dangers when microwaving a ninja cup.

The first reason why you can’t microwave a ninja cup is because of the metal mesh that covers most of the cup. Since the mesh is metallic it can conduct electricity and become extremely hot.

If you were to put a ninja cup in the microwave, then turn on the microwave oven, the metal mesh would heat up very quickly and most likely burn your hand if you attempted to touch it.

The second reason is the possibility of chemical release. The high heat combined with the large surface area can cause chemicals to be released into your food that are not present when using cold ingredients or room temperature equipment.

The manufacturer guarantees that the ninja cups are BPA-free, but there is no guarantee that this chemical will not be released when microwaving a ninja cup.

What Are Ninja Blender Cups Made Up Of?

The Nutri Ninja Cups are constructed of Eastman Tritan, which is a very long-lasting BPA-free plastic. It is a high-quality plastic, but it does have limitations because of the way it was manufactured. The cups contain a metal mesh that covers the cup and sits just below the rim to help prevent ingredients from spilling out while using the blender blade for mixing.

The cups are dishwasher-safe and you can wash them with the rest of your dishes. You should not, however, put these blender cups in a dishwasher with higher temperatures than what is required by the manufacturer.

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What is the Purpose of Ninja Blender Cups?

There are several different reasons for using ninja cups. The main reason is so you can blend your ingredients and drink out of one container, which keeps things neat in the kitchen.

Other reasons include they have lids so you can easily carry them around with you when on-the-go, or because it can be very convenient to just blend a single glass of a smoothie before going to work or school if you don’t have time to make a whole pitcher at once.

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Conclusion: Can You Microwave Ninja Blender Cups?

The simple answer is no, however there are some other alternatives that may work depending on what your needs are. Keep in mind that if you microwave a ninja cup, it could cause physical harm to the user and/or release chemicals into food that were not there before heating.

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