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Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe? Everything You Need To Know

are blender bottles dishwasher friendlyIf you’re wondering whether blender bottles are dishwasher safe, the answer is simple. Yes, blender bottles can generally be put in dishwashers for cleaning, but if your blender bottle has a custom print, it will have to be washed by hand.

Have you ever wondered whether blender bottles are dishwasher safe? Knowing whether your blender bottles are dishwasher safe is an important question as it helps ensure your safety in the kitchen as well as the well-being of the product itself by prolonging its life.

Blender bottles, if washed incorrectly in the dishwasher, can break or be damaged that may cause you bodily harm or even injury, thus it is important that you remember to check whether your blender bottle is dishwasher safe before proceeding.

Knowing how to clean your blender bottles is essential as efficient cleaning can prevent the transference of unwanted tastes and odors that might linger after you have finished using your blender for the first time.

To prevent this from happening, here is a quick guide to help you understand everything you need to know about blender bottles being dishwasher safe. We will also introduce you to Blender Bottle Pro Stack – the most dishwasher-friendly BPA-free blender bottle in the market.

Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

Blender bottles differ in the care they require, and can be dishwasher friendly if proper attention is given to understanding their specifications. In order to best gauge, the kind of washing your blender bottle can handle, it is always a good idea to read the product manual you might have received during purchase.

Blender bottles are generally made up of either plastic or stainless steel material and contain a stainless steel metal ball that helps with the mixing. The blender bottles come with a lid to seal in their contents and prevent them from spilling out. Dishwasher-safe blender bottles can be placed directly on the dishwasher rack along with other utensils.

Some blender bottles, especially those that have custom prints on their surface require careful washing by hand. However, there are some other blender bottles that can be washed in a dishwasher provided that they are kept on the top rack and kept away from hot temperatures.

What Makes A Blender Bottle Dishwasher Safe?

Now that you know that not all blender bottles are dishwasher safe, you must be wondering what exactly makes a blender bottle dishwasher friendly. Blender bottles are usually considered dishwasher safe as they don’t have any batteries or electric connections that would get ruined if placed in a dishwasher.

Moreover, blender bottles are usually made dishwasher safe as they are of the following material types:

  •  Surgical or stainless steel material.
  •  Plastics that have been processed to withstand temperature changes.
  •  Materials that have been made to withstand washing chemicals.

In order for you to be able to safely put a blender bottle in a dishwasher, it is essential that only the plastic or stainless/ surgical steel parts of your blender bottle are placed in the dishwasher. Any parts that are made of insulated Radian can only be washed by hand.

How To Clean A Blender Bottle In The Dishwasher

Once you have understood your blender bottle, you need to bear in mind the following steps in order to efficiently clean it in your dishwasher.

1. Go through the User’s Manual: Most of the time manufacturers provide their clients with detailed instructions regarding the care of their products. If your blender bottle has such a manual it would be a great idea to start by going through it completely.

2. Check Placement within Dishwasher: One of the most important things to do when it comes to washing a blender bottle in a dishwasher is to make sure they are placed correctly. The ideal position is on the top dishwasher rack along with the cup and its lid.

Placing it in the utensil tray would help keep it away from the hottest temperatures and the strongest effect of the cleaning soap.

3. Avoid High Temperatures or Strong Soaps: Blender bottles can be damaged by exposure to high water temperatures as well as harsh cleaning soaps. Thus, it is recommended that you change your dishwasher settings by lowering its water temperature to allow washing with lukewarm water.

Moreover, rough and coarse soaps and detergents can seriously scratch and harm the sides of the blender bottle, and thus should be avoided.

How To Remove Odors From Blender Bottle Shaker Cups

Many people who ask whether blender bottles are dishwasher safe are concerned with traces of lingering odors within the containers. Since the blender bottles are usually sealed for most of the day containing different liquids, unless washed well there is a high chance of transferring smells and odors that would contaminate the contents of the next use.

It is not just unpleasant to consume tainted liquids but can also be unhealthy to consume traces of things that have gone bad. There are many ways that can allow you to remove odors from blender bottle shaker cups successfully.

• Baking Soda and Vinegar: This method is one of the oldest but reputed to be the most successful ways in which one can remove unpleasant odors. It consists of mixing a teaspoon of baking soda into the blender bottle filled with warm water and shaking well. Next, add a teaspoon of vinegar and allow it to foam for five to ten minutes, and then rinse well.

• Clear with Caffeine: One of the most interesting techniques to remove unpleasant odors is to take the help of coffee. Soak the coffee grounds in water for a few hours and then pour the mixture into the bottle. Set the mixture aside for a day or so, and then rinse well.

• Power of Paper: Many people remove odors from blender bottles by lining the shaker cups with paper that has been soaked with either warm water or some vanilla extract. Allow the paper to coat the shaker cup for about a day and then remove it. Remember to rinse the bottle before the next use.

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Disinfecting Blender Bottles

Odors are not the only menace of blender bottles that haven’t been washed properly. Improper cleaning of residual matter can allow the growth of many bacteria that may cause you to get sick. Blender bottles can allow uncontrolled bacteria growth if they have traces of protein or are damp, which is their usual state. It is thus important to disinfect blender bottles to stay healthy.

Here are some ways you can disinfect your blender bottles.

• Soap and Warm Water: The simplest way to disinfect a blender bottle is to make sure it is cleaned with soap and plenty of warm water. If you plan on using a dishwasher, it is a good idea to still wash and disinfect your blender bottle by hand every other week. Some people also suggest soaking the bottle in warm and soapy water for at least 15 minutes before putting it in the dishwasher.

• Use Vinegar: Vinegar can be an excellent disinfectant so it is a great idea to soak the bottle in warm water that has a few spoons of vinegar in it.

• Herbal Tea: This may be funny to hear, but submerging the blender bottle in a pot of warm herbal tea can also be an excellent way to kill off any germs or bacteria that might be on its surface.

• Mouthwash Rinse: A good mouthwash contains bacteria and odor-fighting elements, thus filling your blender bottle up to one-third with mouth wash and then shaking vigorously is an effective way to get rid of germs.

Blender Bottle Pro Stack—The Most Friendly To Dishwashers

Blender Bottle ProStak System with 450ml Bottle and Twist n' Lock Storage, 22oz, Black

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If you’re looking for a blender bottle that is also dishwasher friendly, it is a great idea to opt for the Blender Pro Stack. You can put it onto the top rack of your dishwasher for super easy cleaning.

This bottle has a terrific 22-ounce holding capacity that can help carry your daily liquid nutrients with ease as well as style.

It comes with an anti-leak cap to cover a lid that can be screwed on. It is thus evident that the best part customers find about this blender bottle is the fact that it is one of the most practical and best-looking models around.


As you have seen, it is a great help to understand exactly whether blender bottles are dishwasher safe or not. One can easily figure it out by understanding the make and materials of their blender bottles, and following manufacturer instructions if given.

It is important to consider whether blender bottles are dishwasher safe before putting them in it to prevent the bottle from getting damaged. Damaged bottles can compromise your safety in the kitchen.

Additionally, bottles that are not dishwasher friendly can’t be cleaned well in the environment. This can increase your chances of getting sick because of the unwashed germs and unremoved contaminants.

Since it is important to keep in mind the hygienic aspects of using a blender bottle, it is also encouraged that one takes sufficient precautions to ensure their blender bottles are dishwasher safe.

One of the best models around is the Blender Bottle Pro Stack due to its elegant practicality and dishwasher-friendly manufacturing.

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