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Does Baby Bullet Fit Magic Bullet? What You Need To Know

Many people wonder ‘does Baby Bullet fit Magic Bullet?’ The answer is a firm ‘No’ as both appliances are of differing lengths and widths which do not allow them to be interchangeable.

The Magic Bullet and the Baby Bullet are considered the same blenders except for a difference in size as well as power. The cups and bullets for the Baby Bullet are not able to fit in with the Magic Bullet as their diameters are of different sizes. 

People often ask this question as they wonder if the Baby Bullet and the Magic Bullet are essentially the same since both appliances perform the same function: to blend baby food at home.

These appliances are helpful and support caregivers who think store-bought baby food is an unhealthy option for their beloved baby.

Here is a quick guide to help you understand the Baby Bullet and the Magic Bullet appliances in relation to each other!

does baby bullet fit magic bullet

Why Do People Opt For Baby Bullet And Magic Blenders?

More caregivers are realizing that store-bought baby food is an extremely unhealthy option for their children due to the amounts of preservatives and artificial flavoring added to them.

Moreover, the fact that their shelf life extends to a couple of years is a big red flag indicating that they are not the best thing for young children to consume!

This is why many people are now opting for appliances that would help them make food for their babies at home, catering to the child’s personal preferences and tastes.

The homemade substitute for store-bought baby food would be fresh and contain more nutrients for the child’s growth and development. Baby Bullet and Magic Bullet are excellent ways to achieve this.

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What Is Baby Bullet?

As you probably have guessed, Baby Bullet is an appliance used to blend food for a baby’s consumption. You can use a Baby Bullet to help form a puree like the consistency of pre-cooked food for the baby. Not only is it a cheaper substitute to store-bought baby food, but it also promotes healthier eating for the baby.

Many people feel the need for Baby Bullet due to the fact that it is easy to clean by having a large mouth diameter and a wide base. Moreover, it has supported many parents and caregivers by being simple to use and operate.

How Is Magic Bullet Different From Baby Bullet?

The Magic Bullet is an appliance manufactured by the same company as the Baby Bullet, however, there are several differences in both appliances even though both perform similar functions, and have the same design.

The essential difference between the Baby Bullet and the Magic Bullet is the size, which ensures that those who wonder ‘does Baby Bullet fit Magic Bullet’ can only be answered in a negative.

The main differences between a Baby Bullet and the Magic Bullet are:

  • Power of the Motors: One of the prime differences between the two appliances is the power they have. The Baby Bullet has a 200-watt power whereas the Magic Bullet has a 250-watt power, which makes it the more powerful of the two.
  • Size of Various Parts: Since the Magic Bullet has a larger diameter size, the bullet blades on the Baby Bullet appliance can’t fit onto the Magic Bullet. Due to this difference in size, using mismatched blade sizes with larger diameters might cause damage to both parts of the appliances. Moreover, the cups of both the appliances differ in size which is the prime reason that does not allow them to fit the other appliances.
  • Accessories Provided: Though both appliances are made by the same manufacturer, there is a difference in the add-ons provided by the company. The Baby Bullet provides greater facilities to caregivers by giving recipes as well as a step by step guide to healthier eating for the baby.

When it comes to differences between the Baby Bullet and the Magic Bullet, there have been reports that the Magic Bullet tends to leak, whereas the Baby Bullet is more secure by locking in the liquid and semi-liquid food.

Are Baby Bullet And Magic Bullet Appliances Microwave Friendly?

Using a Baby Bullet or a Magic Bullet in a microwave is definitely not a good idea. This is because the individual parts of the appliances like cups, motors, lids, and even the blades are not compatible with the heating conditions of a microwave.

Things That A Baby Bullet And A Magic Bullet Do

It is interesting to note that both appliances are capable of making a puree out of many foods such as carrots, peas, bananas, mangoes, avocadoes, and even apples.

This allows the baby to taste a variety of flavors and have access to nutrients that are not provided by store-bought baby foods.

It should be known, however, that despite the increased power of a Magic Bullet, the appliance cannot puree any kinds of meats for the risk of them damaging the blades and putting undue stress on the motor.

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Does Baby Bullet Fit Magic Bullet – Verdict

Baby Bullet and Magic Bullet appliances are both an interesting addition to the kitchen for new parents and those concerned with providing only the best of sustenance for their young children.

For those who have one appliance and are wishing to switch to the other, it is important to remember not to try to fit the parts of one appliance on the other. This is because each appliance has parts designed particularly for it, and using it on an appliance of a different power or size might damage the parts due to their ill-fit.

Thus it is important to remember that you only use Baby Bullet parts for a Baby Bullet appliance and so on to ensure that the appliances work optimally for many years to come.

We hope this article helped you understand why it is not a good idea to fit a Baby Bullet on a Magic Bullet appliance. If you have any questions or comments, you can do so below and we would be happy to give our response!

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