Grinding Meat In A Blender: What You Need to Know 

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how to grind meat in a blenderIt is probably the best way to grind meat with a regular meat grinder. But what if you don’t own one? Can you grind meat in a blender instead?

The answer is yes, you can grind meat in a blender before or after you cook it. However, the quality of the ground meat will mostly depend on the blender and how powerful it is. 

Follow on to know how to grind meat with a blender!

Can I Use Blender To Grind Meat?

Yes, you can use your blender to get the job done unless you’re intending to regularly grind meat. Yet, it still depends on how powerful your blender is. Lower-powered motors may struggle to grind the meat and they might take ages to grind.

The more powerful your blender is, the better the ground meat quality you will get. The best way to not overload the blender is to grind the meat in small batches. Try chopping the meat into small pieces in the grinder, that way you will grind them faster and you will not overload your blender.

Before you decide to grind meat in your blender, there are a lot of factors to consider besides the power of the motor, such as:

  • How sharp are the blades? The blades need to be new or at least sharpened before you start grinding the meat.
  • How strong is the glass? The blender’s glass or plastic might break once you start grinding the meat if it is poor-quality.
  • What kind of meat do you commonly blend? Chicken and turkey can be easily ground with most blenders. However, beef needs a more powerful blender.

Can You Grind Meat In A Ninja Blender?

Ninja blenders are powerful enough to handle grinding meat efficiently. You can use a Ninja blender to crush any type of meat and create high-quality ground meat seamlessly.

However, make sure you cube the meat or cut them into small pieces before you place them into the blender to ensure efficiency. This will also help the motor not exert unneeded excessive power that might damage it in the long run.

After you put the cubed meat inside the grinder, pull some long pulses 3 to 5 times until the meat is crushed. If you are grinding beef to make burger patties, give the meat more pulses to make it as soft as possible.

Can Vitamix Blender Grind Meat?

The Vitamix blender is such a powerful unit that it has replaced a lot of specialized kitchen devices and even displaced them in some cases.

So, in case you are wondering if your Vitamix blender can grind meat or not, then the answer is yes. It most certainly can grind all types of meat such as turkey, chicken, pork, and even beef.

You can give up purchasing a professional meat grinder and use your Vitamix blender for similar results. It is a high-end product that can get the job done easily.

However, similar to the Ninja blender and every other blender, you need to cube your meat into small pieces and add them in small batches to get the best results.

Blenders are not technically built to grind meat. So, adding small amounts and not overloading them will help them work efficiently and increase their longevity.

Can You Mince Meat With A Hand Blender?

You can easily convert your hand blender into a meat grinder using the right attachments. A hand blender can help you create some amazing dishes such as sausage, meatloaf, meatballs, burger patties, and many more.

However, if you do not use the special attachments that are designed for grinding meat, the motor will be at a very high risk of burning out or have some permanent damage.

After you insert the right attachments and make sure that they are securely in place, add your cubed meat in a bowl and start mincing them with the hand blender until they are smooth enough.

Keep in mind that a low-quality hand blender will not be able to get the job done. It simply will not have enough power to mince or cut the meat through, even if you add the right attachments. So, you need to have a high-end hand blender with a powerful motor to mince the meat.

One way to help your hand blender grind the meat more seamlessly is to dice up the meat very fine before you start mincing.

Can You Grind Meat In NutriBullet?

You may have heard about NutriBullet as an excellent brand of food processors and blenders. However, you may wonder if it is good enough for grinding meat like the other blenders?

The answer is yes, Nutribullet can be used for grinding meat. Now, there is only one limitation that is – it doesn’t have the capacity of heavy grinding. Due to this, you cannot overuse it for meat grinding.

When it comes to the blades, then this blender has around two blades, namely the milling blade and extractor blade. Both of them help in the grinding of meat.

Now, how to grind meat with NutriBullet? Here’s how.

First, put the processor on a flat surface. Insert the plug into the power source. Cut the meat into a few smaller pieces for easy blending. Then, add the meat into the respective cup. Make sure that you don’t add a lot and go above the measured line.

Then, make use of the blades, and don’t forget to tighten them properly. Lastly, push the cup into the blender and blend it.

Keep in mind that you don’t over blend the meat as you may not get the proper consistency.

In this way, you can easily grind meat in NutriBullet!

How To Grind Meat In A Blender?

Now, you know the answer to the ‘Can you grind meat in a blender?’ question. Let’s see how to do it.

If you know the process then you can easily grind meat in a blender. So, let’s see a step-by-step process to do so.

1. Prep The Meat For The Blender

Firstly, to get the best results, you need to prep the meat.

For this, you need to have cold meat. The reason is that cold meat can reduce bacterial growth. So, when you grind it, the entire ground meat won’t have any germs.

After this, make sure you cut any bones, fat, skin, etc. from the meat, to successfully grind the meat.

2. Cut The Meat Into Small Pieces

It may get hard for your blender to grind large pieces of meat. Yet, if you cut them down, you can easily grind them with the help of a blender.

So, make sure that you cut the meat into small pieces to get quick and effective results.

3. Use The Blender

In this step, add the pieces of meat inside the container of the blender but don’t fill it excessively.

Then, put on the lid of the container. Once, everything is ready, try using the ‘chop’ setting in the blender.

Then, turn it on for about 20-30 seconds. Make sure that you do it slowly and steadily. After every few seconds, stop grinding. This can help you prevent the over-grinding of the meat.

It is also recommended that you add the meat in small batches. It is because:

  • You will have proper ground meat without any poorly-ground meat
  • You will finish grinding it quickly
  • You will prevent any damage to your blender

So, follow these three steps properly and you won’t face any difficulty in grinding meat in a blender.

How To Mince Meat Without A Blender?

Now, what if you don’t have a proper blender for grinding the meat? Is it possible to mince meat without a blender?

Again, yes, while you may not get the finely-minced meat, you can surely get a usable one.

Given below are the top two ways to do so.

1. Make Use Of Knife

To mince meat, you can easily make use of a knife. Here’s how:

  1. At a 45-degree position, slice the meat with a knife
  2. Make sure you don’t cut it fully. Instead, cut about 75% of it and between each slice, there should be ¼ inch gap
  3. Then, turn to the other side of the meat and repeat the first step
  4. Here, cut it at the same 45-degree angle but in the opposite direction
  5. Toss the side of the meat over and then, at 90-degrees cut it again. Again, just cut in 75% and have a ¼ inch distance between the slices
  6. Flip the meat and follow the 5th step again
  7. Pile up all the slices and quickly chop from left to right. Repeat it until you get the perfect texture.

This may seem complicated but try it once and you’ll get how to do it!

2. Make Use Of Food Processor

If not a blender, then you can make use of a food processor too. Here’s how:

  1. Cut the meat into smaller pieces
  2. Put the meat inside a foil and keep it inside the freezer for about 30-40 minutes
  3. Add a few pieces inside the food processor
  4. Turn on the food processor and process it as per your requirements
  5. Repeat the same process for other pieces

In this way, you can easily grind meat. If not, you can also visit your local butcher to grind meat for you easily and quickly!

Final Thoughts – Can You Grind Meat In A Blender?

Fortunately, there is nothing in your kitchen that you would not be able to do with a high-powered blender.

There is no need to buy a separate meat grinder appliance to grind meat and make your favorite sausage dish!

However, make sure you take all the precautions and add the right attachments to your blender to ensure seamless grind and not burn the motor out.

Happy cooking!

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