Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet – Which One Should You Buy?

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I’m a baby product junkie, so when I found out that baby bullet and magic bullet both had new baby food makers on the market, I was excited.

These two companies are some of the most popular baby product manufacturers in America.

They have a huge variety of products for parents to choose from – including baby food makers!

In this article, we’ll compare baby bullet vs magic bullet, and see which one you should buy in 2021.

Baby Bullet

It is clear by this blender’s design, with a large mixing bowl and many little containers ready to store prepared foods separately from one another, whoever created the Baby Bullet knew what they were doing when it came time to create healthy meals.

The best part? It only takes seconds after you’ve mixed up your ingredients before being able to enjoy tasty morsels nutritious enough for even an infant’s palette.

The baby bullet is a special blender that has been designed to whip up enough food for your entire week.

Having this convenience at home means you don’t have to spend time in the grocery store trying to find the right type of product and can just make it all yourself from scratch!

This system comes with four different containers to mix fresh fruits or vegetables into delicious purees.

The base sits securely on top so there’s never any risk of spills when using this appliance as well.

And because safety matters most when dealing with children, these parts are BPA-free and non-toxic too!

The baby bullet is equipped with a powerful motor so you can make enough food for your little one.

It also has special blades that extract nutrients from the ingredients used, which ensures they get as much nutrition as possible out of what you made!

The whole package is well designed and streamlines baby food making admirably.

The pop freezer tray, which you can use to store 6 portions of baby purees that comes with a lid, means there’s no need for any additional storage space as it fits neatly into your fridge or freezer when not in use.

There are also two large bowls on offer – one good for making bigger batches while the other is great at mixing up smaller amounts. Both have their own lids so they’re perfect whether home-feeding or out-and-about!


  1. Makes blending smoothies fun and easy.
  2. The blades are sharp, so the job gets done faster.
  3. Comes with a recipe book for healthy recipes to try. 
  4. Its cheerful design will make you smile every time you use it! 
  5. It comes with extra storage containers for your ingredients!
  6. It comes with BPA-Free containers.


  1. Its functionality is limited to only making baby food.
  2. Its motor is not very strong.

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Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet is a revolutionary device (with good reviews online) that makes food and drinks preparation fast, convenient, and enjoyable.

The sturdy base holds the blender while blades mix foods quickly.

Mixing containers are made from high-quality materials to make it easy for you to prepare six servings of food for your baby at once with lids included!

Storage areas also include an easy pop freezer tray which can accommodate 6 portions of your favorite recipes conveniently in one spot!

This set contains everything you need to get started with baby food – a 250-watt motor base housing an assortment of cup-size mugs and bonus recipes included too!

The 10-second recipe book that comes with the magic bullet is a must-have for any kitchen.

You might already have some great recipes up your sleeve, but this guide adds to them generously and they all take less than a minute to make!

The best part about it is how easy it is – even on mornings you just need something quick before running out the door or when heading off traveling without access to cooking facilities.


  1. It’s easy to clean (and use). 
  2. You’ll save time and money with every purchase. 
  3. The design is attractive and sleek. 
  4. Your baby food will taste better than ever before. 
  5. Take it with you anywhere you go!


  1. The motor is only 250 watts.
  2. Not good for some serious blending.
  3. It can only take a few ice cubes at a time.

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Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet – The Key Differences

baby bullet and magic bullet differences

Use Case

The Magic Bullet and the Baby Bullet are both great products, but there is one main difference between them.

The Magic Bullet can be used to make fresh drinks for one or more people while also making food like French toast, salsa, and guacamole; meanwhile, its portable counterpart, the Baby Bullet, has been designed specifically for baby food!


The Magic Bullet is great for adults, but not so much for kids.

The Baby Bullet comes with baby-friendly accessories and colors that are perfect to appeal to the youngest members of your family.

The Baby Bullet is a sleek, modern blender with everything for babies.

From sippy cups to adorable accessories and even the color of it all, this machine was made just for 2-year olds!

The Magic Bullet blender is designed for the on-the-go, young professional.

The bullet comes with adult accessories so you can enjoy your blended creations in style and to-go cups if you need a quick shot of veggie juice or fruit smoothie before class!

As if that wasn’t cool enough, there’s also a recipe booklet included just waiting for experimentation with different blends.


The two blenders are almost identical when it comes down to pure energy output (250 watts on one side versus 200 watts on the other).

That said, if you’re looking for something that can handle making lots of thick drinks like a frozen margarita – the old-school way with lots of crushed ice cubes – I strongly recommend going with Magic Bullet Blender!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Magic Bullet For Baby Food?

Yes. Magic Bullet blenders were specially designed with multiple blade speeds for each use, including crushing ice, smoothies, and baby food purees.

They are sturdy enough to mix seasoning or protein powder into sauces and dressings but also gentle enough to make baby food and soft-serve style ice cream or whipped cream.

Is The Baby Bullet Worth Buying?

Comparing price and convenience, the Baby Bullet is worth buying.
Couple those attributes with the fact they have a vibrant customer service team with quick turnaround times on answering questions and you really can’t go wrong when choosing to purchase one.

Which Is Better – Nutribullet Or Magic Bullet?

No one answer fits every person. 

Some people prefer the Magic Bullet because it only takes one blending cup and is smaller in size, while others like the Nutribullet because it can blend ingredients at different speeds, multiple times before you have to empty the container.

In short, each blender has its pros and cons – it just depends on your personal preferences!

Can You Put Ice In The Baby Bullet?

Yes. You can actually put batches of ice in the Baby Bullet, but not much water because it will overflow – a tablespoon or two should do the trick.

Do You Really Need A Baby Food Maker?

Yes. Babies are more prone to being exposed to botulism toxin because they don’t have the gut bacteria that break down the toxin in high quantities.

Making homemade baby food, or steaming organic veggies will ensure that your baby bites into a safe and healthy food option that won’t put him or her at risk for illness and infection.

Besides, do you really want to be consuming premade, microwaved meals? YUCK!

Is Making Your Own Baby Food Cheaper?

Making your own baby food is cheaper because you can buy vegetables that are on sale, and combine these with recipes to make your own organic, vegetarian purees (yum).

It’s also easy to feed the baby and provide the right nutrients while cutting down on vitamins in one gulp of juice or a few pieces of fruit.

Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet – Final Verdict

So, this is it for the baby bullet vs magic bullet comparison.

If you want fresh squeezed, delicious drinks anytime anywhere, I recommend getting a Magic Bullet blender.

Magic Bullet is a great option for people who are looking to save space in their kitchen but still want to make delicious food.

Its compact and easy-to-store design makes it an excellent choice if you don’t have much countertop or cabinet storage available.

The Baby Bullet blender is designed for busy moms who want healthy, homemade meals and snacks on the go.

It’s a complete food system that includes storage cups to make preparing nutritious dishes quick and easy – so you can focus more time with your baby instead of slaving over pots all day!

The Baby Bullet isn’t really an all-around machine like the Magic Bullet because it doesn’t work with dry ingredients so if your space is limited then go with Magic Bullet!

The Magic Bullet is the best appliance you can buy for your kitchen, and if we had to choose one it’s definitely worth picking up.

Not only does it make healthy smoothies that are good enough to share with friends, but also baby purees for when you need a hand in feeding your little ones!

My Recommendation – Magic Bullet Blender

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