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Do Nutribullet Cups Fit All Models? Everything You Need to Know!

If you own a Nutribullet blender, you may find it challenging to replace or switch cups between different models. Although Nutribullet is a popular brand known for its variety of cup options, it’s important to note that not all cups are compatible with every model.

While certain cups may fit across models, many are designed to work exclusively with specific ones. Therefore, if you’re missing a cup or have a spare one lying around, make sure it’s compatible with your Nutribullet model before using it.

If Nutribullet is your trusted blender brand, you may have the spare cups from previous models. Now, you may think that you can use those cups with the current blender.

However, is it possible? Do Nutribullet cups fit all models? What size are Nutribullet cups? You may want to read further to know the answer.

What Is Nutribullet?

nutribullet cups interchangeable

Firstly, you need to know that Nutribullet is simply a brand that sells blenders and accessories. Now, just like any other brand, it also has a wide range of blenders.

Every type of blender consists of its own specific components, specially designed to suit the purposes.

Due to this particular reason, if you try to use the cups of one blender with that of another model, it may not work out.

Different Models Of Nutribullet

To understand whether you can use the cups of one model with that of the other, you may want to know the different models of Nutribullet.

These models include:

Nutribullet 600

This model is one of the first models and also, the cheapest one amongst all the others. It comes with a tall cup and a short cup of around 24 oz. and 18 oz. respectively.

Nutribullet Pro 900

The second model has better motor power as compared to the first one. This model also comes with two cups of 32 oz. sizes.

Nutribullet 1000 Series

Just above Nutribullet Pro 900 comes Nutribullet 1000 Series. Firstly, there are modifications to motor power.

Additionally, you also get a cup-size variety as two cups are available, namely, 32 oz. cup and 24 oz. cup.

Nutribullet 1200 Series

Then comes Nutribullet 1200 series with slight motor modification as seen in the Nutribullet series. It also contains more blending accessories.

As for the cups, you can find a 32 oz. cup and 24 oz. cup.

Nutribullet Rx

Lastly, Nutribullet Rx is one of the most powerful Nutribullet blenders. It comes with various features.

Moreover, the cups are available in 30 oz. and 45 oz. quantities.

Nutribullet Cup Sizes

As you can see Nutribullet offers different kinds and quantities of cups with specific models.

Let’s see what size cups come with Nutribullet models.

1. Short Cup

The short cup has a quantity of around 18 ounces or 380 ml.

Now, if you have this cup, you can use it with models like Nutribullet 600, Nutribullet Pro 900, and even models of Nutribullet Max.

2. Tall Cup

As the name suggests, this cup has more quantity compared to the short cup. It is around 24 ounces or 680 ml in quantity.

3. Colossal Cup

The colossal cup has a quantity of 32 oz. or 946 ml. Now, you can use this cup with models such as Nutribullet Pro 900, Nutribullet Max, and Nutribullet Pro.

4. Rx Cup

You may notice that the name of these cups is similar to that of the Nutribullet Rx model.

Well, you’re right because these cups of around 30 oz. and 45 oz. are only suitable with Nutribullet Rx.

You cannot use them with any other model.

5. Magic Bullet Cup

Lastly, the magic bullet cup, of around 18 oz. Now, these cups are specially designed for Magic Bullet blenders and not for Nutribullet ones.

Are All Nutribullet Cups The Same?

It’s essential to note that Nutribullet blenders are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and each model comes with its own set of cups. While the cups may be constructed from similar materials, each manufacturer imbues them with their own unique features and usage instructions.

Additionally, Nutribullet cups come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the blades themselves can also vary significantly between models.

Do Nutribullet Cups Fit All Models?

It’s important to note that Nutribullet cups cannot be used interchangeably between different models. This is because certain cups are designed to be used exclusively with particular models, while others may have limited compatibility with a few different models.

For example, the Nutribullet Rx cups are only compatible with the Rx model and cannot be used with other models. Therefore, if you own an Rx model, it’s crucial to purchase Rx cups to ensure proper compatibility with your blender.

Are Nutribullet And Magic Bullet Cups Interchangeable?

Magic Bullet is another blender line by Nutribullet. It also comes with a specific cup.

Now, if you have Magic Bullet cups, you may want to know if you can use them with Nutribullet.

Do Nutribullet cups fit magic bullet? Again, it is not possible to do so as Magic Bullet cups are exclusively for the Magic Bullet blender.

Do Nutribullet Cups Fit Ninja?

Nutri Ninja Cup for Nutri Ninja Blenders (XSK2424)

The compatibility of Nutribullet cups with Ninja blenders has been a topic of debate among many individuals. While some claim that the cups of these two brands can be used interchangeably, others argue that the differences between the blenders could lead to potential damage to the machine if used improperly.

Determining the compatibility of Nutribullet cups with a specific Ninja model requires careful consideration and personal experimentation. However, given the unique characteristics of these two blender brands, it’s possible that there may be some compatibility issues.

As such, it’s recommended that individuals interested in using Nutribullet cups with their Ninja blender proceed with caution, conduct further research, and exercise prudence before making a final decision.

Do Nutribullet Cups Fit In The Cup Holder?

Kickstarting your day with a delicious and nutritious smoothie is an excellent way to begin your morning routine. Not only does it provide a healthy start to your day, but it’s also incredibly convenient to take on the go, fitting seamlessly into car cup holders.

What Is The Standard Nutribullet Cup Size?

The Nutribullet cup typically comes in a standard size of 32 oz. However, it’s crucial to measure the ingredients accurately before blending. Overpouring liquids such as water or juice may dilute the smoothie, resulting in a less enjoyable taste.

Additionally, too much fiber in the smoothie may cause the mixture to puncture, leading to an unpleasant texture and taste.

What Is The Max Line In A Nutribullet?

Nutribullet offers two different cup sizes, with the tall cup accommodating up to 32 ounces and the smaller cup holding approximately 18 ounces. However, it’s essential to note that the cups should not be filled to the brim when preparing smoothies.

Instead, the recommended maximum fill lines for the tall and smaller cups are 26 and 14 ounces, respectively, allowing for a satisfyingly full drink without overflowing the cup.

Final Verdict – Are Nutribullet Cups Interchangeable?

In summary, each Nutribullet blender comes equipped with its unique set of cups. While certain models may have some common cups, attempting to interchange them with cups from other models may result in damaging the blender and ineffective blending.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment for further clarification.

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