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Is It Dangerous To Use Mason Jars On Blenders?

I’ve heard that it is dangerous to use mason jars on a blender. I don’t know if this is true, but my friend says that she’s seen it happen and her jar exploded.

I am not sure what the cause of the explosion was but I do know for sure that they don’t work well together because when you try to put them in the blender they usually get stuck at the top or bottom and you have to spend time trying to pry them out so you can blend your food. 

The problem with this is sometimes people will try and keep blending while trying to take out their glassware (mason jar) and then soon their whole kitchen has been destroyed by glass shards!

Why Using Mason Jars With A Blender Might Be Dangerous?

mason jar

For safety reasons using mason jars in an electrical appliance like a blender might be dangerous.

Mason jars are made from a type of glass that is very porous, and if they happen to break the tiny little pieces will get into your food no matter how well you clean them off. 

If this kind of glass is going to come into contact with food then it should be considered a dangerous object that could potentially poison or injure anyone who eats it by getting a sharp piece stuck in their throat.

What Causes Mason Jars To Explode?

The reason mason jars explode is that they are made from a very porous type of glass and when certain foods or even hot liquids make contact with the inside it can cause the jar to explode.

It has happened before in microwaves where someone put a mason jar full of water in their microwave and set it for 60 seconds, but instead of the water being steamed by the heat, the side of the jar facing the microwave blew off because there was no insulation around it which caused it to explode. 

This can also happen if you keep blending food while taking out your jar from an appliance that rotates at high speeds like a blender. 

The blades will pierce through your glassware and since there isn’t much room left between the blades and the wall of the jar they will take off in different directions when they explode, which can cause injuries.

How To Use Mason Jars With A Blender Safely?

how to use mason jar with blender safely

  1. When blending food in a mason jar, make sure the lid is on securely.
  2. Be aware of how hot your blender can get and don’t even set it next to your mason jars because this might cause them to break or chip!
  3. Make sure you clean your glassware well after every use to remove all food particles that could be associated with bacteria when they are put into or came into contact with hot liquid or steam during the cooking process.
  4. Wipeout any drips from overfilling immediately after removing the jar from the blender so nobody gets burned by touching them while they are still wet!
  5. Don’t stand there watching your blender when it’s turned on if you have other things you need to be doing because it might get too hot, your glassware could break, or somebody might accidentally touch the jar while it’s still wet with liquid and get hurt.
  6. Use real mason jars not re-used jars because the lids might not fit securely anymore and this could cause your jar to shatter in the blender.
  7. Don’t forget that no matter how many times you use your mason jars in a blender, or with other appliances you still need to check them by giving them a quick little shake every so often while you are using them just in case they have any chips or cracks.
  8. If you notice anything odd about your glassware avoid using it at all costs! Sometimes people don’t even know there is something wrong with their mason jars until they have already put them into the blender but if they took them out immediately then nobody would get hurt or sick from eating food that was contaminated by broken glass.
  9. If you are wondering if your jar is safe to use, don’t put it in the blender! It’s not worth taking a risk with your safety or the safety of others when there are plenty of other options for making food without using mason jars.
  10. You could buy new mason jars or ask somebody else to share their jar with you so that no one gets hurt and everybody gets to eat safely made food blended in an appropriate way!
  11. Make sure you never stand or lean over the blender when it is on because this could cause someone’s hair to catch fire if it gets too close to the blades.
  12. Always be very careful about wearing hats or sleeves that might get caught in the spinning glassware!

What Blender Will Fit A Mason Jar?

  1. Don’t try to use a very small jar when making food in your blender because this could cause the jar to break when it starts hitting the bottom of the glassware during normal operation, let alone when you are blending something that is too thick or hot for your blender to handle.
  2. Make sure you check your blender before trying to use it with anything else like mason jars because some blenders can only be used for certain types of food like smoothies!
  3. If you don’t want to risk breaking your glassware, buy special attachments that can be used specifically in blenders where they attach on the pitcher and then there are blades inside of them so everything gets blended properly without any danger of broken glass!
  4. If you do decide to use your blender for certain types of food make sure the glassware is secure and strong enough to handle it or this could cause your jars to break or shatter while they are spinning around inside of the glassware but only if the jar has been sitting in a cold refrigerator for a long period of time!
  5. When using mason jars with blenders, always wear protective eyewear just in case something happens that causes any broken glassware to fly out because then at least your face will be safe from getting cut!
  6. Never leave food in your blender overnight because even if the appliance might seem like it’s off, there might still be hot steam coming from underneath which can burn somebody very badly if they lean over the jar to take a look at it.
  7. If you are wondering if your mason jars can be used in blenders, remember that all kitchen appliances need to be tested by giving them a quick little shake every so often just in case something has gone wrong with any of the sealings or lids!
  8. If somebody accidentally touches your glassware while it’s wet then there will be an increased risk of getting cut because that is when the edges are the sharpest!
  9. Make sure you never put cold glassware into hot food because this could cause it to shatter and send broken shards flying out which could hit somebody nearby very badly!
  10. Don’t put hot glassware in cold water because this could also cause the jar to shatter and send pieces flying everywhere which could cut somebody up pretty badly!
  11. Don’t put your mason jars into a dishwasher because the heat of the dry cycle might be too much for it and cause some parts to droop or even melt if you don’t take it out right away!
  12. If you ever accidentally drop one of your mason jars then pick up as many pieces as possible as soon as possible because otherwise, it will be very difficult to pick them all up without cutting yourselves!
  13. Sometimes you can still see cracks on broken glassware after they have been sitting around for a while so always make sure you use extra caution when touching any piece of broken glassware!
  14. When using a blender with a mason jar, remember that the lids can be difficult to remove so you might have to spend some extra time trying to open it one-handed.
  15. Make sure you have the right size lid available when making food in your blender because otherwise you will have trouble sealing it and this could cause it to pop off unexpectedly while the machine is on which could hurt somebody very badly or even cut them!

Mason Jar On Blender – Conclusion

In conclusion, I think that if someone wants to use their mason jar on their blender they should go for it but at the same time know the risks involved and understand what might happen if anything happens! 

Thanks for reading my article about “is it dangerous to use mason jars on a blender?†Please leave me some feedback in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you!   

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