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Ninja Warranty – What You Should Know

The Ninja® brand name has come to represent quality and innovation in the kitchen.Â

The company’s three major lines-the Ultimaâ„¢ series which features dual blade technology, Total Crushingâ„¢ Series for those who need more power when crushing ice or soft foods alike, as well as a Professional Style line that brings professional cooking styles home at affordable prices, has been designed by culinary experts so you can be confident they will meet your needs no matter what kind of food preparation takes place around them!

Euro-Pro is a company that produces Ninja blenders.Â

They offer one year warranty on all products, and during this period they will pay for repairs or replacements of your product under certain conditions if there’s an issue with it within the first 12 months after purchase.

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What Does The Ninja Warranty Not Cover?

Unfortunately, the warranty only covers the original owner and not anyone else, so if someone else tries to register another product with a different name or changes any part on their items then this warranty will not cover them either!Â

This also means that if something goes wrong with any of your products then you won’t be able to get it fixed by the manufacturer because they don’t know who actually owns these appliances!Â

So please just try and think about all this before you decide to change anything on these products because if something goes wrong then they won’t be covered by the warranties and you’ll have to pay for everything out of your own pocket!

The manufacturer explains that damage caused by accidents, misuse, abuse, or failure to follow the owner’s manual is not covered, so please use these appliances carefully to avoid any issues.Â

Also, any damage caused by unauthorized service or parts will also be excluded from this warranty.Â

So if you buy a used one and it breaks then don’t expect that manufacturer can do anything about it!Â

Finally, shipping costs for delivering your products back to the company aren’t covered either, so if anything goes wrong with them then you’ll have to pay for everything out of your own pocket!

The warranty doesn’t cover commercial equipment. So if you run a restaurant, don’t expect this warranty to cover any damages that might occur in your business because of these machines!Â

Also, if anything happens to these products while they are being transported (damaged boxes etc.) then don’t expect them to fix it!

This warranty is for one year from the purchase date. If you buy your Ninja product online, then this one-year warranty begins when the product ships out, not when you purchase it.Â

So if that shipment takes weeks (or months) to arrive, then there’s no way for them to cover anything that might go wrong before that time period has elapsed!

How To Claim The Ninja Warranty?

warranty information for Ninja blender

The warranty has a few basic rules that you should know about!Â

In order to be eligible for any repairs or replacements, the products have to be used as intended and not modified in any way.Â

So if you buy your appliances from this company then don’t try to modify them or use different parts because this will void their own warranty!Â

Also, please note that Euro-Pro does not cover any shipping costs so if something goes wrong with them then you’ll have to pay for it yourself. But don’t worry because these amounts are usually around $15 – $45 depending on where do you live!Â

Also, they require proof of purchase before they can honor your warranty claim.Â

In order to prove that one is the original owner, the consumer has to show proof of purchase. They can accept receipts, credit card statements, or other documentation that shows the date and place of purchase.Â

So just keep your receipts in case anything goes wrong with your product!

If you want to replace the defective product then the company will ship the new unit at their expense, however, if they are unable to do so because it has been discontinued or is not available anymore then they will provide a similar replacement unit based on availability.Â

However, there are some limitations to this service! They won’t send you any units which cost more than your original appliance or units that have different color cases.Â

Also, keep in mind that if you change your model number during the registration process then no warranty coverage can be honored either!

To make sure the package is sent to the right place put a label that says “ATTENTION CUSTOMER SERVICE†on your package. Be careful while you’re packaging, so the product doesn’t get damaged on its way to the company for repairs.

If a package is damaged, it will be more difficult to get a damaged or broken appliance repaired.

To make sure that you can get the best customer service, you should register your product within 10 days of buying it. You can do this by going to online or calling 1-877-646-5288.

You will need to provide the date you bought the product, the name of the store that you bought it from, and what model number it is.

By registering your product, the company understands that you accept the terms and conditions for this appliance. Registration also lets them contact you if there is a safety notice for this product.

Euro-Pro Operating LLC states that it will not be responsible for any damages that happen to you when you use its product.

Repairs are usually handled within 10 working days after they receive your product(s). But sometimes there could be delays due to backorders or parts that are not in stock, which could prove very frustrating for customers who need these products fixed quickly!Â

So please keep this in mind when you’re thinking of making a purchase here.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are many risks in purchasing Ninja products online.

It’s important to purchase Ninja products from an authorized dealer.Â

For instance, if you buy them on eBay they are not covered by the warranty scheme and could lead to some problems later down the road! Most major offline retailers also come with their own warranties that will protect your investment in case anything goes wrong during use- but make sure before buying anything just how long these covers last for (usually 1 year).

So ask them if they are certified as an authorized dealer before making any purchases from here on in order to avoid future hassle.

Also, it’s very important that you understand the rules of this warranty. You need to know what types of problems are covered and which ones aren’t.

If something goes wrong with your products, you can contact them by calling 1-877-646-5288.

If you are not able to get through to them at first, don’t worry! Just keep trying different hours of the day until you reach an agent.

When you call, make sure that your model number is ready so they can find your appliance in their system quickly and process it for repairs faster.

Ninja Warranty – Wrap Up

As you can see, the Ninja warranty is not that bad, but there are also some pitfalls that should be known!Â

If you are ever planning to purchase a blender then make sure to follow this advice closely so everything goes smoothly!

Thanks for reading and if this was helpful please comment below because I would love to hear your opinions.


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