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Can You Grate Cheese With Ninja Food Processor? (Answered)

Quick Answer – Ninja food processors can most certainly grind up cheese seamlessly with no effort. However, it will not look like your traditional grated cheese. So, if you care about the appearances, try looking for a box grater or another grating option.

Do you find yourself spending countless hours shredding cheese? Do you wish for a more efficient solution? Is it possible to use a Ninja food processor for grating cheese?

Indeed, the Ninja food processor is a versatile kitchen tool that can pulverize almost any food item you desire. Its numerous attachments cater to specific food types, including a grating blade that can come in handy.

By attaching the grating blade to your Ninja food processor, you can easily create cheese shreds that will melt just as evenly as traditionally shredded cheese. To gain a deeper understanding of the process, keep reading!

Can You Use A Food Processor To Grate Cheese?

Most people think of a food processor as a versatile kitchen tool that can chop, slice, and dice a variety of foods. However, many food processors also come with a grating attachment, making them ideal for grating cheese.

Grating cheese manually can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but using a food processor can make the process much faster and simpler.

When employing a food processor to grate cheese, it is crucial to choose a firm and dry cheese variety like cheddar or Parmesan. Softer cheeses like mozzarella can easily turn into a gooey mess when grated, thus avoiding their usage in a food processor is best.

Furthermore, cutting the cheese into small pieces before adding it to the food processor is vital in ensuring an even shred. With a bit of practice, everyone can learn how to utilize a food processor to grate cheese with ease.

What Is The Ninja Food Processor?

If you didn’t know then Ninja is a kitchen appliance brand that specializes in selling food processors and blenders. For example, you have the Ninja food processor available in different varieties and models.

These food processors can help in grinding and blending everything, from meat to your favorite vegetables. However, can they help in grating cheese and making things easier for you? Let’s find out.

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Can You Grate Cheese With Ninja Food Processor?

grate cheese with Ninja food processor

Regarding your inquiry, according to the Ninja brand’s assertion, it is feasible to shred cheese in their food processor. However, the resulting cheese shreds may not be uniformly grated as the food processor could end up creating cheese crumbles instead.

If you are fine with cheese that is not evenly grated, then you can proceed with using the Ninja food processor. Nonetheless, if you prefer perfectly grated cheese, then it would be best to stick to a hand grater or other alternatives.

How To Grate Cheese With Ninja Food Processor

Now, you may know the answer to – Can you grate cheese with Ninja Food Processor but you may not know how to do it.

Well, here’s a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Assemble The Materials

The first step is to assemble all the materials required for this. You require a block of cheese, your Ninja food processor, and also some freezer bags.

Step 2: Cut Your Cheese Into Smaller Pieces

Once you have assembled all the materials, the next step is to cut the cheese into smaller pieces.

It is because bigger chunks of cheese won’t grate easily. Moreover, they may also damage your food processor.

Step 3: Transfer It To Freezer

Once you have cut the cheese into small pieces, you may want to add it to the freezer bags.

The reason to do this is that if you don’t have frozen cheese, the cheese may get extremely small or mushy while grinding it with the food processor.

Step 4: Add the Cheese Into The Food Processor

After taking out the cheese from the freezer, add it to the food processor.

In this step, you need to make sure that you don’t fill the food processor with a lot of cheese pieces. If you do that, you may end up with uneven cheese crumbles or even whole blocks of ungrated cheese!

Moreover, if you add a lot of cheese together, you may end up compacting the grated cheese. In the end, you will be left with a huge glob of cheese instead of a grated one.

For a clearer idea, you may want to check out a step-by-step process of grating cheese with a help of any food processor, including Ninja one.

Step 5: Store The Grated Cheese

In the last step, you may want to store your grated cheese with the help of freezer bags.

If you’re using it directly for a dish, you can skip out on this step as well!

Ninja Food Processor Grater Attachment

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Benefits Of Using Ninja Food Processor For Grating Cheese

Using a Ninja food processor for grating cheese can yield the below benefits for you:

  • Extremely time-saving
  • Gives a uniform texture unlike hand-grated cheese
  • Reduces the overall efforts required
  • Reduces the risk of injuries due to hand graters

Limitations Of Using Ninja Food Processor For Grating Cheese

There might also be some limitations of using a food processor for grating cheese such as:

  • Cheese isn’t grated perfectly
  • It May turn extremely mushy if not frozen properly
  • May make the surroundings messy
  • Requires some extra preparations such as slicing up the cheese and freezing it

However, the process is still less time-consuming compared to grating a block of cheese.

Other Options Available For Grating Cheese

You can try out other options, if not the Ninja Food Processor. These options include:

  • Using a simple knife and cutting board
  • Using a vegetable or fruit peeler
  • Using a mandoline

All three of them, along with a food processor, can help in grating cheese.

Final Thoughts – Can You Grate Cheese In A Ninja Food Processor?

If the final appearance of the cheese crumbles does not bother you, then you can certainly use a Ninja food processor to grate cheese.

While it may not turn out as impeccably as hand-grated cheese, it should suffice for most purposes. However, it is crucial to ensure that you follow the correct steps. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

In summary, if you seek a speedy solution for grating cheese, then utilizing a Ninja food processor is a viable choice. Nevertheless, if you desire precisely grated cheese with an immaculate appearance, then opting for a hand grater may be a better option.

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