How To Fix Ninja Blender Not Blending Smooth Issue?

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Your Ninja blender is supposed to make it easier for you by blending all of the ingredients together. 

But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your ninja blender just doesn’t seem to be doing its job and there are chunks of food left on top that won’t blend in with the rest- even when the motor seems to be running. This can be frustrating!

But don’t worry- we’ve got some great ideas for what could go wrong and a few easy solutions so that you can get back into business as usual. 

Why Is My Ninja Blender Not Blending Smooth?

Ninja blender

There are many reasons why your Ninja blender may not be blending smoothly. Here is a list of the most common issues:

  1. The blade was put on backward. When you attach the blade to the bottom of the pitcher, make sure it’s at a 90-degree angle and facing away from you- otherwise, it won’t start.
  2. The blade was installed properly but needs to be tightened so it can grate through food pieces. If this doesn’t work, try loosening it instead.
  3. The food is too thick in order for the blades to break down completely. In this case, cut your ingredients up into smaller pieces before throwing them into the pitcher or using one of our suggestions below.
  4. The rubber ring around the inside of the blade has come loose and is preventing it from moving properly. This happens occasionally, so just tighten it up again with your fingers or a pair of pliers- make sure that it’s on tight this time around!
  5. The pitcher is not sitting evenly onto the base. Make sure everything clicks in place before trying to blend anything again.
  6. The pitcher was not screwed in tightly enough to the base unit, causing an air gap between itself and the bottom of the blender jar (there should be no gap at all). To fix this, screw-down on it harder until you hear a click.
  7. One or more of the blades are damaged.
  8. Your ninja blender seems to be doing everything right but there’s something wrong with the motor itself, causing it not to turn smoothly at all.
  9. The food seems to be too hot for the blender to blend up into a liquid – this typically happens when you’ve just cooked something and want to blend it quickly. If this is the case, let your food cool down for 10 minutes before trying again, or try one of our other suggestions below (it’ll likely work if you waited long enough).

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How To Fix Ninja Blender Not Blending Smooth Issue

smooth blend from Ninja blender

Here are 10 easy solutions that may help you get back into business as usual 🙂

  1. Check to make sure the blade is installed properly and at a 90-degree angle. Make sure you have it installed so that it’s facing away from you, or else the blender will not start.
  2. Adjust your blade position so that you can tighten it up if need be by turning the black knob counterclockwise. If you turn it clockwise, you’ll loosen it instead – this is useful for removing a stuck piece of food after blending something like ice chunks in order to get an even smoother texture that feels like soft-serve ice cream!
  3. Cut your food into smaller pieces before throwing them into the pitcher and attempting to blend them again – this may reduce how long the blending process takes as well.
  4. Pull the rubber ring around the inside of your blade out with pliers and make sure it’s nice and tight before trying to blend anything again – you can also try tightening it up by hand if need be (but be careful not to scratch the pitcher.
  5. Make sure that everything is clicked together correctly on the bottom base unit before trying to blend something again. If there’s a gap between where it should be connected, screw-down on the pitcher harder until you hear a click sound (don’t worry if this seems like overkill because this usually isn’t necessary for most blenders).
  6. Take off the blade and look at either end of it, opening up as much space as possible between the blade and the rubber ring. If you see anything that is preventing one from turning smoothly, just use your fingers to pull it out or use a pair of pliers to grab onto any foreign particles stuck in the gaps. Make sure that there are no sharp edges on the blades either- if there are, smooth them down with a file for safety’s sake (cutting yourself while cleaning the blender will be very bad news).
  7. Open up both ends of the blade and look inside at where they meet to see if you notice anything unusual – sometimes stray pieces of food get lodged in between and prevent it from turning freely again (you may need to stick something small into it in order to get everything out).
  8. Tighten up on the little screw inside of the rubber ring as much as you can by hand, and then try to blend something again. If it turns smoothly now, this means that the blade was installed with too much wiggle room before – tighten it up a few more times and see if the blender still works well (or else remove your rubber ring, loosen up your black adjusting knob until there is enough space between the blade and its housing for smooth movement, and add your rubber ring back into place).
  9. You may need to replace your broken part or contact customer service in order to get a replacement part sent out to you – make sure you provide them with all of your model and serial information so they can help you quickly resolve this issue (and try to include a photo if you’re asked).
  10. If everything else fails, try using the blender outside of its pitcher in order to get rid of any pieces of food that may have been making your blades stick together before – this way, you can start the blender up on high and use it like a mini-food processor without having to fill up the entire thing with ingredients 🙂

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Ninja Blender Not Blending Smooth – Wrap Up

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to fix a ninja blender that isn’t blending smoothly!

Just use the tips on this page in order to clean up any stray food particles and enjoy smooth blends once again 🙂

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