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How To Blend Something Without A Blender (Alternatives)

how do you blend something without a blenderDo you want to enjoy blended food, but you don’t have a blender? No problem! We all love fresh and homemade food and nothing should stop it, not even the lack of a blender. Blended food fills the taste bud with fresh and healthy food, and we should all enjoy it.

Blenders might be expensive for some individuals. For some, it is the difficulty of operating a blender. Whatever reason you have to be without a blender, it is not enough to stop you from enjoying blended fruits.

Count yourself lucky to find this piece if you intend to find a way to blend without a blender. This article provides information about how to blend something without a blender.

Likewise, it will help you with combining different fruits and vegetables with various alternatives to a blender.

It is going to be an exciting ride that will be worth your time and attention. Enjoy!

What Can I Use Instead Of A Blender?

Every problem has a solution. Lack of a blender is not enough reason to deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying blended foods. Several alternative tools and appliances can help you to complete this task without much hassle.

Below is a list of some household tools and equipment that you can use in place of a blender.

1. Mixer

The mixer offers a valuable option in the absence of a blender. It helps you get things done within a few minutes. Another thing about a mixer is that it allows you to get things done with little effort, and enhanced efficiency.

The manual hand mixer has been around for a while, and mostly bakers use it. The new technologically improved mixers are primarily electric, and they now make the task incredibly easier. It can help you execute tasks as simple as making a whisk and functions as complicated as blending fruits and vegetables.

2. Grinder

The grinder is another electric tool or gadget that can help you with the smooth execution of blending. As a mixer, the manual grinder has been in use for a long time. Electric grinder now offers a more straightforward and more efficient option.

Different electric grinder variations can now help you mash, crush, and cut various food items and ingredients. It will produce a similar result and efficiency as that of a blender.

3. Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestle? Sounds funny, right? Mortar and pestle can serve as an alternative for blenders. This method of food preparation was popular in Egypt and Asia. It was initially employed to crush spices. Mortar and pestle can help you to grind, and crush various food ingredients. The only shortcoming with this method is that it uses manual efforts.

4. Large Grater

Here comes another valid option of getting blended food items. A grater is famous for its versatility. It is capable of cutting food, fruits, and vegetables of various sizes. One of the best things about using graters in place of a blender is that you have the luxury of shaping the food items into desired sizes.

Large grater will give you a versatility that is similar to other food processors, including blenders. However, graters also use manual efforts. The only difference, when compared to mortar and pestle, is that it does not require as much effort. Also, it would be best to handle graters with care to prevent them from injuring you.


Chopping is one of the essential things blenders do with food materials. A chopper can come in handy in place of blenders. Its actions are more precise because of the nature of the tool. However, the difference is that a chopper might not be an accurate alternative for blenders. But it will help with the process, anyway.

How Can I Puree Without A Blender

Three practical alternatives can help you puree without a blender, and they are listed below.

Use Sieve and Food Mill

Pureeing is one of the most common cooking processes. If you need to puree many ingredients simultaneously, a sieve and food mill can help you through this process. A food mill will help you to smash the food ingredients or materials through its tiny holes. It will puree it and ensure consistent texture through the mix.

A fine-mesh sieve will also work pretty well because the hole can puree and smoothen your ingredients. You will have to push the food materials through the sieve hole a few times. This will give you a similar finish as a food mill.

Get A Blender Alternative

This option is fit and flexible. You can use any other food processors like mixers, food compressor, and even a grinder. These alternative processors for puree will help you get going without a blender. However, they might not give you a smooth result like blenders.

Mortar And Pestle

The use of Mortar and pestle is another alternative that can come in handy here. This option works perfectly for small quantities. For instance, turning ginger into a puree with mortar and pestle will work pretty well.

To use a mortar and pestle to puree, start by chopping the ingredients into smaller sizes. Move the component into the pestle and continue the process until you have your desired texture.

How To Blend Onions Without A Blender

Onion is one of the general ingredients for various food processes. It is a valuable ingredient for cooking, and some people include it as one of the vegetables in their green juices. The good news is that onions are one of those things that you can blend without a blender without much hassle.

You can use various blender alternatives, including graters. But you can’t rush the process; you need to take your time to prepare the onion puree. Below are the easy steps that can help you blend onions without a blender.

● Peel the onions until you have the juicy pink flesh alone.

● Wash the onions thoroughly and ensure that they are clean enough.

● Chop the onions into smaller pieces depending on the blender alternative that you are using for the process.

● If you are using a grater, you might need to chop the onions based on their blade size. Keep grating through its blades until the onion has your desired texture.

● A grinder will give you a smoother and more textured outcome.

Some individuals use mortar and pestle, but the option is not often advisable because of the difficulty involved in scooping it off.

How To Blend Tomatoes Without A Blender

If you are learning how to blend things without a blender and haven’t learned how to blend tomatoes without a blender, then the deal is not yet done. Tomatoes are other essential cooking ingredients. Aside from the fact that it has many nutritional benefits, it also adds spice to your greens or different mix.

Blending tomatoes without a blender is similar to blending onions without a blender. Start by preparing the tomatoes with a thorough washing. Also, remember to remove the stalk and other unwanted parts from the main part. Chop the tomatoes into a smaller piece to make the process easier.

You can use a grinder, grater, and mixer to blend tomatoes because it is quite soft and juicy. It does not take too much effort from these alternative food processors to produce your desired texture.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a grinder, grater, or mixer. Just put the prepared tomatoes into your processor and follow the regular operating procedures. Keep the processes going until you achieve your desired texture and smoothness. Ordinarily, this process should be hassle-free because tomatoes are usually soft and juicy.

How To Blend A Chili Paste Without A Blender

Chili pastes are condiments from the processing of chili pepper. Chili paste is sometimes called hot sauce because chili pepper itself is desirable. Speaking in all honesty, blending chili paste without blenders can be stressful and demanding.

The most suitable blender alternative for blenders to blend chili pepper is mortar and pestle. You can also use Mexican grinding stone, which is equally sufficient. If you want to use this alternative, be ready for a little workout.

Start by preparing your chili pepper. Wash it clean and remove all unwanted parts of the ingredients. You can chop it into smaller pieces to make the grinding and smashing process easier for you. Keep pounding until the chili paste is marshy enough for your interest.

Another hassle involved in this process is scooping the paste from the mortar and grinding stone. To make this process easier, you can pound the chili pepper in batches.

How To Blend Smoothie Without A Blender

Smoothies are not only juicy and tasty; they also offer a blend of immense nutrients. The good news is that making smoothies without blenders is not as difficult as most people perceive it to be.

Do you want to make smoothies without blenders? No problem. Start by gathering all your ingredients. If you don’t know how to make smoothies or the ingredients for making smoothies, you can learn it.

First off, it is essential to know that one blender alternative is not enough to complete the smoothie process. You might need a series of alternative food processing tools. Putting your smoothie ingredients in a food processor other than a blender without pre-processing might not work well.

● Measure the right ingredients you intend to use. Ensure that your fruit is soft enough for processing.

● Mash your ingredients with a whisk or spatula to ease the process for any processor you want to use. Use can also use a chopper to cut the smoothie ingredients into smaller pieces.

● Move the mashed fruits into a mixer and add little water.

● Mix at slow speed, and increase it steadily till it reaches the maximum speed.


● Mash your smoothie ingredient (particularly vegetables) using mortar and pestle.

● Move the mashed outcome into a mixer and blend appropriately.

● Add enough water.

How To Blend Soup Without A Blender

Blending soups is one of the primary reasons why a lot of people have blenders in their homes. Now, what happens when you want to make soups without the blenders? It is possible to blend soups without blenders.

However, to make the process easier for you, there are some vital points you need to keep in mind.

● Use pre-mashed or mashed ingredients instead of the regular whole ingredients.

● Use powder form of elements everywhere possible.

● Be ready for some manual process.

With these points already in mind, you can blend the soup in the following easy steps.

● Prepare your ingredients. Use powdered ingredients if you have them. If you don’t have powdered ingredients, use a suitable technique to mash your soup ingredients. You can boil your vegetables if it does not affect your blend. You can mash other ingredients using grinders, mortar, and pestle, or other suitable techniques.

● Explore the function of a mixer to replace your blender. Add a suitable amount of water to make the process easier.

● You can process each ingredient singly before putting it all in a mixer to give it some final touches.

How To Blend Ice Without A Blender?

You might think it is impossible to blend ice without using a blender. What do you say about improvising and making do of what you have? With simple household equipment and materials, you will blend your ice and get your needed result without using a blender.

To blend your ice, you will have to use a clean piece of cloth and a solid slab made of concrete or metal. Ensure the fabric is clean, and the slab is strong enough to withstand blows from the ice. If you have these tools ready, you can proceed to blend the ice with ease.

Put the piece or pieces of ice you want to blend inside the cloth and wrap the fabric around the ice. Make sure you wrap the cloth very well, so the ice won’t fall off during the process. Hit the wrapped ice against the slab till it gets crunched to your preferred state.

After crunching your ice to your grounded state, you should put the ice into a glass cup and serve it with a drink.

How To Blend Fruit Without A Blender?

Getting a blender can be expensive, but blending fruits to make smoothies or juices can be inevitable, especially if you are a fan of blended fruits. You have to make use of other means to satisfy your cravings. To blend your fruits, you have to follow simple procedures.

Blending without a blender can be difficult when you try to blend hard fruits. Therefore, you should make sure the fruits you want to blend are ripe and soft. Select a few combinations of ripe fruits to make a perfect fruit combo for yourself.

You can also add vegetables as an ingredient for your fruit blending. Yogurts and peanut butter can also serve as a thickener for your blended fruits. You can also choose a liquid like soy milk, milk, almond milk, etc., to thin the mixture.

Rinse the fruits and vegetables, peel off the skin, and place them in a bowl for smashing. You can use a spoon, fork, or a potato masher to mash the fruits till it is as smooth as possible. You might have some lumps in the mixture, depending on the fruits and vegetables used.

Stir the mashed products till you get your preferred texture of the mixture. You can now add the yogurt and any other ingredients you want to add to your blended fruit mixture. You can add yogurt or any thickening mixture or milk or any lightening mixture to adjust your blended fruits’ thickness.

How To Make Breadcrumbs Without A Blender?

Making breadcrumbs can be challenging without blenders, but it is certainly a bit easy to use alternatives. Using other means, you can make your breadcrumbs in less than 30 minutes.

Firstly, you have to heat the bread in an oven to reduce the moisture in it. Before you heat the bread, you have to preheat the oven to about 37.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Slice the bread into ¼ inches square sizes to allow a better effect of heat.

Toast the bread in your preferred oven for about 15 to 18 minutes before removing it. After removing your bread from the oven, you should allow it to cool for about 10 minutes before proceeding to the next step. After cooling the bread, place it in a plastic bag and put it on a flat, solid structure.

Hit the bag of bread with a heavy pot or rolling pin till the bread forms crumbs. You can continue hitting until you get your preferred texture. After completing the task, you have your breadcrumbs at your disposal.


You can blend a lot of ingredients without a blender. The problem most people have is how to blend something without a blender. Thankfully, this article already offered detailed insight to answer these questions.

All that matters with blending without a blender is innovation and flexibility. Be ready to explore various food processing alternatives, and don’t forget to be creative as well.

Do you find this helpful? Don’t forget to leave a comment and share your blender-less experience.

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